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Ciara Mageean Becomes First Irish Woman Sub 2 Min for 800m

Ciara Mageean Runs 1:59.69 in Bern, Switzerland

Citius Champs - Bern Switzerland

July 24th 2020


mageean national record bern 200724
mageean bern 200724

Ciara Mageean


citius champs july 24th 2020

Citius Games, Bern, Switzerland, Friday July 24th 2020

This afternoon, 28 year old Ciara Mageean, from Protaferry, Co Down, and running with UCD AC, became, on what should have been the day of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, the first Irish woman to go sub 2 minutes.  Running 1:59.69, to break Rose Anne Galligan's 7 year-old record, she won the womens 800m at today's Citius Champs, taking almost a second off the record, but most importantly, goung sub 2 minutes.




Meet Results


womens 800m citius champs bern switzerland 200724

 Womens 800m Results


Ciara's run places her on top of the Irish Women's 800m All-Time Standings, bring her up from 4th place, and slicing 1.10 seconds off her own lifetime best

irish womens 800m standings july 23rd 2020

Irish Runner Report - Cork City Sports - July 1983

Cork City Sports

Scott Wins Harp Lager Mile

Mardyke, Cork

Wednesday July 13th 1983


scott flynn taylor cork city sports 1983

Steve Scott leading Ray Flynn and David Taylor


Irish Runner Magazine - August 1983, Vol 3, No 5, P56

Download Article (PDF File)


cork city sports 1983 irish runner august 1983 vol 3 no 5 p56 1

 Irish Runner Magazine - August 1983, Vol 3, No 5, P56


THE Cork City Sports is now acknowledged as one of the really major fixtures on the Irish Athletics calendar and the Harp Lager Mile has come to be the highlight event of the meeting.

However, Derek O’Connor (Dundrum A.C.) came close to upstaging the stars of the classic mile distance when he got this year’s meet off to a flying start by breaking the Irish 100m record for both junior and senior.

O’Connor, who has this season emerged as the new star of Irish sprinting, clocked 10.61 for the new record and then went on to take the 200m in 21.17. In both races he was chased home by A. Gough of Annadale.

For two laps of the Harp Lager Mile pacemaker Paul Forbes raced clear from Frank O’Mara and Scott, With Limerick’s Dave Taylor, Ray Flynn and John Walker next. Flynn took it up with 600m to run but Scott was ahead at the bell.

Walker raced from 5th to challenge Scott over the last 200 m. but having closed to within 10 yards turning into the straight, he could do no more and Scott coasted home in 3:50.99 with Walker 2nd in 3:51.59 and O’Mara delighting the local crowd by staying on in 3rd in 3:52.50. Dave Taylor was 4th in 3:54.48; Ray Flynn 5th in 3:54.61; Marcus O’Sullivan 6th 3:56.65, while Tommy Moloney (Thurles) who was 7th, 3:57.70, joined O’Mara, Taylor aand O’Sullivan recording personal bests for the distance.

Despite a great effort by David Lewis, the European championThomas Wessinghage (West Germany) emerged a comfortable winner in the 5000m. in 13:28.02. Tim Hutchings, 2nd in the event at the Donore meeting, finished 3rd with Ronnie Carroll best of the Irish in 5th and Liam O’Brien beating 14 minutes for the distance for the first time ever in finishing 9th.

Annsley Bennett of Birchfield Harriers, who is almost the local hero with the Cork crowd by now, ran a meet best of 47.31 in 400m. while in a blanket finish to the 800m. the early leader Roddy Gaynor was overwhelmed late by the flying finish of Brian Jennings on the outside who just held off Ian Marron who challenged on the inside.

The ladies’ events provided plenty of excitement albeit the National Aluminium 3000m proved something of a disaster for the Irish girls.


monica joyce womens 3000m cork city sports 1983

Monica Joyce leads Womens 3000m

After Louise McGrillen had showed with them early on, national record holder Monica Joyce led through 800m, from Chris Benning, Jane Furness and Paula Fudge of England. From there, the three English girls had it between them. Furness sprinted clear of Benning with 300m to run, but could not hold her compatriot in the straight. Fudge was 3rd, Joyce 4th, Locke of Wales 5th and Margaret Kelly emerged best of the home-based challengers in 6th.


morrisson molloy treacy womens 800m cork city sports 1983800m - 1st Aideen Morrisson, 2nd Aishling Molloy, 3rd Siobhan Treacy

In the ladies’ 800m Aideen Morrisson outsprinted Aishling Molloy in the straight, while in a thrilling finish to the ladies’ 400m. Caroline O’Shea, having mastered early leader Michelle Walsh, just held the flying late burst of Mary Parr.
Olive Burke reached the European Junior qualifying standard when taking the 100m.

Those who came early saw a most exciting men’s Junior 1500m. in which Bernard O’Sullivan sacrificed himself as pacemaker, with the result that winner Enda Fitzpatrick, runner-up Eugene Curran and Gerry O’Reilly, 3rd, all reached the European qualifying standard.

All told, it was a memorable night’s sport and run with great efficiency and greatly helped by Joe Holden’s invigorating commentary



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Track and Field Meets and Road Race to Proceed - July 2020

East Cork Board and Leevale AC T&F Meets, and Grange-Fermoy Road Races Going Ahead

Carraig na bhFear, CIT Track and Fermoy

July 2020


 grange fermoy 4 mile road race flyer 2020b leevale summer evening meet flyer 2020 East Cork Athletics Division Logo min

In very welcome developments, several events are going ahead over the next few weeks, though each will be held under both restricted and tightly controlled conditions, and in line with current HSE and AAI Covid-19 Guidelines.

Grange Fermoy AC will hold their INVITATION ONLY Bob Burke 4 Mile on Sunday July 26th. Numbers have been restricted to some 60 to 70 invited athletes.

Leevale AC Summer Evening T&F Meets, take place in CIT Track, on Tuesday July 28th, at 6:30pm, and Thursday July 30th, also at 6:30pm.  Entries close on Sunday next, Sunday July 19th. To date have been very strong, so entries may need to be culled, with a cap on the number of athletes per event. Athletes competing in National Junior & Senior Championships will receive preference.

East Cork Division will hold their T&F Championships, Day 1 & Day 2, in Carraig na bhFear, on Thursday August 6th, at 6:30pm, and on Thursday August 13th, again at 6:30pm. These Championships are restricted to members of clubs affiliated to East Cork Athletics Division.  Covid-19 Protocols are being drafted and these will be circulated to the Divisional clubs, following a Divisional committee meeting on Monday week.


This editorial does not necessarily reflect the views of Cork Athletics County Board

Welcome Developments

Clearly we must tread very carefully in re-opening athletics, and these events are being ahead under protocols that each organiser has developed, and in line with HSE and AAI Guidelines.  

In each case, the organisers are to be commended for stepping up to the plate and, in the difficult circumstances arising from Covid-19, and it's ramifications, are proceeding with the necessary precautions and protocols in place.  It was always hard enough to host events such as these. Covid-19 has added a hefty layer of difficulty, and a host of other responsibilities too.

While each of these events are likely to be significantly smaller than that which the respective organisers would hope to host under normal circumstances, they are small, but vital, steps in the reopening of athletics.

No doubt mistakes and/or lapses will be made, but we must all learn from these events - what went wrong, what went right, what they would do differently next time, and, maybe, what they wouldn't do at all. 

Covid-19 is going to be with us for quite some time to come, so we must get used to restrictions imposed on us. It only after successfully running the smaller scale events that we can even contemplate the bigger ones.  Cork Athletics County Cross-Country Championships are scheduled to go ahead, in the Board's Riverstick Grounds, over the Autumn months - The successess, Covid-wise, of these events is likely to have a significant impact on how the cross-country championships are run.

Clear and Present Danger!

Covid-19 presents a clear and present danger to us all. We must do everything in our power to ensure that it is dampened down, to protest each other, those we care for, and to ensure that the hospital system is not swamped.   That means that we need to put protocols in place to minimise the risks posed by the virus, and we must abide by the guidelines set by HSE, AAI and each event organiser.  Yes they may be a load of hassle, and, ordinarily, we wouldn't do some of them. BUT...These are NOT ordinary times, so we MUST abide by all the guidelines laid down for us.


First Rule of Event Organising - Everyone Goes Home Safe!

The first rule of any event, and the highest priority, is that everyone, from participant, to organising and support personnel, to spectator and the public, goes home safely.

