Cork City Marathon AIMS /IAAF Measurement Certificate Renewed 2016

Cork City Marathon AIMS / IAAF Measurement Cert 2016
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Cork City Marathon Certificate Renewed

The Cork City Marathon Course Measurement Certificate has been renewed by AIMS, who administer the certification, on behalf of AIMS and the IAAF. The certificate is valid until the end of 2020, or until the course route changes. 

The course was measured on the morning of Sunday March 20th, by John Quigley, AIMS/IAAF Grade B  Measurer, assisted by a Garda escort.  The Garda escort was particularly welcome on the South Link road, and on the Lower Glanmire Road /Tivoli Dual-Carriageway, however Garda assistance was absolutely essential going through the Jack Lynch Tunnel, where motorists, held up behind the squad and Garda motorbike, were jockeying for position, like something straight out of a Grand Prix start.

Cork City Marathon Measurement 2016 - Stopped at the 19 Mile Mark
Garda escort during the course measurement

In all, the measurement took approx. 9 hours.  The bike needs to be calibrated both before and after measurement, to ensure that the event is within tolerance. There is an allowable tolerance of 1 metre per km of distance, so, in a Marathon, a total allowable variation of 42.2m