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Cork City Marathon 2019 - Weather Outlook - Hydration and Eating Advice

Cork City Marathon 2019 - Weather Prospects, Hydration and Eating Advice

Sun Protection, Weather, Hydration and Eating advice from Cork City Marathon's Medical Director, Dr. Jason Van der Velde

cork city marathon medical briefing 2018

Dr. Jason Van der Velde, Cork City Marathon's Medical Director speaking to some of the Marathon Medical Volunteers before the 2018 Marathon

cork city marathon volunteer medical crew 2019a

 Some of the St. John's Ambulance, Red Cross, Order of Malta and Civil Defence Volunteers, after the 2019 Marathon Medical briefing, on Wednesday May 29th


Weather Disclaimer - DON'T Panic!

So...It's the final countdown! ...Little over 12 hours to go!!

cork marathon forecast 0600 sunday june 2nd 2019 at 1800 saturday cork marathon forecast 0900 sunday june 2nd 2019 at 1800 saturday cork marathon forecast 1200 sunday june 2nd 2019 at 1800 saturday
 Weather at 6am Sunday  Weather at 9am Sunday  Weather at 12 noon Sunday


Weather Update 7pm Saturday 1st June

Looking good now! Rain willhit Cork City shortly..probably before 8pm. It should clear by 3am, and remain fine for most people. It might be slightly damp from the early afternoon onwards. Wind is expected to be quite strong, starting around 17kph, and increasing to 23kph by mid-day, but gusting up to 40kph. Temperature is expected to be in the range of 14C to 16C, but will feel slightly cooler due to wind chill. Remember, however, that wind behind you will tend to make it appear warmer..and colder went you have the cooling effect on your face.  Humidity will also be a consideration. Starting at around 90%, it should drop to 75% by noon. UV Index is likely to be around 5 during the Marathon...Wear sunblock! 


Weather Update 8pm Friday 31st May


cork marathon forecast sunday june 2nd 2019 at 2000 friday

Weather Outlook, at 20:00 Friday May 31st


The last weather update here will be around 8pm tomorrow evening (maybe a bit earlier...There a football match on ...YNWA!!). There won't be an update on Sunday morning....LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!!!)

As of now, the Low Pressure system off the west coast is being kind to the Marathon and is heading off up towards the Faroe Islands...or somewhere other than Cork! So, for Sunday morning, the overnight rain should have cleared by 6am. Temperatures of 12 - 16C are expected, though it will remain humid, particularly after the rain. The main threat will be from the wind. The isobars are quite spaced in the Cork area, however wind speeds of 10kph are expected, possibly with gusts of 40kph! If you are faced with a headwind, get shelter behind someone...and take turns at the front.

Next & Final update: Saturday evening


Weather Update 8pm Thursday 30th May

cork marathon forecast sunday june 2nd 2019 at 2000 thursday
Weather Outlook, at 20:00 Thursday May 30th


Another 24 hours gone - only 3 more sleeps! - and the weather has changed slightly again. It looks like there will be heavy rain overnight, clearing around 6am. Temperatures of 10C to 15C look to be on the cards now....and winds are slackening, as can be seen from the spread of the pressure isobars.   Thankfully that ominous Low Pressure system seems to be heading further west and north. Tomorrow evening, some 36 hours out, things should be pretty predictable (famous last words!), so we'll see how the next update pans out.

Weather Update 8pm Wednesday 29th May

cork marathon forecast sunday june 2nd 2019 at 2000 wednesday

Weather Outlook, at 20:00 Wednesday May 29th


It's just 24 Hours since the previous outlook (below) and there has been a significant change for the better. It's still *WAY* too early to say what way things are going to turn out. Met Eireann is saying that "the weather is going to be variable, right through the Bank Holiday weekend"

The good news is that, as it stands, it looks like the threat of rain may have been reduced, however winds may still be high - it all depends on how and where that Low Pressure System, off the west coast tracks. Right now it appears to be heading northeast, off the west coast and may hit landfall in Donegal, rather than Kerry as appeared to be the case yesterday.



Weather Picture as at 8pm Tuesday - This scenario has been overtaken by the above

cork marathon forecast sunday june 2nd 2019 at 2000 tuesday
Weather Outlook, at 20:00 Tuesday May 28th


It's still too far out to firm up on the weather, but long-term forecasts suggest temperatures in the low to mid-teens by Marathon start time, 8:30am, and staying pretty much that way for the day. It may be wet to begin with, but should improve - Hopefully the wet weather, if it happens at all, will have passed by start time. One of the biggest issues could be wind, with winds of 10 to 11kph on the cards, but gusting 23kph, with max. gusts of 41kph.

If it is windy, get shelter behind others - even being in-line, but several metres behind someone can give you shelter. If you are running with the wind, you may feel warmer - the cooling effect on your face won't be happening, and you may think it a good idea to discard extra layers. HOLD OFF on that until you've turned into the wind, where you'll fee the full cooling effects - You can decide after that whether or not you want to chuck the extras.