Rule 2: If you disagree, see Rule 1

Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, we have seen, in many places around the country, but disappointingly so, in Cork, Athletics Ireland members organising and advertising unregistered, and uninsured, events, many with little, if any adherence to HSE and AAI guidelines.

Last night, Athletics Ireland held its AGM via Zoom, during the session, George Maybury, AAI's Chair of Risk & Finance, outlined the major risks faced by Athletics Ireland. High on the list was the risk posed by a Covid-19 outbreak related to an AAI event.   As Joanne O'Riordan said in her Irish Times column last Thursday:


"The fact of the matter is one single outbreak may cause few individuals to make a decision that not only disrupts players and athletes’ lives but has a financial impact that may see sporting organisations lose an insane amount of money."


Listening to the radio this morning, I was struck by an interviewee who seemed to be talking a lot of sense about reopening business. One particular comment impacted with me "Most of us are sensible whe it comes to Covid-19". I thought " Sure, but what about the idiot!?"


Sure, but what about the idiot!?"

In the past week or so, we have seen how a small number of clubs in other sports have had to shut down again, due to lapses in protocol, where in some cases, the lads went off to a house party weekend in Killarney, only to find that one of the guys revealed, on the Sunday, that he had tested positive before he came.  All it takes is one idiot! 

Imagine a superspreader coming to YOUR event and mingling with everyone. If you are organising an unregistered, uninsured event, with little or no protocols in place, then your backside is, literally, hanging out the window...and you have the potential to seriously damage the sport that we all love please stop, before any lasting damage is caused.

It is particularly sad to see a small number of high profile athletes involved on organising some of these unregistered races.  As the chairman of a Cork club said to me this evening "**** is giving the two fingers to Athletics Ireland with this" 

Each Cork club, and collectively, its members are bound by Cork Athletics Bye-Laws, including Unregistered Events - Cork Athletics Bye-Laws

Under these:
•    Clubs shall not advertise or promote non-permitted events.
•    Clubs shall not organise, or help organise, non-permitted events.
•    Clubs shall not permit or allow their club’s name to be used in association with non-permitted events.
•    Advertising includes the use of posters or flyers, club media and/or social media, such as Facebook, Twitter , etc and club website(s)


New Maths - 157 + 157 + 157 = 200

Many were expecting the 200 person limit for outdoor events to be extended to 500, form July 20th, as per the Roadmap to Recovery. The Roadmap always carried the caveat that it could be stalled or go backwards.  Nevertheless some, mainly non-club events went 'gung ho' for the 500. One event, coming up in the next few weeks, advertised for 500 participants, only to cut back to 470, when they were informed that the 500 included all persons at the event, including support personnel.

When it was announced, during the week, that the 200 limit was not being extended, they weren't deterred. The 470 numbers are being broken up into three waves of, presumably 157 each...or some other combination.  I really wonder at the logic of such thinking.  With such loose ideas....Would YOU want to go there? 

Enough Said!

Covid19 Frequently Asked Questions - July 8th 2020

Athletics Ireland Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

July 8th 2020


athletics ireland covid 19


Athletics Ireland FAQs - July 8th 2020


Return to Activity Guidelines (Previously Issued)


Road Race Event Organiser Guidelines


Road Race Volunteer, Staff and Marshalls Guidelines


Road Race Participant Guidelines


1. Can the club open indoor facilities like meeting rooms and toilets?

Yes, indoor areas can be opened for up to 50 people subject to a risk assessment and the Health and Safety Authority provide cleaning details here 

2. Can we arrange competition between clubs?

Yes, the government guideline is that up to 200 people can attend an outdoor event/race subject to meeting all recommended Covid19 best practice as per the Athletics Ireland guidelines.

3. Are all ages allowed to train at the Club?

Yes, all ages can now return to train and all Athletics Ireland registered members insurances are in full operation.


4. Can we open our Club gym?

Yes, subject to a risk assessment and cleaning policy to ensure the safety of all members gyms can open with a maximum of up to 50 people (area permitting).

5. Do athletes have to social distance when passing on the track?

No, athletes can reduce social distancing in an intermittent manner like passing on a track. However, as much as possible best practice is to maintain social distancing whilst training.

6. Do we have to continue booking into the Club prior to training?

Yes, the booking of all individuals attending the Club is an essential tool for contact tracing in the event of an infected person presenting to the Club. The Athletics Ireland booking app is an essential tool in assisting Clubs to make bookings electronically.

7. Do we have to complete the health questionnaire each time we attend the club?

Yes, online or on paper, the health questionnaire is a declaration of how you feel just before you use the club facilities and works in tandem with the club booking system. It is essential that no one is showing symptoms of Covid19 on the day of training, hence the need to complete the form on the day of each training. This document summarises how your Club can set up a free online record of your members health status.

8. Can athletes from other clubs use our facilities?

Yes, if they are registered members of Athletics Ireland and they have permission from your Club they can attend sessions at your Club once they have complied with the COVID 19 requirements of contact tracing via the club booking system, social distancing, good infection control, and have completed the health questionnaire prior to or on arrival.

9. Can I attend training if I feel well but have been sent for a COVID 19 test?

No, not until your test results are known. If your result is negative for COVID 19 then you can resume club activities if you feel well.

10. Who is responsible for reporting suspected or know cases of COVID 19 to the HSE?

Notification should be made by a general practitioner as soon as they become aware or suspect that a person on whom they are in professional attendance with, is suffering from or is the carrier of an infectious disease. If you suspect you have COVID 19 you must attend your general practitioner.

11. Do we need to continue sanitising our hands pre and post training, observing correct etiquette re coughing, and cleaning all equipment after use? 

Yes, the established protocols regarding sanitary behaviour will remain in place until government guidelines are relaxed.

We encourage all our members to download and use the COVID Tracker app released by government this week

Cross-Country and Track News - July 2020

Good News and Bad

track and xc news july 2020

A county Board Meeting was held in the Clayton Silversprings Hotel on Wednesday night last, July 1st.

The outcome for competition is varied, with Cross-Country due to go ahead, however the Track & Field season has been cancelled.

Cross-Country - Good News

The Cross-Country season is to go ahead, as planned, however all Championships will now be in Cork Athletics Riverstick Grounds.  The various venues had previously been decided at the Board's AGM, last January, however the difficulties arising from COVID-19 has had knock-on effects, among them being the understandable reluctance of land-owners to make their lands available this time round.


While the Cross-Country Championships are to proceed, there will be many caveats

  • At present, it is not clear if Ambulance cover will be available for the events
  • No spectators will be permitted - Athletes and officials only allowed on course. Parents, etc must remain in their cars.
  • There will be no gate admission charge, to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • It is planned to chip all races, without timing Juveniles - just placings. This will allow athletes to run through the wider finishing line , and remove the regular finishing chute 'pile-ups' and waiting for names to be taken, etc.
  • Following their race, athletes will be expected to leave the grounds promptly.

    Fuller details will be made available following the next County Board Meeting, Wednesday September 2nd.

Track & Field - Bad News

Following a discussion on the issues faced in holding the Track & Field Championships, it was decided by vote, that the Track and Field Championships will not be held this year. 

Among the barriers faced were:

  • Track availability. Currently CIT track has only just reopened, with limited opening hours. UCC's Mardyke track has yet to reopen.
  • Ambulance cover - Current information is that all voluntary service has been 'Stood down' by HSE.  It is hoped that this situation will have improved by the planned Cross-country, in October

  • Availability of officials, given the age profile and/or health of many officials. In addition many officials are in contact with people who are at risk from COVID-19.  [A recent survey by England Athletics found over 73% of almost 1,700 officials would not be available for these reasons]


[This Editorial does not necessarily reflect the view of Cork Athletics County Board]

The cancellation of the County T&F season will come as a disappointment to many, particularly as some parts of both the National and Leinster T&F Championships, along with some of the Dublin Graded Leagues, are planned to go ahead.

It was hoped, by many senior athletes, that the Graded Leagues might be run on a reduced/limited basis, however that will not happen now.

An important aspect of re-opening athletics is that small steps be taken first. Clearly we must be cautious, given what we have endured already, and what is happening in other countries, but we must progress at some stage. Perhaps it might have been better 'if the door had been held open' [rather than shut] to allow, if circumstances allowed, limited Graded Leagues meets, both to 'test the waters' and also to build confidence in the Reopening of Athletics. 

