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CIT Hammer Cage Suffers Wind Damage - Again September 2018

Hammer Cage at CIT Athletics Stadium Damaged for Second Time in Five Months

hammer cage wind damage april 2018

Damaged Hammer Cage - April 2018


Yesterday's high winds, associated with storm Ali, have led to the hammer cage at CIT Athletics Stadium being damaged for the second time in just five months.  As with the April situation, during Hurricane Ophelia, the cage netting had been left up after previous use, resulting in a higher wind profile.

It is disappointing to find that this has happend twice in five short months. Cage damage has also happened  in previous years, but less frequently.  Given the increasing severe weather episodes associated with Global Warming, the likelihood of future damage will increase.

A common feature of each damage episode to date has been that the netting was left up following use. Raised netting significantly increases the profile offered to the wind.  Sure, it is obvious that the netting is full of holes, but it still acts like a sail to the wind.  

It is incumbent on all hammer cage users, and their coaches and clubs, to ensure that the netting is lowered again each and every time, following use. Perhaps the only time that might be waived would be, by agreement, when one club is handing over directly and immediately to another club.

The people primarily affected by 'downtime' when cage damage occurs are cage users. So, please, please, when the cage is reinstated, respect CIT property and other users, and lower the netting when your session finishes.

Nobody gains when damage occurs.

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