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Monahan Roadeo

Wild Race

Monahan Road

Saturday October 10th 2020

wild west

The contents of this article/editorial do not necessarily reflect the views of Cork Athletics County Board

Last weekend, racing returned to the roads in Cork City 

Sanctioned by IIA*, and held in an exclusive zone, and only attended by people who are immune to Coronovirus, the race treated the Cork public to a sight that they probably haven't seen since March.

With, some forty or so athletes, officials, coaches and pace bikes, the public was treated to a sporting spectacle they thought had vanished. As the lead group came by the Victoria Road roundabout, a masked female bus passenger could be seen, literally 'bug eyed', watching the event as the group passed, literally inches away.

western a
There were added benefits accruing from their virus-immunity, with everyone being exempt, not just from being restricted to pods with a maximum of 15, but also intercounty travel, with some athletes coming from outside Cork.  The benefits of immunity didn't end there either, with some people, who are close contacts of front-line health workers, being able to attend.

covidiots 201010aStart of last Saturday's 10k



The foregoing report might be somewhat funny, if we weren't in such a critical situation wrt Covid-19. Right now, it is both bizarre and very sad- simply beyond comprehension, that this actually went ahead.

Corona virus levels are increasing in Cork at a worrying rate. As of this evening, the 14 day incidence rate in Cork has reached 199.1 - exceeding Dublin's 180.9 - remember the clamour in recent weeks for Dublin to go to Level 4 or even 5!   ...and now we're ahead of Dublin.

The whole country is in Level 3. NPHET recommended going to Level 5. Last Tuesday, October 6th, Athletics Ireland released updated guidance for Level 3, decreeing No Competition to take place, outdoor activities to take place in pods of 15 max, with no intercounty travel.

key level 3 restrictionsEach and every one of these three Key points was breached last weekend

Athletics Ireland Guidance on Pods

athletics ireland pod system guidance oct 6th 2020

No Competition is permitted at this time, consequently Athletic Ireland insurance for is suspended for competition. 

[Internal club Time Trials may be permitted, however, at any stage, - pre, during and post-Covid - mixed/inter-club events MUST have an Athletics Ireland Event Permit]

This pandemic won't be overcome by Government/NPHET/WHO/AAI decrees and/or guidance. In the absence of a vaccine, it will be US - each and every individual - who, by taking personal responsibility and by our own actions, help to defeat Covid-19.

Organising events like this, in contravention of ALL guidance, does little for the image of our sport - if we have an outbreak in such a setting, it will be very, very damaging. We have seen recently what has happened in other sports - and some of them have 'pulled the plug' on their activities as a result.

Last week the Irish Times reported on opposition to an upcoming, behind closed doors, event in Mondello Park. Last month, a road race in Wexford was cancelled, due to local opposition, and similar opposition was felt with an event which was due to be held in Cork. 


Padraig O'Morain, in today's Irish Times, said "The people I'm castigating here.....are not bad people; they are just people seduced by the age-old belief that "it won't happen to me".

But it could. And even if you're lucky and it feels like no more than a bad cold., the virus you passed on could take a life down the line.

Looked at that way,community responsibility isn't boring - it's exciting and necessary"

Having already lost our Track & Field season, we are battling to save our Cross-Country season ....and it's not just about keeping our sport together....we need to ensure that businesses can stay open and that customers can go to those businesses. 

Everyone needs to do their bit in quelling this virus - please make sure that YOUR bit counts!


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