Such moves might also allow Cork Athletics to 'blood' new officials. Of course there are at least two caveats with that alone - we need people to actually step up to the mark...and...we also need others to loosen the reins, and allow people to make the move.



Cork City 10 Miler 2020 Cancelled

COVID-19 leads to Cork City 10 Miler Cancellation


Tuesday June 30th 2020


john buckley sports cork city 10 miler cancellation notice 2020


St Finbarr's AC Website

Cork Athletics


St Finbarr's AC Statement - Tuesday June 30th 2020

"It is with great regret that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 event.

The difficult decision was made in the best interest of the health & well-being of all
runners, supporters & volunteers.

Those who have already registered can expect a follow up email very soon.

Thank you for your understanding."

St Finbarr's AC hopes to see everyone back in 2021


Irish Runner Report - NACAI National T&F Championships - July 1983

N.A.C.A.I. National T&F Championships 1983

Mardyke, Cork

Saturday 9th & Sunday July 10th 1983


nacai national tandf championships cork 1983 100m champions adams mccoy


Irish Runner Magazine - August 1983, Vol 3, No 5, P26 - 27

Download Article (PDF File)


nacai national tandf championships cork 1983 irish runner vol 3 no 5 p26 nacai national tandf championships cork 1983 irish runner vol 3 no 5 p27
Irish Runner Magazine - August 1983, Vol 3, No 5, P26 Irish Runner Magazine - August 1983, Vol 3, No 5, P27


The 1983 adidas sponsored All-Ireland Track and Field Championships of the N.A.C.A.I. were staged on Saturday and Sunday, 9th and 10th July, in near perfect weather conditions in the Mardyke, Cork. A stiff breeze measuring 3.5 m per secs was blowing against the sprinters on the first day of the Championships.

The programme consisted of 70 track events and 34 field events for four categories of athletes (a) Senior Men, (b) Senior Women, (c) Veterans over 35, 40, 45 for men and over 30 and 40 for women and (d) youths - under 18 male. The heavily congested programme was run off very efficiently by a hard-working and well- organised committee.

The standard in the senior ladies’ events overshadowed that of the senior men. Caroline McCoy of the Bros. Pearse Club ran a powerful race to retain her 100 metres title, having earlier retained her 100 metres hurdles title. She showed excellent sprinting ability into a 3.5 m. per sec. wind to hit the tape in 12.2 secs, which was 0.3 outside her personal best. Second in the 100 metres was Deirdre McGrath who later took the 200 metres gold in 25.0 secs, and the long jump gold in 5.40 metres.

nacai national tandf championships cork 1983 3000m rosie lambe

Rosie Lambe on her way to victory in the 3000 metres


nacai national tandf championships cork 1983 1500m rita malone

Rita Malone winning the 1500 metres from Rosie Lambe

Rosy Lambe from Knockbridge ran an aggressive 3000 metres which she controlled from the gun to register a time of 9 mins. 3.74 secs. The previous day Lambe was outsprinted by Rita Malone from the St. John’s Club in Clare who won in a very creditable 4 mins. 37.4 secs. In fact, Rita Malone lined up on the second day of the Championships as favourite for the 800 metres but was beaten into second place by Mary Joe O’Mahony from Gneeveguilla in Kerry who recorded 2 mins. 18.0 secs, for the gold medal.

In the field events the very attractive Pauline Carolan was in a class of her own to win both the Shot and Discus with distances of 11.55 metres and 46.45 metres respectively, the latter being a new championship record. The Fr. Murphy’s Club athletes’ throwing ranks among the best in the country and with stronger competition Pauline could drastically improve her standard. Dublin’s Mairead Somers was also an easy winner in the javelin with a new championship record of 34.44 metres.

In the senior men’s events David Adams from Harolds Cross sprinted to victory in both the 100 and 200 metres events with times of 10.9 secs, and 22.1 secs. Paul Hetherington from Navan A.C., who was runner-up to David Adams in both these events, went on to take the gold in the 400 metres with a time of 50.6 secs.

Meath’s David Harrison from the South O’Hanlon club ran a class 1500 metres to win in 3 mins. 53.4 secs. Unfortunately, a family bereavement cut short his week-end and, in his absence, the 800 metres proved to be one of the most competitive events won by John Hogan from Bohermeen in a blanket finish in a time of 1 min. 57.5 secs.


nacai national tandf championships cork 1983 womens high jump
Left to right - Deirdre Flatman, first in the high jump; second Paula Davis and third Ann Cussen

A feature of the veterans’ events was the running of Willie Neenan from Millstreet. Having won the over-40 1500 metres with a time of 4 mins. 24.4 secs., the North (Corkman ran) across to the start of the over-45 1500 metres which was the very next event. Willie outkicked the field to win his second gold in a time of 4 mins. 48.5 secs. The Cork evergreen athlete literally jogged next day the legendary Neenan won the silver medal in the over-45 400 metres.


nacai national tandf championships cork 1983 vincent manley 1500m
Vincent Manley on his way to victory in the Youths 1500 metres

The N.A.C.A.I. coach, Dr. Z. Orywal from Poland, who was sixth in the 1958 European 1500 metres final, was critical of certain aspects of the Mardyke’s facilities. He could not reconcile the fact that such a modem stadium as the Mardyke could be without sufficient starting blocks and without any measuring tapes


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Field Events - On-Line Technical Officials Introductory Course - July 2020

Athletics Ireland Virtual Introductory Level Officials Course - Field Events

Delivered via Zoom

11am – 1pm, Saturday 25th July

 athletics ireland field events officials virtual course banner july 2020


This course is aimed at new officials, but is also a refresher course for those already qualified as Level 1 Technical Officials

This may be beneficial in expanding your club's base expertise, or opening up new opportunities, for both prospective and existing members

The Course will be delivered by Declan Curtin and Ronan O’Hart


REGISTER for Field Events Introductory Technical Officials Course

Closing date is 4pm Tuesday July 21st


Course Outline  


This course is aimed at volunteers within the organisation, who wish to start officiating field events at local and county level competitions. It is also ideal for current officials of this level who wish to refresh their knowledge of field events

Duration: 2 hours - 11am – 1pm, Saturday 25th July

Delivery: Virtual, via Zoom

If you don't already have the Zoom App, you will need to install it before the course

  Experience required: A basic knowledge of Athletics but experience in officiating is not required.

 Qualification: Introductory Level Official-field events. Qualified to officiate at field events at Local and county competitions

Course Content

The technical rules of Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Hammer, Pole Vault, Discus, Javelin are covered on the course


Mardyke Track ReOpens Monday July 13th

Mardyke Back On Track from Monday 13th

 mardyke track session

UCC is to begin opening its Outdoor Sports Facilities, including the Mardyke Track, on a phased basis, from Monday July 13th

UCC Announcement


UCC says it acknowledges that sports persons, clubs and groups want to get back training and using sports facilities, along Government guidelines, but that reopening of sports facilities, in a university setting, gives rise to greater complications due to the many of facilities, in several locations.

UCC Management has agreed the following reopening schedule for the external facilities, both at the Mardyke and Curraheen Sports Grounds:

    From Monday 13th July 2020 – Limited reopening of the Mardyke athletics track, when students, staff and external track membership users can return to the track. In addition, external clubs who hire the track will begin a phased return.

  Mardyke & Farm Opening Hours    Individual User Guidelines     Group User Guidelines 

Mardyke Track Safe Use Measures

2020 Individual Track Membership Guidelines


2020 Group Bookings for Track Guidelines


   From Monday 20th July 2020 – External group users may return to track, along with pre-booked users for the Curraheen Road Pitches

    From 1st August 2020 – Pre-booked users of the synthetic pitch and grass pitches at the Mardyke may return.

New guidelines and regulations will be in operation for the athletics track, and all users are asked to comply with these, to ensure a safe environment for both staff and all users of the Mardyke.

The Mardyke & Curraheen Sports Grounds are NOT open for casual use – all uses of the facilities must be members and/or pre-booked

From 1st July any person who wants to use the athletics track must have valid track membership before they are allowed on the track.

All members, including public, clubs, groups, UCC staff and students must activate their membership via the online application system, and then log in, using their membership card, at the Kiosk in the Mardyke Pavilion.  This is for contract tracing purposes, and for monitoring numbers on the track at any one time. All details about the new process will be available here.

External users may make an online application for UCC Sports Track Membership, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The membership fee will waived until September 30th, but the usual fees will then apply, as normal, from 1st October.

