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Cork Athletics County Senior Cross-Country Championship Results November 1988

Results of Cork Athletics County Senior Cross-Country Championships 1988

Carraig na bhFear, Co. Cork

Sunday November 27th 1988

Organised and hosted by Carraig na bhFear AC


These events were organised and hosted by Carraig na bhFear AC. Cork Athletics, along with Carraig na bhFear AC, acknowledges, with gratitude, the many other landowners, and their families, for permitting the use of their lands for cross-country events every year. 

Without the kind permission of all these landowners who provide their lands and premises for cross-country events, it would not be possible to hold cross-country events.



 Tony O'Leary, Leevale AC  valerie o mahony collins togher ac
Tony O'Leary, Leevale AC, County Senior Cross-Country Champion 1988

Valerie O'Mahony, Togher AC, County Senior Cross-Country Champion 1988


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Results of Cork Athletics County Senior and Junior Cross-Country Championships 1988

Sunday November 27th 1988, Carraig na bhFear, Co Cork

Organised and hosted by Carraig na bhFear AC, on behalf of Cork Athletics County Board

Senior Men

Note: These results were transcribed from the official results of the day, however John Walshe recorded that he finished 32nd, in 36:17, and that there were 50 finishers. John is recorded as finishing in 31st place and that there were 48 finishers, so, on balance, it appears that there were 2 additional finishers not included in the 'on the day' official results

1 Tony O'Leary M Leevale 00:32:33
2 Liam O'Brien M East Cork 00:32:48
3 Jerry Wallace M East Cork 00:32:51
4 Ricky Burke M St Finbarrs 00:33:05
5 Billy O'Rourke M Leevale 00:33:24
6 Tom Owens M East Cork 00:33:36
7 Donnacha O'Mahony M East Cork 00:33:46
8 Eddie O'Carroll M Leevale 00:33:50
9 Cormac O'Connor M Bandon 00:33:53
10 Tony Archer M St Finbarrs 00:33:55
11 Der O'Riordan M Leevale 00:34:12
12 Ian Harpur M Bandon 00:34:14
13 Ray Shanahan M Leevale 00:34:17
14 Eamonn McEvoy M St Finbarrs 00:34:18
15 Billy Horgan M St Finbarrs 00:34:22
16 Brian Meade M East Cork 00:34:26
17 Sean Harte M St Finbarrs 00:34:27
18 John Kearney M East Cork 00:34:28
19 Martin Drake M East Cork 00:34:29
20 B McCarthy M East Cork 00:34:42
21 Paul Murray M Leevale 00:34:58
22 Tim Goulding M Leevale 00:35:10
23 John Collins M Leevale 00:35:14
24 Pat Kerrigan M Mallow 00:35:16
25 Paul Mulholland M East Cork 00:35:23
26 Willie Hayes M St Finbarrs 00:35:33
27 Denis McCarthy M East Cork 00:35:54
28 Con O'Flynn M Grange 00:36:01
29 Tom Hartnett M East Cork 00:36:10
30 Jim Moran M Mallow 00:36:11
31 John Walshe M East Cork B 00:36:14
32 Donie Shine M FDH 00:36:17
33 Frank Cashman M East Cork B 00:36:28
34 Liam Cotter M West Cork 00:36:33
35 Brian O'Flynn M Leevale 00:36:40
36 Derry O'Driscoll M St Finbarrs 00:36:43
37 Seamus Casey M East Cork 00:36:52
38 Billy O'Flaherty M West Cork 00:37:06
39 Tony Daly M West Cork 00:37:20
40 Roy Fahy M East Cork B 00:37:25
41 Eric Meade M East Cork 00:38:10
42 Stephen Murphy M West Cork 00:38:46
43 Joe Copithorne M West Cork 00:39:04
44 Jim Curtin M East Cork 00:39:19
45 John Quigley M Leevale 00:39:28
46 John Daly M St Finbarrs 00:40:13
47 Tom Walsh M East Cork 00:40:17
48 Sean Cooney M Midleton 00:41:33


Senior Mens Teams

1 East Cork

L O'Brien, J Wallace, T Owens,

D O'Mahony, B Meade, J Kearney

2 Leevale  
3 St Finbarrs  

Senior Women

Full womens' results not available. If/when available, they will be added to this page

1 Valerie O'Mahony-Collins F Togher
2 Carmel Parnell F Leevale
3 Joan Hough F St Finbarrs


Senior Womens Teams

1 Leevale C Parnell, S Jenkins,
N O'Sullivan, B Murphy
2 St Finbarrs  
3 East Cork  


Historical County Senior Cross-Country Championship Results

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