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MTU Athletics Track Night - June 8th 2021

MTU Athletics Track Night 2021 

MTU Track

18:00 - 21:00, Tuesday June 8th 2021


mtu ac track meets flyer june 2021

Meet Program

Track Field
100m   Discus
400m   Pole Vault
Mile   High Jump


NO "Magic" Shoes with a stack height greater than 25mm


Numbers On Site

Spectators are NOT permitted - Only Athletes and Event Officials may enter the facility, and total numbers on site at any one time will be limited to 100 maximum

Instructions from MTU Meet Organisters

Thank you for entering the ‘MTU Athletics Track Night’. In these unusual times we are implementing the following protocols in order to keep you and our officials as safe as possible.


Step 1: Checking in

You will be asked to fill out an online COVID questionnaire where you will self-declare your fitness to attend the track meet. This questionnaire will also act as an acknowledgement that you are checking in for your event(s). This questionnaire will be made available at 9am on Tuesday June 8th and will be available until 3pm on Tuesday June 8th.

Traditionally there is a certain amount of wiggle room on the day of an event in terms of checking in late and swapping between races etc. Unfortunately, we will not be in a position to facilitate such changes for this meet. This inflexibility is to minimise the interactions between our officials at the meet and to allow officials to print out the required documentation in their own homes prior to arriving at the meet.

So in short…….complete the check in/COVID questionnaire in good time!


Step 2: Arrival and passage through the stadium


mtu track meet zones june 8th 2021

Again, for your safety and ours, it is our intention to minimise the amount of time that you spend in the facility. To that end you will all arrive at the facility and transfer to the warm-up zone at times that are specific to your event in line with the table below:


mtu track meet schedule june 8th 2021



Your passage through the facility is detailed below

mtu track meet zones june 8th 2021


Zone 1: Entry to the stadium

While waiting to gain entry to the facility please observe social distancing.

Athletes should report here no later than 30 minutes prior to their race time. This ensures a steady flow of athletes through the facility. Upon entry to the facility, athletes should wait in the ‘top bend’ area until called to enter the pre-race warmup area via the track entry point [2]. While waiting to enter the pre-race warm up area  athletes should ensure social distancing is observed.

Race number pick up will also be in zone 1. All numbers will have pins attached.

Zone 2

Athletes will be allowed to enter the pre-race warm up area via the gate adjacent to the 100m start 30 minutes before their race time. Please be vigilant crossing the track and follow the instructions from the officials located at the crossing point. Note there is a Discus event on the night so the infield grass area is off limits for warm up purposes.

Zone 3

Athletes will remain in the pre-race warm-up area until they are called to their race start. Athletes should leave their warm-up gear in the finish line area (mile/400m) or beside the ‘track shed’ (5k) where it can be collected after your race. No ‘back tracking is allowed’. If you have forgotten something, ask an official to help you out. You will be called to your race start from the pre-race warmup area.

You may carry out strides etc on the back straight/top bend of the track but please be vigilant and don’t impeded your fellow athletes during their races.


Zone 4

Athletes should vacate the finish area as soon as they can stand up after their race. Please avoid post-race hugs and high fives etc. as you celebrate your excellent achievements!

Zone 5

Athletes in the mile and 400m events should gather their gear from the finish line area and vacate the track by the gate adjacent to the 1500m start line. Athletes in the 5000m should vacate the track by the gate adjacent to the 1500m start line and pick up their warmup gear by the ‘track shed’ building as they exit the facility.

Zone 6

Resist the urge to hang around and watch the next race. We are delighted to have you on the track but we need you to leave the facility as soon as you are able!

The timetable is designed to allow for the distance race participants to warm up (not warm down) on the infield prior to their races. Competitors in the Discus will begin warming up at 7:30pm and, from that point onwards, the infield will be off limits to all athletes.

Athletes in the 100m and 400m can warm up on the track but will need to make sure that they don’t get in the way of races!

Start Lists

startlist mtu track meet june 8 2021 01


startlist mtu track meet june 8 2021 01

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