From 13th July, NO unauthorised user will be permitted onto the UCC sports facilities without membership or group booking

A new system for use of the track will be in operation – with a one way in and one way out system in operation, to reduce close contacts.

Clubs using the facilities will do so in line with their NGB (AAI in our case) Return To Play, and UCC Policies.

As per HSE guideleines, There will be no changing room facilities available for users. Users must arrive togged out, and then leave immediately after completion of their session



The UCC Department of Sport & Physical Activity is looking forward to reopening its facilities but requests users to comply with policy and regulation for the health & wellbeing of all – staff and users alike

All queries in relation to use of the UCC outdoor sports facilities should be maded directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Sports Office will remain closed until further notice with staff working remotely.

For further details on reopening, etc please  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Opening Hours - Mardyke & The Farm Sports Grounds

These are the current Opening Times for UCC Sports Facilities (Mardyke Sports Grounds & The Farm, Curraheen).  These times are subject to change, depending on weather conditions and maintenance schedules. 

If uncertain, please contact the Sports Operative on duty (details below) or keep an eye on UCC Sports' social media channels on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

DayUCC Mardyke Sports GroundsUCC Farm, Curraheen
  Sports Operative - 087-9132071 Sports Operative - 087-9132084
Monday 9am - 10pm 9am - 4pm*
Tuesday 9am - 10pm 9am - 9pm
Wednesday 9am - 10pm 9am - 9pm
Thursday 9am - 10pm 9am - 9pm
Friday 9am - 10pm 9am - 3pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm 9am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm 9am - 5pm

* May open Monday evenings, on request of UCC clubs, this is subject to approval from UCC Dept. of Sport & Physical Activity


Individual Track Membership Guidelines

Mardyke Athletics Track

In line with Government, HSE and University protocols, UCC Department of Sport & Physical Activity (DSPA) has put a number of measures in place to ensure the safe use of the Athletics Track for all its members, clubs and groups.

1.    NO unauthorised users allowed - Only Track members and authorised group / club bookings are permitted on the track

2.    Dressing Rooms & Toilets - Until further notice, dressing rooms will remain closed, however toilets will be accessible to users

3.    No Parking- as always, there is NO parking available onsite for track users at the Mardyke Sports Grounds

4.    Individual Track Membership. All individual users must ensure they have a valid and 'in date' Track Membership. Please note all membership fees are waived until 30th September 2020, after which  usual fees apply as normal.

a.    U18 member - Must have a parent/guardian onsite to supervise from track perimeter.
b.    All Members must follow current UCC DSPA protocols - hand sanitisation, register their attendance, one way entry / exit
c.    There is No Individual Member access to track during group / club booked sessions (This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis)

5.    Log all attendance at the KIOSK

a.    Upon arrival at the Mardyke Sports Grounds, individual members must register their attendance
b.    The Kiosk is situated on the ground floor of the Pavilion (mounted on the wall facing you as you enter)
c.    Please adhere to the one way system into and out of the building
d.    Sanitise hands upon entry and departure
e.    At the KIOSK, please select Athletics Track - enter member ID number, and submit

6.    Use of Equipment

a.    All equipment is stored away and not permitted for use by individual members

7. Entering & Exiting the Track (Please refer to Map)

mardyke track access exit points

a.    Upon exiting the Pavilion at point A, proceed to enter the Track at the gates at point B
b.    Upon exiting the Track, please use the gate at point C - close gate on your departure
c.    All Groups meet at point D (Outside the track railing) prior to entering the track

8. Facilities Opening Hours

Please note, opening hours are subject to change - updated on UCC Sports' social media channels on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook


Group Bookings - Track Guidelines


In line with Government, HSE and University protocols, UCC Department of Sport & Physical Activity (DSPA) has put a number of measures in place to ensure the safe use of the Athletics Track for all its members, clubs and groups.

1.    NO unauthorised users allowed - Only Track members and authorised group / club bookings are permitted on the track

2.    All group / club bookings must be made in advance with the UCC DSPA

Each group / club booking will need to ensure that it complies with the following:

a.    Access to the track is only for the duration of the time booked
b.    Follow guidelines and recommendations of their National Governing Body
c.    Provide contact details for club representative responsible for COVID Compliance
d.    Provide up to date insurance cover including COVID
e.    Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before start time
f.    Must follow UCC DSPA protocols in place
g.    Hand sanitisation
h.    Covid Compliance Supervisor must Register attendance at Kiosk in the Pavilion
i.    Follow Entry and Exit points
j.    Meeting point for groups - see details below
k.    Do not enter until previous group has left

3.    Dressing Rooms & Toilets - Until further notice, dressing rooms will remain closed, however toilets will be accessible tousers

4.    No Parking- as always, there is NO parking available onsite for track users at the Mardyke Sports Grounds

5.    Individual Track Membership.

Athletic clubs are to remind their members that they do NOT have permission to train on the track outside of club booking. If members want to train outside these times they must take out individual track membership or contact UCC DSPA via email

a.    No Individual access to track during group / club booked sessions (This will be reviewed regularly)

6.    Logging attendance at the KIOSK

a.    Upon arrival at the Mardyke Sports Grounds, the Group/Club COVID Compliance Supervisor must register their clubs attendance
b.    The Kiosk is situated on the ground floor of the Pavilion (mounted on the wall facing you as you enter)
c.    Please adhere to the one way system into and out of the building
d.    Sanitise hands upon entry and departure
e.    At the KIOSK select Athletics Track - enter member ID number and submit

7.    Use of Equipment

a.    All equipment is stored away and not permitted for use by individual members
b.    Club bookings may access equipment via the Sports Operative on duty - provided you sanitise before and after your session

8.    Entering & Exiting the Track (refer to map)

mardyke track access exit points

a.    Upon exiting the Pavilion at point A, proceed to enter the Track at the gates at point B
b.    Upon exiting the Track, please use the gate at point C - close gate on your departure
c.    All Groups meet at point D (outside the track railing) prior to entering the track - ensure adhere to social distancing guidelines

9. Facilities Opening Hours

Please note, opening hours are subject to change - updated on UCC social media channels on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook



Ballycotton Summer Series 1988 - Final Overall Positions

Ballycotton 5 Mile Summer Series 1988


ballycotton summer series banner


These events were run under Athletics Ireland permits/licences

Organised and hosted by Ballycotton Running Promotions

tony o leary liam o brien east cork ac denis mccarthy irish runner september 1995a
Tony O'Leary, Leevale AC, 2nd Overall Liam O'Brien, East Cork AC, Ballycotton Summer Series Winner 1988 Denis McCarthy, East Cork AC, 3rd Overall
helen o callaghan east cork ac brid murphy leevale ac mary sweeney banteer 5k 2013 photo corkman a
Helen O'Callaghan, East Cork AC, 2nd Overall Brid Murphy, Leevale AC, Ballycotton Summer Series Women's Winner 1988 Mary Sweeney, St Finbarrs AC, 3rd Overall

Cork Athletics Homepage


Cork Athletics Facebook page


Results of Athletics Ireland Registered Events - April 2014 - May 2016 (on Old Cork Athletics website)


Results of Athletics Ireland Registered Events - May 2016 to date


Race Calendar / Fixtures List - Athletics Ireland Registered Events


The NIKE / CMP Ballycotton Summer Series Series 1988

1988 saw the second year of the famous, coveted,  Ballycotton 5 Top-50 'Brag Shirts' for the four race Ballycotton 5 Mile Summer Series, again sponsored by NIKE and CMP Dairies. In that era, NIKE were a major sponsor of races and events in Cork.

Commemorative t-shirts for race finishers wasn't unusual, but the "Top 50" t-shirt, for the Ballycotton Summer Series was innovative, and helped raise both interest and participant standards.

While the Top 50 shirts are renowned, however, in 1987, there were three groups: Top 40 Men, Top 10 Vets (Masters to you and me, these days!), and Top 15 Women. However, in 1988, the Top 40 Men and Top 15 Vets categories were amalgamated to become the Top 50, as remained, until the final series in 2017.


The 1988 Ballycotton 5 Mile Summer Series - A Personal Perspective

The Ballycotton Summer Series had always carried a 'Prestige' reputation, given the high standards at the front of the races. However the t-shirt at stage added increased interest, and gave club runners, like myself, something extra to aim at.