The Marathon's Medical Director, Dr. Jason Van der Velde advises that you sip your drinks - do NOT 'Guzzle' every drop of water you can get.  Your priority is to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance. Eating or drinking something with some salt in it will help. Crisps are ideal - now there's a novel suggestion, a crisp station every few miles! 

On Sports drinks, Dr. Van der Velde said "When you're low on salt, the last thing you want is a low-salt diet"..."Stay away from them!"

After you cross the finish line, Dr. Van der Velde recommends that you continue moving. When you stop suddenly, your body has no time to react - your adreneline is still pumping...but you've stopped, so blood pressure plummets ...and many faint/collapse. This is why the food, medal an water stations always seem so far from the finish line...You're meant to have to walk to reach them!

If you do collapse, or you need to assist someone who has collapsed, raise your/their legs. A common reaction is to sit up, when you really need to get the blood to the sitting up isn't the best in that situation.


Dr. Van der Velde advises on Sun Protection and Weather Conditions ahead of 2019 Cork City Marathon




Dr. Van der Velde Advises on Hydration


Alex O'Shea

If you think you're too experienced to succumb to the heat, read Alex O'Shea's report from his experience, in temperatures of 30C, at last weekend's European 24 Hour Championship. Alex has massive experience, and has the admiration and respect of everyone in the running community, but still suffered.

Dr. Van der Velde was speaking on Wednesday 30th May 2018, at a briefing, in Cork's City Hall, for some of the 100+ medical volunteers who were on duty around the course, and at the finish, on last year.


tim noakes waterlogged

Listening to Dr. Van der Velde and his colleagues presentations, and the interaction with the medical volunteers, I was struck by their focus on the task in hand. Whether we realise it or not, we rely heavily on these men and women. Most of the time that we notice them, there's little going on, but these guys are on the ball and know their stuff. Their plans are to have an ambulance at any point on the course within 6 minutes. 


how sodium works in the human body


Help them to help you - take care on Sunday. If you see someone in trouble, flag it up to a steward, or first-aid on the course - they'll be alerted to that person coming along. do listen to the advice, please.

Weather Update

The weather forecast will be updated on this page every day, until Saturday evening



Course Measurer's Course Information

Marathon & Relay Route Info

NB: There is a change to the first Relay Changeover this year. Due to road layout changes at the Tivoli Flyover, the First-Second Leg Changeover wilkl take place at the start of the Tivoli Dual-Carriageway.

In other words, the First Relay Leg is approx. 500m Longer, and the Second Relay Leg is (obviously) 500m shorter. (....Sadly I've got the First Leg!)


Half-Marathon Route Info

John Cashman (103FM) interviews Course Measurer John Quigley



Cork Athletics Webmaster's Marathon Advice:

Marathon Advice - The last Two Weeks

Marathon Advice - On The Day

Marathon Advice - Afterwards - The Recovery Phase


The Last Two Weeks Before The Marathon:


Cut down on intensity and/or volume.


Long Run & Speedwork

Long run two weeks before event: 15 max - EASY!!! pace.

DON'T be tempted to do any last minute long runs or strenuous speedwork in the last two weeks, but particularly in the final week. You CAN'T do too little....but you CAN do too much. The last two weeks are for tapering and building up glycogen stores in the body.

Do too much now and you'll blow your full potential!

Mon/Tues of last week before event: last speed work - light speed session, holding back or 2 miles med/hard but not all out.

Any heavy work in the last 10 days will do vou damage. Its hard to do too little but you can very easily do too much!!



For the last 10 days(before the event) or so, get plenty of fluids on board. Drink WATER often, several times a day - more than normal. By Fri/Sat week, you need literally to have to get up during the night to get rid of excess.

Excuse the detail: your aim (no pun intended) is light-straw coloured urine at all times (this is the acid test) [not uric acid <grin>]. If you drink a lot in one go, it will become clear but will return to "normal" after some time (12-24 hours) Proper hydration will keep it clear all the time.  Binge drinking water/fluids may flush out the electrolytes from your system, making fatigue and cramp more likely.  Drink little and often - allow your system to find its natural equilibrium.



Alcohol - will dehydrate you - go easy for the last 4 or 5 days, particularly last 2 days (too little
time to flush system & rehydrate fully).

Soft drinks - too much will deplete your potassium levels.

Apparently even a 2% deficit in hydration levels will have a HUGE detrimental effect on performance. Carbo Depletion/loading;

Depletion - cutting out/down on carbohydrate for 3-4 days - Probably not a good idea - tried it once. Current wisdom is against it.


Carbo Loading

Definitely a good idea. Will be less effective if you don't hydrate AND get plenty of vitamin C on board. For the last 4 days or so get PLENTY of carbohydrates in - substitute carbos for protein.



Burns dirty. Eat very little protein in last 24 to 36 hours, same goes for high fibre foods, otherwise you will probably need to stop for a (p)it stop in the first 10 miles or so.



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