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Cork Athletics County Juvenile T&F Championships 2018 - Order of Events

Cork Athletics County Juvenile T&F Championships 2018

Schedules of Events

Programs may be brought forward

May 6th May 2018


Download Day 1 Schedule (PDF File) Updated April 15th


Check in 10am        Start 10:30am

All Long Hurdles G&B U14 - 200h – G&B U15 & U16 - 250h, G&B U17 -  300h

G&B U18 & U19 - 400h
500m – BU10, GU10 Heats
600m GU12, BU12, G13, B13 Heats
Steeplechase Boys & Girls U17 - U 19

Check in 12:30  -  CIT side

       Heats of Boys and Girls U/9
•    Sprint Hurdles Boys and Girls U12,U13 (Heats followed by Final) Boys and Girls U14
      Check in 12.30 - Sprints - Stand side
•    Sprints Boys & Girls U11, U15, U16, U17, U18, U19 Heats
•    All  Semi Finals and Final at stand side

Check in 2:30pm

•    400m Boys and Girls U 17 - U19 Heats
•    1500m U14, U15, U16, U17, U18, U19 Boys and Girls
•    500m/600m/400m Finals

Field Events: 10:30 am                    Check in 10am

10:30 am

1.    Javelin:       BU14, BU15, B U17, BU18, BU19, BU16, BU13
2.    High Jump:  BU11, BU18, BU16, GU15, GU17, GU13, G11, BU14, BU19
3.    Shot:          GU12, GU11, GU13, GU18, GU19, GU15, GU16, GU17, GU14
4.    Discus:       GU13, GU14, GU15, GU16, GU17, GU18, GU19



5.    Long Jump      G18, G19, G12, G14, G16, B12
                            BU13, B15, B17, B10, GU10



6.    Turbo-Javelin:      G9, B9, GU11, B11 - as runways are available



7.    Pole-vault:    BU19, BU18, BU17, BU16, BU15, G15, GU16, GU17, GU18, GU19
8.    Hammer       BU13, BU14, BU15, BU16, BU17, BU18, BU19


May 13th 2018



Download Day 2 Schedule (PDF File) Updated April 15th

Program may move forward


Check in 10 am - Start  10:30am

•          All walks Boys and Girls
300m – U9 Girls and Boys Heats
600m – U11 Girls and Boys Heats
200m Heats – U14, U1 5, U16, U17, U18, U19

Check in 12:15 pm -  CIT Side

        Boys and Girls u/10 sprint heats
•    Sprint Hurdles   Girls U15, Girls U16, Boys U15 80m, Girls U17, U18, U19 100m and Boys U16, Boys U17,100m, Boys 18, 19 110mH

Check in 12.15 pm- Sprints - Stand Side

•     U12, U13,U14, Boys and Girls sprints Heats,
•    All Semi Finals and Finals at stand side

Check in 2pm

      800m – U14, U15, U16, U17, U18, U19 Girls and Boys
•    200m Finals
•    3000m G/B U16, U17, U18, U19
•    Finals 300m/ 600m

Field Events: 10:30 am                    Check in 10am

10:30 am

1.    Triple Jump    BU17, BU15, GU17, GU18, GU19, BU18, BU19, BU16 - Pit A
2.    Long Jump     B9, G9, B14, G15, G17, B18, B19
3.    Long Jump     G11, B11,  B16, G13 - Pit A
4.    Javelin:         GU14, GU15, GU17, GU16, GU18, GU19, GU13
5.    High Jump:    GU12, BU13, GU16, BU12, BU17, GU18, GU19, BU15, GU14
6.    Shot:            BU11, BU18, BU17, BU19, BU12, BU16, BU14, BU13, BU15
7.    Discus:         BU13, BU14, BU15, BU16, BU17, BU18, BU19


7. Turbo-Javelin:  B12, G12, G10, B10


8. Hammer      GU13, GU14, GU15, GU16, GU17, GU18, GU19



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