Thirty two years later, I still recall the jockeying for position in the overall standings, particularly in the third race, and especially so in the final race. Everyone was ultra-sensitive towards their own position in the 'GC' (usung Tour de France parlance). Every second counted in each race might need some 'padding' for the next race in the case you had 'a bad one'


Ballyandreen 5 May 26th 1988

Four runners, Liam O'Brien, Tony O'Leary, Brian Meade and Ricky Burke, broke the 25 minute barrier.  As usual, Liam won - at that stage, NOBODY else had ever won the Ballyandreen 5. Afaicr, Liam won Ballyandreen 15 consecutive times. There were 167 finishers.

On the women's side, Eileen Prunty, East Cork AC, and Brid Murphy, Leevale AC, both went under 30 minutes, while Helen O'Callaghan, East Cork AC, was bang on 30:00. Twenty six women ran that evening.


Shanagarry 5 - June 23rd 1988

Liam O'Brien, East Cork AC, won in 24:42, two seconds faster than Tony O'Leary's 1987 winning time, with Tony 20 secs behind on this occasion, in 25:02, and the previous year's runner-up, East Cork's Brian Meade, third, in 25:54. There were 154 finishers.

Brid Murphy, Leevale AC, 29:57, was the only woman in the 23 strong field to go sub-30.


Churchtown South 5 - July 28th 1988

The 2 lap Churchtown South 5 saw two athletes go sub-25 minutes, compared to five the previous year: Liam O'Brien, East Cork AC, (24:33) and Tony O'Leary, Leevale AC, (24:41). There were 159 finishers


Brid Murphy, Leevale AC, 29:38, Helen O'Callaghan, East Cork AC, 29:55 went sub-30. Twenty six women ran that evening

Ballycotton 5 - Thursday August 25th 1988

Two athletes, Liam O'Brien, East Cork AC, (24:07) and Tony O'Leary, Leevale AC, (24:25), went sub-25, with 73 breaking 30 minutes. Liam won all four races in the 1988 series, ensuring overall honours for 1988. There were 159 finishers, exactly the same as in Cgurchtown South the previous month.

Brid Murphy, Leevale AC, won in a new PB of 29:21, with Helen O'Callaghan, East Cork AC, 29:48, and Eileen Prunty, , East Cork AC, 29:58, also going sub-30. There were 28 women finishers.

Ballycotton Summer Series - Top 50 

You'll probably recall the animated 'buzz' that always enveloped the school hall in Ballycotton, after the final series race.  The chat with friends, colleaguesand rivals, while waiting for the results to be posted on the wall. "How did you get on?" "Well done", and the like, with tales of joy and woe exchanged....and "Did you make it...?", referring to the t-shirt stakes.  The "GC", referring to the Tour de France standings, were a source of much discussion throughout the summer months, and, indeed, right into September, after the dust had settled on the Summer Series.

Then the results would be posted on the wall, beside the 'tea hatch', with everyone on top of each other, (no social distance issues then!) milling around, trying to see their official time, where they finished, who was ahead and/or behind, how others had done. For those chasing GC positions, there were 'seat of the pants' calculations on position: Who was on the list after three races, but hadn't run tonight?, along with working out position changes for peers and competitors.

After all the prizes were presented - and there were many, with prizes for the Ballycotton 5 itself, and the Overall Series prizes.  Then came the t-shirts, with each recipient being called up, to much acclaim, in order of the listing after the third race - this was done simply to make life easier for the organisers - however the last few were called in order of overall series finish time...the questions in my mind were... Had I miscalculated the times? Did I miss someone ahead of me? 

I still have, and covet, all my Ballycotton Summer Series t-shirts, a reminder of past 'glory' (it was, for me...LOL) and of the wonderful memories.


Thanks to all the Ballycotton 10 Mile and Series organisers, and associates, for everything you did over the 40 years!  You made an positive and important contribution to athletics in Cork, and Ireland, and, perhaps, more importantly, brought joy and happiness to many, many people. Take a bow.

...and can we have an encore...??? March would be nice!

...And....on the drive home afterwards, John O'Leary would remark.... "It won't be long until we're back here again...sure it's only six months 'till March!"

Happy Days!!

Where are they now?

Series winner, Liam O'Brien, remains very heavily involved in athletics, being the driving force behind East Cork AC. He is also Technical Director of Cork City Sports, and a major player in the organisation of Schools athletics in Cork and Munster in particular. He has a strong interest in schools athletics history.  In his spare time (LOL) Liam is a keen orienteer, and most years travels to Sweden for an orienteering meet.

Denis McCarthy, in 3rd place, for the second successive year, is still a regular at most races in Cork

Willie Hayes, St Finbarrs AC, 7th, remains a regular on the Cork running circuit, still competing at a high level.

John Walshe, East Cork AC, 17th. What can one say about this modest man who has contributed in so many way to athletics, and society in general.  His contribution has been absolutely immense.

The evergreen John O'Leary, Leevale AC, 18th, now in his 80's, still competes, with many half, even quarter, his age trailing in his wake.

Eric Meade, East Cork AC, 22nd, remains a key member of the East Cork club

Pat Murphy, Eagle AC, 23rd, has been a committee member of Eagle AC since the early 1980's

Liam Doherty, 26th, now coaches with St Finbarr's AC

Jim McMurtry, Midleton AC, in 27th place, is another still regularly seen at races.

John Quigley, Leevale AC, 28th, is author of this piece, still competes, and is Webmaster with Cork Athletics County Board. He is also a World Athletics / AIMS Grade 'A' Measurer.

Eric Meade, East Cork AC, 38th, is another man still competing at a relatively high level.


Sean Walsh, Belgooly AC, 35th is has been a committe member of COrk BHAA for many years

Willie O'Mahony, Youghal AC, 56th, is still a regular racer, and has been a long term Treasurer of East Cork Athletics Division

Donie O'Connell, Midleton AC, 59th, is another ever-present at road races around the County

Liam Fleming, Ballinascarthy, 63rd, is a noted athletics historian, and has published several books on the history of athletics in Cork

Tom Houlihan, Midleton AC, 71st, is still involved with the club


Brid Murphy, Leevale AC, 1st, went on to win the Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championship three times: 1992, 1993 and 1996

Mary Sweeney, St Finbarr's AC, 3rd, is still a noted and respected runner, regularly featuring in the prizes.

Marion Lyons, St Finbarr's AC, 5th, is still a prolific competitor in championship events.

Kathleen O'Brien, Ballynoe,13th, now runs with St. Catherine's AC and has represented Ireland, at Masters level, many times

With respects to those whom, undoubtably, I've overlooked, and remembering the many runners from 1987 who are no longer with us.


