Belgooly 4 - CANCELLED

The flooding has abated somewhat but water and, in particular debris along the course, has led to the organisers, Belgooly AC, cancelling the event.

It's a pity, as this is an extremely popular race and raises a lot of money for the Bowel Cancer Unit at CUH, but participant and race official safety is the number one consideration, as always.

Belgooly Bridge  - Photo: JJ Hurley
Photo: JJ Hurley

          Belgooly, 12:00 noon, Saturday December 26th 2015

                             Organised and hosted by Belgooly AC

             This event is run under an Athletics Ireland permit/licence

                    Sponsored by THE FARM CAFE, BELGOOLY

                                        This course was measured by John Quigley, AIMS/IAAF Measurer

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Belgooly 4 - Event Details

Event Flyers

Belgooly 4 - Race Flyer 2015

Belgooly 4 Race Flyer - Entry Form 2015
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Registration is on the day, in Belgooly GAA club. 


Route on MapMyRun
Belgooly 4 - Course Map

Route Elevation Profile

Belgooly 4 - Course Elevation
Note: The sharp rise abefore the 2 Mile mark - this is Google being fooled by trees. That "hump" is a gradual rise, until shortly after the grotto, when a series of short sharp climbs start.

Start Line

View Facing the Start Line - approx. 700m on Kinsale side of the village
Belgooly 4 - Start

Passing thro' Belgooly Village
Belgooly 4 - Belgooly Village

1 Mile Mark

The 1 Mile mark is on the bend at the end of the long straight, on the Cork side of the village, approx. 1km out.
Belgooly 4 - 1 Mile Mark

2 Mile Mark

The two mile mark is on a straight section, before the Grotto. 
Belgooly 4 - 2 Mile Mark
After the 2 Mile mark, pass around the S bends and take a left off the main road, followed by another immediate left.
Belgooly 4 - Turning off main road

Left and left again
Belgooly 4 - Turn
Left onto back road, running, more or less, parallel to the main road
Belgooly 4 - Turn 2

Passing the entrance to Robert Splaine's Equestrian Centre
Belgooly 4 - Robert Splaine's Equestrian Centre

300m or so of a stiff drag/climb

Belgooly 4 - Hill at 2.25 Miles

After the climb, there is a nice long drop, followed by a level section, of nearly half a mile - plenty of scope for a long run for home!
Belgooly 4 - Hill

3 Mile Mark

The 3 mile mark comes on a nice downhill section, followed by a short flat, then the start of a half mile of undulations
Belgooly 4 - 3 Miles

800m to Go

Belgooly 4 - 800m to go

400M to Go

The 400m mark is just after the school (on left)
Belgooly 4 - 400m to go
After the final junction, there is another gradual downslope - beware of the road camber on the left as you drop down - it slopes sharply to the left, so you may be better off staying towards the centre of the road
Belgooly 4 - Last downhill

The Finish Line

Belgooly 4 - Finish
The finish line is at the end of the hill, before the humpback bridge