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Weather Update for Ballycotton 10 Mile Road Race 2017

Weather Forecast for Ballycotton 10 2017

40th Ballycotton 10

13:30pm, Sunday March 12th 2017


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Essential Event Information


Course Map, Route Details etc, on Cork Athletics Event page

Final instructions from Ballycotton Running Promotions


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Weather Update

It's just over forty-eight hours to race start, so, while the weather forecast is firming up, weather being weather, it can be pretty unpredictable, hence this info carries a 'health warning'.  Things may change!!.......but, for now, it's looking good for the event itself, however rain overnight both on Friday and Saturday, may adversely affect parking.


Ballycotton Cloud Cover Forecast 2017a Ballycotton Wind Forecast 2017a Ballycotton Temperature Forecast 2017a Ballycotton Rain Forecast 2017a
    Ballycotton Temperature Bar  
Forecast cloud cover @ 12 Noon Sun March 12th Wind forecast @ 12 Noon Sun March 12th Forecast temperature @ 12 Noon Sun March 12th Rain forecast @ 12 Noon Sun March 12th


As can be seen from the graphics, race conditions are looking pretty benign; No rain, (maybe) a little cloud cover, a little windy and temperatures in the low to mid teens.


Strangely, temperature conditions may be the biggest issue facing runners on Sunday, given the relatively cold weather we've been experiencing up to very recently - it may be hard to acclimatise to these 'balmy conditions' <grin>. 

Wind looks to be a little on the 'strong breeze'side, and coming from the North westerly direction.  Itf this is the case, it will tend to be in your face for a fair bit on the way out, and a tail-wind on the way back.   Due to runners being in close quarters on the way out (speaking for the vast majority) there will be protection from any wind due to those around you, along with some protection from hedgerows.  

Much of the return section is pretty open, however the wind should be from behind. There is a catch in this, particularly given the temperatures, as it may appear hotter without the cooling effects of a breeze in your face - you win some/you lose some!



Parking instructions were issued yesterday, by Ballycotton Running Promotions.  If you are lucky enough to get parking on hard standing, you'll be fine.

There is light rain forecast overnight tonight (Friday) and a narrow band of heavier rain overnight again tomorrow, Saturday.  The Saturday night/Sunday morning rain is more worrying, as there won't be time for the fields, already quite wet due to the rains in recent weeks, to dry out enough.

If you are parking in the fields, please obey the instructions of the stewards and do NOT drive erratically or with excessive speed.  If you have bald-ish tyres, apart from possibly breaking the law, you will have no traction on wet grass/mud. You will get stuck and churn up the ground, making conditions difficult for everyone else.

Driving in Muddy Conditions

In first gear your wheels will tend to pull hard (imaging you go into a wet field and try to move a water tank - If you try to pull fast your feet will slip out from under you, and you'll 'face plant'). It is the same with wheel spinning.

In second gear, your wheels try to pull steadily, as they don't have as much 'power' (imagine trying to move the same tank of water by taking up the slack on a rope, and pulling steadily)

Try to get up some decent speed in 2nd gear, then you'll be 'on a roll', and won't need your wheels only to pull you up the hill, as there should be some 'push' from the momentum.

If you try and go up a hill really slowly, in first gear, you'll only use engine power, and it will try to turn your wheels more powerfully, churning up the ground.



The fields are kindly donated by the respective landowners - please respect their generosity - do not litter or use them as 'al fresco toilets'


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