Ballycotton Summer Series 1988 - Overall Final Positions


PosForenameSurnameCatCat 2ClubOverallBallyandreenShanagarryChurchtown SouthBallycotton
1 Liam O'Brien     East Cork AC 1:37:35 0:24:13 0:24:42 0:24:33 0:24:07
2 Tony O'Leary     Leevale AC 1:38:32 0:24:24 0:25:02 0:24:41 0:24:25
3 Denis McCarthy     East Cork AC 1:42:59 0:25:45 0:25:42 0:25:40 0:25:52
4 John Kearney     St. Nicholas AC 1:43:30 0:25:53 0:25:45 0:25:38 0:26:14
5 Michael Roche     Dungarvan AC 1:43:42 0:26:09 0:26:12 0:25:47 0:25:34
6 Tony Archer     St. Finbarrs AC 1:44:15 0:26:06 0:26:07 0:26:16 0:25:46
7 Willie Hayes     St. Finbarrs AC 1:44:20 0:25:50 0:27:10 0:25:34 0:25:54
8 Der O'Riordan     Leevale AC 1:44:34 0:26:27 0:26:52 0:25:36 0:25:39
9 Denis Hegarty     Eagle TC 1:44:35 0:26:01 0:26:19 0:26:04 0:26:11
10 Paul Murray     Leevale AC 1:44:50 0:25:59 0:26:50 0:26:09 0:25:42
11 Fred Walsh M45 1st Vet Youghal AC 1:46:20 0:26:29 0:27:23 0:26:07 0:26:29
12 Ray Foley     East Cork AC 1:46:47 0:26:30 0:27:05 0:26:44 0:26:20
13 George Walsh M40 2nd Vet Youghal AC 1:48:39 0:26:48 0:27:31 0:27:02 0:27:18
14 James McGee Ml9 1st Jun Leevale AC 1:48:54 0:27:46 0:27:20 0:26:40 0:27:08
15 John O'Callaghan     Leevale AC 1:48:56 0:27:03 0:28:09 0:27:03 0:26:41
16 Patrick O'Connor Ml9 2nd Jun East Cork AC 1:49:21 0:26:59 0:28:23 0:26:47 0:27:12
17 John Walshe     East Cork AC 1:50:34 0:27:39 0:20:11 0:27:24 0:27:20
18 John O'Leary M45 3rd Vet Leevale AC 1:50:45 0:27:34 0:20:38 0:27:24 0:27:09
19 Tom O'Flynn     Leevale AC 1:51:18 0:20:12 0:27:52 0:27:59 0:27:15
20 Frank Cashman M40 4th Vet East Cork AC 1:51:26 0:27:07 0:27:27 0:20:22 0:27:30
21 Sonny Whelan     East Cork AC 1:52:06 0:27:57 0:28:39 0:27:56 0:27:34
22 Eric Meade     East Cork AC 1:52:13 0:20:11 0:28:48 0:27:34 0:27:40
23 Pat Murphy     Eagle TC 1:52:31 0:20:21 0:28:41 0:27:46 0:27:43
24 Barry Moran     East Cork AC 1:53:04 0:30:51 0:28:27 0:27:11 0:26:35
25 Eddie Mullane M40 5th Vet Belgooly AC 1:53:07 0:28:15 0:28:51 0:28:07 0:27:54
26 Liam Docherty     Eagle TC 1:55:17 0:29:25 0:29:50 0:28:17 0:27:44
27 Jim McMurtry M40 bth Vet Midleton AC 1:55:33 0:29:07 0:29:08 0:28:28 0:28:50
28 John Quigley     Leevale AC 1:55:49 0:29:19 0:29:05 0:28:43 0:28:42
29 George Spicer M40 7th Vet CorK 1:55:55 0:20:19 0:28:37 0:27:50 0:31:07
30 Alan Collin MI9 3rd JUn St. Finbarrs AC 1:56:26 0:29:32 0:30:17 0:28:20 0:28:17
31 Tom Meehan     Dungarvan AC 1:56:34 0:30:38 0:30:07 0:28:03 0:27:46
32 Denis Sheehan     St. Nicholas AC 1:56:41 0:29:31 0:29:46 0:28:26 0:28:58
33 Paul Parker     Cobh 1:57:08 0:29:18 0:30:28 0:28:52 0:28:30
34 Anthony Lawton     Youghal 1:57:11 0:29:11 0:30:34 0:20:33 0:28:53
35 Sean Walsh M40 oth Vet Belgooly AC 1:57:42 0:29:37 0:30:57 0:20:21 0:20:47
36 Jerry Murphy     Leevale AC 1:58:17 0:30:02 0:29:59 0:29:54 0:28:52
37 Ray McConnell     Villierstown 1:59:05 0:29:55 0:30:16 0:28:19 0:30:35
38 Pat Motyer M40 9th Vet Midleton AC 1:59:21 0:30:07 0:30:22 0:29:47 0:29:05
39 Kevin Cooney     Midleton AC 2:00:02 0:29:51 0:31:31 0:29:29 0:29:11
40 Donie Lordan M40 iOth Vet East Cork AC 2:00:05 0:29:16 0:31:37 0:30:00 0:29:12
41 Nicholas Casey M40 Ilth Vet Tramore AC 02:00:24 0:31:10 0:30:43 0:29:38 0:28:53
42 Jack Foulkes     St. Finbarrs AC 02:00:38 0:30:41 0:31:50 0:29:37 0:28:30
43 Tom Amott     Youghal 2:00:43 0:30:08 0:30:55 0:29:49 0:29:51
44 Pat Cullen     Lismore 2:01:11 0:30:15 0:30:58 0:30:00 0:29:50
45 John Walsh     I.F.l. 2:01:29 0:30:35 0:30:45 0:30:05 0:30:04
46 Bernard O'Brien     Youghal 2:03:12 0:31:33 0:30:54 0:29:27 0:31:38
47 Bobby Mulcahy M40 l2th Vet Tramore 2:03:27 0:31:21 0:31:42 0:30:33 0:29:51
48 James Tate Ml9 4th Jun Churchtown South AC 2:04:20 0:31:24 0:31:48 0:30:53 0:30:23
49 James Moore     Dungarvan AC 2:04:30 0:29:48 0:31:28 0:33:02 0:30:12
50 Paul Keating     Dungarvan AC 2:05:03 0:30:38 0:33:36 0:30:44 0:30:05
51 Aidan Hogan Ml9 5th Jun St. Nicholas AC 02:05:33 0:34:04 0:31:40 0:30:46 0:29:03
52 John Heaphy     Youghal 02:05:37 0:31:23 0:31:17 0:31:16 0:31:41
53 Ted Fitzgerald     Midleton AC 02:05:57 0:31:53 0:32:22 0:30:32 0:31:10
54 Timmy O'Brien     Lismore 02:06:27 0:32:08 0:32:23 0:31:21 0:30:55
55 Patrick Delaney M40 ;i3th Vet Dungarvan AC 02:06:42 0:32:36 0:31:51 0:31:03 0:31:12
56 Willie O'Mahony M40 fl4th Vet Youghal AC 02:07:51 0:32:01 0:31:58 0:31:33 0:32:19
57 Thomas Hamilton M40 ,I5th Vet Naval Service 02:08:00 0:32:09 0:32:44 0:31:38 0:31:29
58 Jim Hallinan     l.F.I. 02:08:01 0:32:20 0:32:31 0:31:09 0:31:03
59 Donie O'Connell     Midleton AC 02:08:56 0:32:58 0:33:12 0:31:14 0:31:32
60 Tim Geary M40 l6th Vet Midleton AC 02:08:57 0:32:37 0:32:49 0:31:36 0:31:55
61 Charlie O'Neill     Youghal 02:09:12 0:31:42 0:33:38 0:31:46 0:32:06
62 Neil Kush M19 6th Jun East Cork AC 02:09:27 0:33:41 0:33:17 0:31:07 0:31:22
63 Liam Fleming     Ballinascarthy 02:09:39 0:31:26 0:34:52 0:31:20 0:31:53
64 Alan Patterson M40 17th Vet St. Finbarrs AC 02:10:32 0:32:47 0:33:19 0:32:06 0:32:20
65 Michael Shanahan     East Cork AC 2:10:38 ( 0:32:22 0:33:14 0:32:30 0:32:32
66 Aidan McGee M19 7th Jun Leevale AC 2:12:24 ( 0:34:06 0:34:19 0:32:05 0:31:54
67 Joe Hogan M50 18th Vet St. Nicholas AC 02:14:05 0:34:09 0:33:42 0:33:13 0:33:01
68 Andrew Fealy     St. Nicholas AC 02:14:07 0:34:10 0:33:43 0:33:13 0:33:01
69 Fintan Lawlor     Youghal 02:22:05 0:34:59 0:37:09 0:34:16 0:35:41
70 Fintan Harte M50 19th Vet Ballymore-Cobh AC 02:24:33 0:35:33 0:36:27 0:38:13 0:34:20
71 Tom Houlihan M40 20th Vet Midleton AC 02:24:45 0:35:17 0:38:04 0:35:53 0:35:31
72 Joe Harris     Ballymore-Cobh AC 02:25:11 0:36:36 0:37:51 0:35:16 0:35:28
73 John Forde M55 21stVet Leevale AC 02:25:23 0:37:27 0:36:49 0:36:02 0:35:05
74 Jack Whelan M50 22ndVet Youghal 02:25:36 0:35:31 0:36:45 0:35:48 0:37:32
75 Jim McCann M40 23rdVet Midleton AC 02:28:24 0:41:25 0:34:58 0:35:37 0:36:24
76 Edward Moore M50 24th Vet Dungarvan 02:30:15 0:38:15 0:38:09 0:37:07 0:36:44
77 Philip Bunce     Carrigtwohill 02:39:59 0:38:57 0:42:08 0:42:00 0:36:54
78 Brian Corcoran     Affane 02:45:22 0:44:23 0:40:32 0:39:24 0:41:03
79 Pat O'Brien M40 25th Vet Ballynoe 2:50:32 0:42:37 0:43:12 0:41:12 0:43:31


