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Results of Fanahan McSweeney Open Sports 2016


Friday July 15th 2016

Fanahan McSweenet Sports Officials
Fanahan McSweeney Athletic Club crew of officials after it's successful carnival sports in Araglen Friday last

The CLUB SPORTS held at scenic Araglen carnival on Friday last was heralded a success once again.  Athletes donned their club colours from Cork, Waterford, Tipperary, Limerick, France and USA.

Fanahan McSweeney Open Sports Results 2016

U6 50m 1. Kate Nugent Finn Valley 2. Lilly McNamara  Fanahan McSweeney 3 Sara O'Keeffe Blackwatervalley
Ciaran English Fanahan McSweeney  2. Shane Drislane Ballyduff 3.Cathal Meade Mitchelstown

U7   80m 1. Clara Whelan Liscarroll 2. Sarah Creedon St. Mary's 3. Martina Dorgan Fanahan McSweeney
1. Ramon Adekunle Leevale AC 2. Adam Coughlan Fanahan McSweeney  3. Declan Moloney North Cork AC 

U8 80m 1. Saoirle Mernan Finn Valley 2. Niamh McGrath KCK 3. Kaitlin O'Donovan Finn Valley
1. Ryan Whelan St. Catherines 2. Cayden Scanlon Finn Valley 3. Sean O'Sullivan Fanahan McSweeney

U9 80m 1. Lucy Nugent Finn Valley 2. Eva Flavin Finn Valley 3.  Suin Mernan Finn Valley
 Darragh O'Sullivan Fanahan McSweeney, 2. Dan Doody Fanahan McSweeney  3 Calum McCormack Fermoy
 DARAGH O SULLIVAN Dan Doody Calum McCormack
1,2,3  DARAGH O'SULLIVAN  Dan Doody and Calum McCormack U 9 80 METRES WITH THE AID OF HAWK EYE

300m 1.  Suin Mernan 2. Lucy Nugent,  3.Niamh McGrath KCK.
1. Fionn Shurmann Blackwater Valley 2. Lachlan Heafey Fanahan McSweeney  3. Adam Massey Blackwater Valley

U10  80m  1. Rosemary Alamu  Midleton AC 2. Ally Mulkerrins St. Catherines 3. Kate Doody Fanahan McSweeney
1 Killian Whelan Clonmel AC, 2. Diarmuid Bannon Douglas 3. Cian Moore  Finn Valley

Ball Throw 1. Rosemary Aluma Leevale   2. Emer Meaney  3. Rosa Burne
1. Cian Moore Finn Valley 2. Conor o'Keeffe 3. John Doyle Fanahan McSweeney 3. Diarmuid Towey Fanahan McSweeney

U11 80m: 1.Corry Scanlon Finn Valley, 2. Sean Kenneally Araglin  3. James Lenihan KCK

300m  1. Elisa Fitzgerald Blackwater Valley 2. Rosemarie Aluma Midleton 3. Molly Creedon St. Marys
 1. David Noonan Fanahan McSweeney  2. Sean Kenneally  3. Ned Devine USA

High Jump: 1. Maeve Kelly Blackwater AC 2. Elissa Fitzgerald 3. Naoise Whelan St. Catherines 3. Clodagh Shanahan Araglin. 1. Johnny Murphy 2. David Noonan  / Corey Scanlon 3. Dara English  Fanahan McSweeney / Danny Murphy Fanahan McSweeney

U12 100m: 1. Emma Lehane Liscarroll 2. Ciara Morrison St. Nicholas  3. Maria Cagney West Limerick>
1. George Aluma Midleton 2. Bobby Cook North Cork 3. Joe Cotter Finn Valley

Shot Putt: 1. Fatima Amusa Leevale 2. Eadaoin Towey Fanahan McSweeney 3. Farah Hogan Fanahan McSweeney
1. George Aluma 2. Kielan Hannigan Ballyduff 3. Corey Scanlon Finisk Valley

U13 100m 1.  Annabelle Buckley Finn Valley 2 Molly Devine USA  3. Lucy Ann Byrne Finn Valley
1. Donnacha Dunphy KCK 2. Jack O'Driscoll An Gaeltacht 3. Johnny Murphy Liscarroll

600m : 1 Maria Cagney 2. Ciara Morroson 3. Fatima Amusa
1. Johnny Murphy 2. Donnacha Dunphy 3. George Aluma

Long Puck:1 Tara Carey Araglin 2. Niamh Ryan Ballyduff 3. Ally Mulgerinsui
1. David Noonan 2. Andrew Sisk Fanahan McSweeney 3. Eoin Hynes Kilworth
 James Kiely Joanne Heafey
James Kiely, Joanne Heafey long puck gurus at Araglen Sports

U14 High Jump: 1. Sara Morrison 2. Blessing Aluma Midleton 3. Molly Kenny Ballyduff
1.George Aluma 2. Sean Hickey Ballyduff   3 Pat Daly Carrignafhear

U16 100:  1.Roisin Dunphy KCK, 2. Sara Morrison St. Nicholas  3. Sheena Dunphy KCK
1.Morgan Buckley Finn Valley 2. Joseph Daly Carrignavar, 3. Emmanuel Alamu Midleton

600m; 1 Sara Morrison 2. Roisin Dunphy 3. Sheena Dunphy
1. Joseph Daly 2. Richard Morrison St. NIcholas 3. Emmanuel Alumu

Long Puck 1. Clodagh Bolger Ballyduff 2. Roisin Dunphy 3. Eve Buckley Araglin
1 . Morgan Buckley Finn Valley 2. Sean Hickey Ballyduff 3. Paul Hynes Araglin  

U 19 Shot Putt:1. Blessing Aluma Midleton 2. Roisin Dunphy, 3 Michelle Kearney Carrignafhear
1. Emanuel Alumu Midleton 2. Pat Daly 3. Joseph Daly Carrignafhear  

Senior 1500m 1. Michelle Kearney  2. Anne  O'Driscoll Youghal AC
1. Barthoi Eglise France.

Poc Fada 1.Shane Russell Araglin

Mums 100m : 1. Niamh Reilly Araglen  2. Grainne O'Sullivan Mitchelstown 3. Anne Hickey Ballyduff
Dads: 100m  Alan McCormack  Fermoy 2. Shane Thornton Fanahan McSweeney 3. Micheal O’Rourke Fanahan McSweeney

 Alan McCormack
ALAN McCormack  SHANE Thonrton and MICHEAL O’Rourke battling IN THE DADS 100 METRES

Sara Morrison, St. Nicholas AC, and George Aluma, Midleton AC, won the perpetual Edward Hanley and Jean McSweeney trophies as judged the best girl and boy juvenile athletes of the meet.

Sara Morrisson

 Sara Morrisson St. Nicholas Ac receives the Fanahan McSweeney Cup for the best female athlete of the club sports in Araglen

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