The Stones in Riverstick - The Second GIG

Call for Volunteers - Cork Athletics Riverstick Grounds

No - the Rolling Stones aren't playing in Riverstick

Cork Athletics is looking for volunteers to spend a few hours collecting stones, at it's Riverstick Grounds in Monday next, May 2nd, starting at 11am. Refreshments will be provided at 1pm.

Development of the facility has been ongoing, and drainage has been significantly improved, at the lower ends of the grounds.  Last
Autumn, the grounds were reploughed and reset with grass, and much of the stones were collected, and used for hard stand areas, and the ground was rolled.

Critical Stagw
It is now critical that the remaining stones be handpicked to allow the field to be cut  - that's where the volunteers are needed.  It is planned to have a tractor, with a bucket for every four volunteers, so there will be no heavy lifting involved for the volunteers - only  the tractors!

Anyone available should contact Cork Athletics Chairman, Bill Allen, on 0872594017, so that tractors ...and food, can be arranged.

If you haven't contacted Bill, but find, on Saturday, that you are free, just come along - probably something can be done with five loaves, two fish and a few stones! <grin>

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