Official Final Overall Standings


PosForenameSurnameCatCat 2ClubOverallBallyandreenShanagarryChurchtown SouthBallycotton
1 Brid Murphy     Leevale AC 1:58:42 0:29:46 0:29:57 0:29:38 0:29:21
2 Helen O'Callaghan     East Cork AC 2:00:39 0:30:00 0:30:56 0:29:55 0:29:48
3 Mary Sweeney     St. Finbarrs AC 2:02:53 0:30:36 0:31:51 0:30:17 0:30:09
4 Mary Joyce-Curtin     East Cork AC 2:03:25 0:30:50 0:31:30 0:30:24 0:30:41
5 Marion Lyons     St. Finbarrs AC 2:04:36 0:30:57 0:30:58 0:31:56 0:30:45
6 Mary Sheehan     Fermoy & District Hrs. 2:15:59 0:32:25 0:35:02 0:33:41 0:34:51
7 Helen Casey     East Cork AC 2:19:10 0:34:40 0:35:19 0:34:58 0:34:21
8 Mary Cooney     East Cork AC 2:21:35 0:35:16 0:36:03 0:35:21 0:34:55
9 Eileen O'Callaghan F40   Leevale AC 2:25:12 0:37:28 0:37:16 0:35:23 0:35:35
10 Mary O'Connor F35   Midleton AC 2:30:00 0:38:29 0:39:11 0:35:54 0:36:24
11 Carmel Daly     East Cork AC 2:45:56 0:41:25 0:42:20 0:40:53 0:41:18
12 Marie McCann     Midleton AC 2:50:09 0:41:10 0:46:28 0:42:15 0:40:16
13 Kathleen O'Brien     Ballynoe 02:50:31 0:42:37 0:43:11 0:41:12 0:43:31
14 Rose Dunne-Barrett     Midleton AC 2:50:41 0:48:43 0:44:53 0:38:09 0:38:56
15 Assumpta McGann     Midleton AC 3:24:20 0:48:43 0:52:27 0:53:21 0:49:49

Important Athletics Ireland Insurance Update - July 2020

Athletics Ireland Insurers Issue Important Insurance Update

July 1st 2020

insurance risk

Athletics Ireland's Insurers have formally advised Cork Athletics County Board that Non-Permit Events are NOT COVERED by AAI's Insurance.


Therefore ALL such events should Cease Immediately

A small number of Cork clubs and individuals have recently organised events outside the Athletics Ireland permit system. Social media posts suggest that more, and larger scale, events are being planned.

Cork Athletics County Board has received numerous complaints, from the general public, about organised events in recent weeks - and one must consider the Marketing 'rule of thumb' = 96% of people don't complain, so we're really only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

The organisers believe that these races and, as some refer to them, time trials, are outside the Permit system because they are free of charge, or are confined club events, with 'guests'.  

AAI Insurers have advised Cork Athletics that "the rules and Guidance of AAI, and therefore the Insurers, are very clear and concise. There is a clear onus on the clubs to follow the rules as set out by AAI and Dept of Sport, Sport Ireland

In the case of "any event being organised outside of the Guidance set out, the clubs or individuals promoting these do not have any cover."

If any event is open to more than that clubs own members, there is "a requirement to have an Athletics Ireland Event Permit, with the relevant Covid officer and Covid Risk Assessment in place"

In addition to the above the organisation of unapproved events by registered Athletics Ireland Clubs and individual members puts the Athletics Ireland Insurance policy at risk.

In Summary

All Athletics Ireland Clubs and Individuals are REQUIRED to comply with HSE and AAI Guidelines

ANY event operated outside these guidelines is NOT covered by Athletics Ireland Insurance

The Officers and Individuals organising events outside the guidelines assume PERSONAL Liability

Any event involving individuals who are NOT members of that club MUST have an Athletics Ireland Permit

Any Event, whether or not confined solely to a club's members, MUST have a COVID Officer AND a COVID Risk Assessment MUST have been carried out.


*  *  *  *  *  *

The County Board is aware of one recent club organised event where overall numbers in excess of guidelines took place, with athletes from several clubs involved, along with significant travel. Several complaints have been received from the general public about this event.

Other clubs and individuals have organised, or are in the process, of organising more such events.


The Entire Country Has Endured So Much in Getting to This Stage

Please DON'T put it all at risk - You won't be thanked for it!

Editorial Comment

Tortoise or Jackrabbit - Germany or Florida - Which are You?

tortoise rabbit race
Huge progress has been made, with many sacrifices, and some making the ultimate sacrifice, but the Pandemic hasn't gone away - in the past week or so, we have seen the virus break out again in various parts of Europe - Leicester, Costa del Sol, Algarve, among others. Melbourne (Aus) has seen a resurgence, and the position in the U.S. doesn't bear thinking about.

This morning, an individual travelling to Spain on holidays was interviewed on RTE Radio 1 News. When asked if he was worried about the risks, he responded "I'm young, fit and healthy. I'm an athlete!"  ....As if his AAI membership card would provide immunity! ...Perhaps someone should tell Donald Trump! (no idea if the man was an AAI member or not)

Last Thursday, CSO released their findings from a survey into peoples attitudes to various activities during this phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


cso survey irish times 200627 large outdoor events copy

The above graphic, which appeared in last Saturday's Irish Times, gives an illustration of the public's attitude towards large scale outdoor events at this time. While it may, or may not, be fair refer to races as having "no social distance", race starts and finishes are not a million miles away from that, even with the best social distancing.  So... Maybe as little as 9% are making the most noise about the return, while as much as 82% are either "Uncomfortable or very uncomfortable"

The 82% figure must be worrysome for event organisers. If only half that number were to stay away from racing for the immediate future, then there might be serious ramifications for the organisers. Imagine the last event you ran in, and consider if the numbers were down by over 40%!  Sure the first race or two may attract bigger numbers, as some are probably 'rabid' for races and will travel to them.  but...after that, and until the virus is eradicated, in one way or another, we are likely to see significantly smaller numbers at events. And...if organisers are seen to be cavalier or negligent... they and their sponsors may suffer longer term damage.

cso covid survey june 25 2020CSO Survey graphic

Lots of people are 'chomping at the bit' to get back, but if the CSO stats are to be believed, the clamour is coming from a minority. True, we all want to get back to 'normal'....but most want to 'release the handbrake' slowly.

This week, we saw one of the largest and most popular races around fall, when the organising club found that the risk posed by the Virus, given the participant and organising numbers, and the scale of the event posed too high a risk to the Health and Welfare of all concerned.

Another upcoming club event, with an AAI permit, has scaled back the event to smaller numbers. This is to be commended - we must walk before we sprint. The Athletics Ireland preference is to start with small scale events, before moving on. We must learn from these smaller scale events first. This is new territory for us all, and event organisers now have increased responsibilities, along with a range of new responsibilities

Other Observations

Some organisers of events outside Cork (these are not direct club organised events, and most are unregistered anyway) have posted on line that they are not going to follow AAI Guidelines because the are onerous and unnecessary.  I would refer them to the advice, above, from AAI insurers. HSE and AAI guidelines ARE onerous. They are there for good and valid reasons. Any event organiser that decides not to follow the these guideline had better have their own good and valid reason ....or, in the event of an incident/claim, they may find 'their backside hanging out the window!"

One reason cited for the guidelines being "unrealistic" is the inclusion of spectators in the overall permissable event numbers, saying that this is unreasonable, as they have no control over people coming to their house gates to watch the race go by. 

This is a rather frivolous point, for several reasons:
The event risk assessment will already have identified any location where spectators are likely to assemble. Control measures will then need to be put in place for these and, yes, those spectator numbers will need to be included.  BUT... Pre-Covid...How many such locations were there at most races.

In the COVID-19 era, people are avoiding runners, with some openly hostile, particularly towards (even socially distancing) groups, but especially towards groups that are perceived not to be socially you are unlikely to see crowds spectating, except, maybe, near the start and finish - and those numbers and areas MUST be in your COVID and race plans, and risk assessment.

Finally, the spectator issue was actually raised in relation to people looking on from the gates of their homes on rural roads.  Such incidental spectators do not, realistically, need to be considered in the overall numbers. In practice, Pre-COVID, it would have been unusual for such spectators to be inside the current social distance criteria. Post-COVID ...unlikely to be a problem....BUT you will be considering as part of your various risk assessments.

