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Rules - Social Media Pages

Social Media Rules

These rules are subject to change without notice


To maintain a positive experience for our fans, we reserve the right to take down photos, comments and other material deemed “unproductive,” by the Cork Athletics team.

  • Bullying or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Degrading or demeaning comments, including things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity, will not be tolerated. Anyone who persists in offensive behavior or continually violates any of our house rules, may  be blocked/banned from further participation.  Remember to respect your fellow fans.
  • Be civil. Bullying, harassment or insulting other members or non-members will result in being banned from the page/group without prior warning.


  • Vulgar language, disturbing photos, angry or aggressive behavior toward fellow athletes or our team members will result in banning/blocking.


  • The use of fake identities is not permitted


  • No advertising. Don’t use the group to advertise your, or someone else’s, business, page, fundraiser or website. These posts will be immediately removed, and you may be banned/blocked.


  • Use the search option. To avoid cluttering the group, please search the feed before asking a question. Someone may have already asked the same question before.


  • Stick to the topic. We only allow posts and comments related to the group’s activity. Off-topic content will be removed and you will get a warning.


  • No spamming. Asking the same question or posting the same comment repeatedly after it has been removed by admins due to rule violation will result in a ban.


  • If you don't like a topic, scroll down to another topic.


  • Report rule-breaking. If you see a post/comment that violates our rules, report it to the admins — DO NOT verbally attack the author of said post/comment.


  • Think before you report. Don’t report posts or comments that aren’t breaking any rules just because you don’t like or agree with their content.


  • Talk to the admin team. If you have any questions or concerns or are experiencing issues in the group, please turn to one of the admins for help.

About Us

Cork Athletics County Board is a constituent member of Athletics Ireland. Cork Athletics is the governing body, administering athletics, track and field (T&F), cross-country (XC) and running in county Cork. The Board comprises elected representatives of constituent athletic clubs and running clubs. Cork County Board AAI organises Championship races and competition, including road, track & field (T&F) and Cross-country (XC), at junior, juvenile, senior and masters levels, and selects representation for the county. In addition, training and education is provided for coaches and officials. The Board also regulates the Athletics Ireland race/event permit (licence) process for county Cork.
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