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East Cork Division Road Championship Results August 2020

Results of East Cork Divisional Road Championships 2020


  Thursday, August 20th 2020



Organised and hosted by East Cork Division of Cork Athletics

These courses were measured by John Walshe, Athletics Ireland National Grade Measurer


These championships went ahead following consultation, in light of new Government guidelines earlier this week, with Athletics Ireland.  Athletics Ireland advised that they were seeking clarification from Sport Ireland on the new guidlines, particularly with regard to the interpretation of Sport Irelands "Sporting events and matches can continue to take place behind closed doors". These guidelines were posted on the Athletics Ireland website yesterday, Wednesday August 19th.

Bizarrely, Athletics Ireland advised that, pending clarification, Road Races may continue "where there are no spectators". This defies logic.....but, the trouble with common sense is.....its very rare!


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Results of East Cork Road Championships 2020


Mens 5 Miles

1 Kevin O'Leary M East Cork AC 00:26:11
2 Paul Hartnett MJ Midleton AC 00:26:39
3 Frank O'Brien MJ Midleton AC 00:27:13
4 Kevin O'Brien M East Cork AC 00:27:37
5 Kieran McKeown M Watergrasshill AC 00:27:56
6 James McCarthy M East Cork AC 00:28:05
7 Sean McGrath M35 East Cork AC 00:28:10
8 Daire O'Sullivan MJ Carraig na bhFear AC 00:28:14
9 Tony Forristal M Midleton AC 00:28:16
10 John Hennessy M50 Midleton AC 00:28:37
11 Stephen Crowley M Watergrasshill AC 00:28:44
12 Kristaps Liepins M Watergrasshill AC 00:28:45
13 Graham Swords M35 East Cork AC 00:28:46
14 Trevor Cummins M Ballymore/Cobh AC 00:28:59
15 Paul Kearney M Aghada RC 00:29:14
17 Aidan Noone M Watergrasshill AC 00:29:19
18 Dave McCarthy M St Nicholas AC 00:29:23
19 Sean Ahern M Youghal AC 00:29:27
20 Chris Kelly M East Cork AC 00:29:41
21 Willie Walsh M45 Carraig na bhFear AC 00:30:04
22 Keith Kelly M Youghal AC 00:30:37
23 Shane Meyler M45 Ballymore Cobh AC 00:30:44
24 David Maher MJ Carraig na bhFear AC 00:31:08
25 Joseph Daly MJ Carraig na bhFear AC 00:31:15
26 Ger O'Regan M50 Midleton AC 00:31:23
27 Mick Mulcahy M40 Carraig na bhFear AC 00:32:27
28 Jonathon Kenneally M St Catherines AC 00:32:37
29 Daniel Bloom M Midleton AC 00:32:46
30 Séamus McSweeny M45 St Nicholas AC 00:32:46
31 Chris O M St Catherines AC 00:33:13
32 Declan Dorgan M40 Midleton AC 00:33:53
33 Don Sheehan M45 Carraig na bhFear AC 00:34:02
34 John Mulcahy M St Catherines AC 00:34:03
35 Matthew Browne M Watergrasshill AC 00:34:17
36 Andre Brodkorb M50 Midleton AC 00:34:27
37 Stephen Collins M St Catherines AC 00:34:49
38 St John M45 St Nicholas AC 00:35:02
39 Brendan Hickey M St Catherines AC 00:35:14
40 Tom O M Watergrasshill AC 00:35:27
41 Denis O'Leary M Aghada RC 00:35:31
42 Richard Hawkins M50 Carraig na bhFear AC 00:35:41
43 DonMurray   M Aghada RC 00:36:32
44 Ed Kinane M50 St Nicholas AC 00:36:45
45 Kieran Harte M St Catherines AC 00:37:36
46 Sean Norris M Aghada RC 00:38:04
47 Denis McCarthy M55 East Cork AC 00:38:28
48 Paul O M St Catherines AC 00:38:38
49 Richard Morrison M45 St Nicholas AC 00:39:28
50 Donal O'Donoghue M50 Watergrasshill AC 00:40:16


Men's Teams
(First 3 excluded)

1 East Cork AC 30 pts
2 Watergrasshill AC 45 pts
3 Midleton AC 74 pts
4 Carraig na bhFear AC 78 pts
5 St Catherines AC 130 pts
6 St Nicholas AC 130 pts
7 Aghada RC 145 pts


Womens 3k

1 Fiona Santry F East Cork AC 00:11:22
2 Jennifer Goggin Walsh F35 Carraig na bhFear AC 00:11:56
3 Linda O'Sullivan F Watergrasshill AC 00:12:04
4 Laura Rooney F Watergrasshill AC 00:12:22
5 Natalie Nicholson F St Catherines AC 00:12:30
6 Sarah Morrisson FJ St Nicholas AC 00:12:05
7 Eileen Leahy F Midleton AC 00:13:01
8 Sonia O'Sullivan F Ballymore/Cobh AC 00:13:05
9 Rhona Lynch F45 Carraig na bhFear AC 00:13:16
10 Gwen Conroy F Watergrasshill AC 00:13:24
11 Niamh O'Connor F East Cork AC 00:13:33
12 Caroline Geary F40 Midleton AC 00:13:35
13 Norah O'Brien F East Cork AC 00:13:45
14 Sarah Mulcahy F St Catherines AC 00:13:47
15 Sally Drennan F55 Midleton AC 00:13:51
16 Jennifer Andersson F Ballymore/Cobh AC 00:14:06
17 Sinead Kearney FJ Carraig na bhFear AC 00:14:07
18 Margaret O'Regan F Ballymore/Cobh AC 00:14:08
19 Alanna Drennan FJ Midleton AC 00:14:10
20 Jennifer Kearney FJ Carraig na bhFear AC 00:14:25
21 Louise Barry F40 Midleton AC 00:14:40
22 Breeda Sheedy F50 Midleton AC 00:14:49
23 Mary De Barra F Ballymore/Cobh AC 00:14:57
24 Claire Fitzgerald F45 Midleton AC 00:14:59
25 Joan Hough F60 Midleton AC 00:15:00
26 Laura O'Flynn F St Catherines AC 00:15:05
27 Gillian Bransfield F40 Midleton AC 00:15:22
28 Christine Murphy F50 Midleton AC 00:15:33
29 Siobhan Murphy F45 Midleton AC 00:15:39
30 Linda Curtin F45 Midleton AC 00:16:05
31 Mags Twohig F50 Midleton AC 00:16:39
32 Astrid Micheel F50 Midleton AC 00:16:53
33 Joan McCarthy F60 Midleton AC 00:20:42

Womens Teams

(First 3 excluded)

1 Midleton AC 34 pts
2 Ballymore/Cobh AC 42 pts
3 St Catherines AC 45 pts
4 Carraig na bhFear AC 46 pts

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