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Report on Day 1 of Cork Athletics Cross-Country Leagues 2018

Fabulous Day at Cork Athletics Cross-Country Leagues Day 1 2018

Cork Athletics Grounds, Slieveroe, Riverstick

Saturday September 1st 2018



cork athletics cross country leagues day1 2018a

Some of the crowds queuing to enter yesterday


riverstick grounds overview

Aerial View of Cork Athletics Riverstick Grounds


Report on Day 1
cork athletics cross country leagues day1 2018cView of the top-end of the course, approaching the finish line

We had a fabulous day yesterday, at the first day (of three) of the Innovative Cork Athletics Cross-Country Leagues, held at the Cork Athletics grounds, in Slieveroe, Riverstick. The weather was unheard of for Cross-Country in Ireland - warm sunshine, 22 degrees C...and no mud. A far cry from what some of us have experienced over the year...driving rain, sleet, snow, deep mud..everything that nature can throw at us. But yesterday was a day for Sun-Block and sun-glasses!

While results were taken yesterday, there will be no published results. The intention, from the outset, was to provide an environment where athletes, young and old, could try-out, train or hone their Cross-Country skills ahead of the upcoming Championship season, without the pressures imposed by Championship racing. Some athletes simply ran around the course, enjoying the day, more used it as a training run, while others again took the opportunity to take a few 'scalps'. All in all it was a very enjoyable day for all.


There was a great and very relaxed atmosphere among the kids yesterday, with lots of chatting with other clubs before the races, which was one of the key elements behind the idea of the Leagues, and was wonderful to see.  Some athletes missed their starts yesterday, but, as this was not a championship day, all of these were allowed move up an age, or sun with boy/girls. This would not have been permitted in championships, but, in keeping with the spirit of the meet, everyone was allowed a run-out.

We can have the numbers ready for collection for the athletes that paid for the 3 races to be collected by one club member , and let the new entrants check in the same as yesterday , most people paid for the three races yesterday so the check in for second and third races won’t be as big.

On the organisational side the day went very smoothly, with lots of positive feedback, along with some suggestions for improvement.  Most athletes paid for all three day yesterday, so their numbers will be available for collection next day, avoiding the necessity of giving their details again, so that queue should move pretty quick.

There was a wide cross-section of clubs involved yesterday, however many clubs, for whatever reasons, were not represented. It really was their loss, to miss out on such a fine day, and a great opportunity to train/race on grass, in a relaxed, semi-competitive, environment. 


If you missed out yesterday, you can still take part in either, or both, of teh remaining fixtures, on Saturday week, September 15th and/or Saturday September 29th.  Cost of entry each day is just €2 per athlete.



Girls Under-9 7
Girls Under-10 21
Girls Under-11 9
Girls Under-12 12
Girls Under-13 13
Girls Under-14 14
Girls Under-15 6
Girls Under-16, Under-17, Under-18 and Junior 5
Women Senior 13
Boys Under-9 12
Boys Under-10 20
Boys Under-11 13
Boys Under-12 12
Boys Under-13 11
Boys Under-14 6
Boys Under-15 3
Boys Under-16, Under-17, Under-18, Under-19 and Junior 4
Men Senior 22
Total 203


Unfortunately due to managing to short-circuit, not just one, but two batteries yesterday, no video footage is available.  The silver lining though was that is enabled the Webmaster to do a decent warm-up for a change and be happy with his run!


If you'd like to comment or give feedback on yesterday's event, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your comments. Please say if you are happy for your name/club to be shown, or if you'd rather not have your name/club published


The Organisers on behalf of Cork Athletics County Board, Frank Hayes, Collette O'Riordan & Jerry Cronin, wish to thank everyone who helped, yesterday, contributing to making it such a success.

Remaining Dates: Saturday 15th September - 1pm & Saturday 29th September - 1pm

 Venue : - Cork Athletics County Board Grounds, Slieveroe, Riverstick


These Leagues are intended to enable athletes, young and old, to both train and become familiar with Cross-Country running, before the start of the Cross-Country season.  If you've never tried Cross-Country, the leagues also provide an ideal platform to try out Cross-Country running. There are many clubs who don't have much, or even any, presence at Cross-Country Championships - it would be great to see these clubs represented in the leagues.  Do Try it - Guaranteed you'll come away looking for more!


EventDistances 1/9/2018Distances 15/9/2018Distances 29/9/2018
Under-9 Girls 500m 600m 750m
Under-9 Boys 500m 600m 750m
Under-10 Girls 700m 800m 1000m
Under-10 Boys 700m 800m 1000m
Under-11 Girls 900m 1200m 1500m
Under-11 Boys 900m 1200m 1500m
Under-12 Girls 1200m 1500m 2000m
Under-12 Boys 1200m 1500m 2000m
Under-13 Girls 1500m 2000m 2500m
Under-13 Boys 1500m 2000m 2500m
Under-14 Girls 2000m 2400m 3000m
Under-14 Boys 2000m 2500m 3000m
Under-15 Boys 2500m 3000m 3500m
Under-15 Girls 2500m 3000m 3500m
Under-16/under-17/Under-18 & Junior Women 3000m 3500m 4000m
Under-16/Under-17/Under-18 & Junior Men 3000m 3500m 4000m
Adult Women 3000m 3000m 4000m
Adult Men 5000m 5000m 6000m


Intentions of Leagues

  •     To help athletes get into a routine for cross country training
  •     To allow athletes measure their progression over the three League events
  •     To give athletes an opportunity to train as a group, instead of on their own, as often happens, particularly in smaller clubs
  •     To allow Cork athletes to prepare better for the Cross-Country season, and be ready to compete with the best in Ireland
  •     To make new friends during the Leagues, so that, on competition day, they will have familiar athletes beside them, helping promote team spirit and sportsmanship
  •     To remove the championship element

Points to Note:

Due to the Huge interest in these Leagues, it has become necessary to limit the Juvenile events to Registered Cork athletes ONLY.  The Adult events are open to all Registered Athletics Ireland Members

  •     There is No charge at the gate
  •     All Athletes must be registered Athletics Ireland members - this is a MANDATORY requirement, for Insurance Purposes
  •    Entry fees are payable on the day: €2 euro per race, or €5 euro for the 3 races, payable on Day 1
  •     Athletes who run in ALL THREE races will receive a long sleeve T-Shirt
  •    Start Time each Day: 1pm Sharp, starting with Under-9
  •    Closing time for  Under-9 to Under-13 entries: 12:30pm
  •    Closing time for Under-14 to Junior entries : 1pm
  •    Closing time for entries for Adult entries - 1:30pm
  •    Boys and girls of same age group may run together, if numbers permit
  •    Assistance: Help is required to ensure smooth running of the events. Those interested in coming on board, to help in any way, should contract:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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