Cork Marathon Magic in 1986 as Marion Lyons Wins - Guest Article by John Walshe

Cork Marathon Magic in 1986 as Fair Hill's Marion Lyons was First Over the Line

Sunday, April 25th 1986


billy gallagher cavan ac wins cork city marathon 1986 marion lyons st finbarrs ac wins cork city marathon 1986
Billy Gallagher, Roscommon, Winner of Cork City Marathon 1986 Marion Lyons, St. Finbarrs AC, Women's Winner of Cork City Marathon 1986


This article, by John Walshe, appeared in The Echo, on Tuesday June 30th 2020

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This article, by John Walshe, appeared in The Echo, on Tuesday June 30th 2020


cork marathon start 1986a

 Start of Cork City Marathon 1986
Some familiar faces there: John O'Leary, partly hidden by 072, 414 is noted shoe-repairer Noel Muckley, while Cork Examiner photographer Teddy McCarthy can be seen on the right

THERE was a most noticeable change for the fifth adidas Cork City Marathon as it took place a month later than normal, on Sunday May 25, 1986.

Easter Monday fell on the last day of March and as BLE had fixed the National Marathon for April 13 in Portlaoise, there was no way that Cork could go ahead two weeks before.

On that Saturday afternoon in Portlaoise, just 90 runners turned out for the BLE championship, the smallest number in 10 years.

It was won by London-based Kingston Mills, a member of Civil Service Harriers, in a time of 2:15:58. For the past three months in his position as Head of Immunology at Trinity College, Professor Kingston Mills has become familiar and reassuring presence on our national media in the battle against the Covid-19 virus.

Good packing by St Finbarr’s which saw Ricky Burke finishing third (2:22:09), John Buckley ninth (2:30:22), Eric Crockett 10th (2:31:50) and Derry O’Driscoll 11th (2:34:30) won for the Cork club the team title.

Of the four, only O’Driscoll would turn out in Cork six weeks later. An even smaller field of just 42 runners assembled for the BLE 10-mile championship at Castlelyons on May 4, an event won by Tony O’Leary of Leevale. In contrast, an average of over 400 runners were taking part in each of the five St Finbarr’s four-mile road leagues held that summer.

The course for the Cork event showed a number of changes from previous years, although the start and finish remained on the South Mall. Due to road works, further alternations had to be made the week before.

“Two o’clock on a Sunday afternoon is not the most appropriate time for a marathon around the streets,” said Michael Dooley, County Board Chairman and race organiser, adding “we owe a great debt of gratitude to the Gardai and to the public for their patience.”

 Sunday May 25 was also the day of the Sport Aid ‘Race Against Time’, a series of world-wide mass-participation 10km runs thought up by Bob Geldof to help alleviate world hunger. On the morning of the marathon, Cork County Board held a run around the Carrigrohane Road/Lee Road circuit which saw around 3,000 taking part.

Of course this was all before the advent of Sunday trading in the city, and so, at 2pm, with the rain starting to fall, something in excess of 300 marathon runners assembled on the Mall to begin their 26.2-mile journey.

Amongst them was a woman from Fair Hill who had already carved out her own special niche in women’s athletics, and, before the day was out, would have further cause for celebration.

The career of Marion Lyons (nee Stanton) had already covered the whole spectrum of athletics. She had recorded track times of 2:11 for 800m, and 9:16 for 3000m, and had represented Ireland at senior level on a number of occasions at cross-country, the highlights being the World Cross-Country Championships in Chepstow and Düsseldorf.

Back in April 1978, along with Elaine Kelly and Dervla Mellerick, the St Finbarr’s athlete had taken part in the Cork to Cobh 15-mile race, the first time in this country that women had competed with men over such a distance.

After finishing third in the 1985 Cork marathon in 3:06:58, the training over the winter months was geared to breaking the three-hour barrier the following year.

“I used to train a lot with Michael Dunne and Joe Murphy, and they were fantastic to me,” Marion recalled. “Michael Clancy started coaching me, and he would come out on a bike and accompany me on my 15-mile run during the week, and then we would do our 20 mile runs on a Sunday up into Whitechurch.

“I used to do an awful lot of quality sessions as well, and was able to do around 58 minutes for 10 miles. But all my training was geared towards the marathon; I was running about 70 miles a week at the time.”

 Taking control of the race from the start, at six miles reached in 38:40, she was already four minutes ahead of Brigid McCabe from Mullingar. At halfway, the margin had grown to six minutes. However, coming up to 18 miles Lyons appeared to be in some difficulty, as the experienced McCabe began to close.


marion lyons joe murphy cork city marathon 1986Joe Murphy, Eagle TC, accompanying friend, neighbour and eventual winner, Marion Lyons, St Finbarrs AC, on Melbourne Road

By 20 miles the Mullingar athlete had closed the gap to three minutes, but then she suffered cramp, leaving Lyons on course for victory. Crossing the finish line looking remarkably fresh, the clock showed 3:01:05 and Marion Lyons had become the third Cork woman in five years to take the coveted local title.

McCabe was second in 3:09:20 and finishing third, in a time of 3:15:01, was Dublin-based Nora Joyce, a native of Rathcormac.

Marion Lyons’ recollections of those early days training shows how much running, especially for women, had changed: “All my brothers and sisters ran and I used to do a lot of my training up Fair Hill. All the lads would be laughing at us, but as I often said after, a lot of those who were laughing at us then are running themselves nowadays.”

marion lyons st finbarrs ac wins cork city marathon 1986
Marion Lyons, the first woman over the line in the 1986 Cork City Marathon

She would eventually break the three hours when reducing her personal best to 2:54:57 in Dublin and Marion Lyons also cherishes the sponsorship of running gear she received at the time from Michael O’Connell of Three Stripe International, the distributors of adidas who were also the marathon benefactors.

It was another adidas sponsored athlete, Billy Gallagher, who dominated the men’s race when winning for the second successive year. His time of 2:20:12 was over a minute slower than 12 months before but he never left any doubt about his intentions, running the last 16 miles into the rain on his own.

Tom Brouder, a member of a strong West Limerick team, tried to stay with the Cavan athlete in the early stages and managed to hold on take second in 2:24:29. Michael Carey of Leevale took third for the second year in a row, his time of 2:25:42 exactly a minute faster than in 1985.

Also repeating his fifth spot from the previous year, 48-year-old Derry O’Driscoll easily took the veterans prize when recording another excellent time of 2:34:27.

Just 303 finishers were officially recorded and as the last few wearily made their way to the finish line on the South Mall as 7 o’clock approached, they were unaware that 21 years would elapse before Cork city would again play host to another 26.2-mile marathon race.

Full Results 1986 Cork City Marathon


MEN: 1 Billy Gallagher 2:20:12; 2 Tom Brouder 2:24:39; 3 Michael Carey 2:25:42; 4 Gerry Mullane 2:29:35; 5 Derry O’Driscoll 2:34:27; 6 Brendan Domican 2:34:58; 7 John O’Driscoll 2:35:40; 8 Seamus Cawley 2:35:46; 9 John Walshe 2:36:31; 10 Thomas Bracken 2:37:34

WOMEN: 1 Marion Lyons 3:01:05; 2 Brigid McCabe 3:09:20; 3 Nora Joyce 3:15:01; 4 Patricia Crangle 3:23:42; 5 Marie Morley 3:29:22


Other names amongst the finishers included:

* Flor O’Leary, first M50 in a brilliant time of 2:43:22 which placed the St Finbarr’s man 11th overall

* Sean Whelan from Ennis, a regular visitor to Cork races, finished 23rd in 2:52:20.

* George Webb of Rising Sun finished in 2:52:38 with Pat Dempsey (Leevale) close behind on 2:52:46.

* The final runner under three hours was Peter Gaffney from Mallow in 2:59:55.

* The late Barthy O’Sullivan recorded a time 3:23:12 with Donal O’Mahony on 3:28:54 and Joe Hogan from Blackrock on 3:31:02.

* Tony Cooke completed his debut marathon in 3:44:36. “It was my first and I said at the time, my last,” he recalled, a sentiment familiar to all marathon debutants.

* Declan Harrison from Lisgoold had a time of 3:47:46, one place ahead of Tom Houlihan from Midleton who finished in 3:48:17.

* Just behind in 3:49:37 in her first marathon was Bernice Glavin from Wilton, still a regular at the distance throughout the country.

* Cork goalkeeper Billy Morgan recorded 3:51:34; Pat Cadogan from Bishopstown had 4:30:16 and not far behind was Willie Chambers in 4:47:45.

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