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Cork Teams for Munster Championships 2016

Munster Athletics Team Nomination Procedure Changes 2016


Cork Womens Cross Country Team Beaufort 2013 Midleton AC min

Photo: (Courtesy Midleton AC) Cork Womens Team, Beaufort, Kerry, November 2013

Team Nominations

Following changes to Munster Competition Regulations, it is no longer a requirement to nominate County Teams. Team positions are now calculated based on 'First Past The Post', i.e. In the Novice Mens event, the first six Cork men will be deemed to comprise the Cork team, and in the Womens event, the first four Cork women will form the team. 

Start Lists

Start Lists for Munster Novice, Under 23 and Juvenile Even-Age Cross-Country, Sunday October 23rd 2016

While entries have closed, it remains to be seen if the published list is the final one. 

There are 105 entries in the Novice & Under-23 Womens Championship, with all six Munster counties represented. Hosts Cork, with 56, have the most entries, followed by Tipperary (17), with Kerry close behind, on 16. Clare have nine entries, Waterford five and Limerick have two.

There are 134 entries in the Mens Championships, however only four counties are represented; Cork, Kerry, Tipperary and Waterford.  Cork, again, with 85, have the highest entry, followed by Tipperary with 21, Waterford 16 and Kerry with 12.


Womens Start List


1312 Catherine O'Sullivan An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1311 Fiona Kavanagh An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1314 Helena Shanahan An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1313 Liz Heaslip An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1316 Mary O'Connor An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1315 Sharon Cahill An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1534 Shona Heaslip An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1310 Suzanne Neilan An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1317 Suzanne O'Sullivan An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1339 Alma Worrall Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1343 Anne McKeown Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1394 Carol Leahy Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1341 Fiona Downey Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1342 Jennifer Montague Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1340 Ruth Phelan Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1323 Aine Roche Clonmel A.C. Tipperary
1321 Claire Annan Clonmel A.C. Tipperary
1375 Kealey Tideswell Clonmel A.C. Tipperary
1325 Marian Flaherty Clonmel A.C. Tipperary
1326 Michelle Doherty Clonmel A.C. Tipperary
1324 Suzanne Shine Clonmel A.C. Tipperary
1322 Yvonne O'Connor Clonmel A.C. Tipperary
1372 Susan Finn Cork Varsity A.C. Cork
1327 Maebh Fenton Dooneen A.C. Limerick
1402 Susan Looney Duhallow A.C. Cork
1399 Claire Devitt Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1371 Laura Armstrong Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1370 Linda Grogan Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1369 Mairead Julian Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1385 Martha Quirke Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1318 Eadaoin O'Neill East Cork A.C. Cork
1319 Eibhlin Cleary East Cork A.C. Cork
1320 Michelle Ahern East Cork A.C. Cork
1305 Ann Marie Connellan Ennis Track A.C. Clare
1303 Becky Coughlan Ennis Track A.C. Clare
1302 Dee Grady Ennis Track A.C. Clare
1308 Ita Hanrahan Ennis Track A.C. Clare
1307 Jane O'Leary Ennis Track A.C. Clare
1309 Lorraine Hayes Ennis Track A.C. Clare
1304 Siobhan Lennon Ennis Track A.C. Clare
1306 Zelina Power Ennis Track A.C. Clare
1334 Bernie O'Mahony Farranfore Maine Valley A.C. Kerry
1330 Caitriona Barry Farranfore Maine Valley A.C. Kerry
1335 Ciara Tierney Farranfore Maine Valley A.C. Kerry
1333 Marie McKenna Farranfore Maine Valley A.C. Kerry
1336 Mary O'Shea Farranfore Maine Valley A.C. Kerry
1331 Niamh De Hora Farranfore Maine Valley A.C. Kerry
1332 Pauline Joseph Farranfore Maine Valley A.C. Kerry
1337 Noreen MacKey Kilmurray/Ibrick/N.Clare A.C. Clare
1373 Jessica Bruton Leevale A.C. Cork
1374 Orla Hayes Leevale A.C. Cork
1398 Sandra Ryan Limerick A.C. Limerick
1365 Aisling O'Neill Mallow A.C. Cork
1360 Anna Borkowska Mallow A.C. Cork
1363 Catherine O'Connor Mallow A.C. Cork
1367 Cliona Woulfe Mallow A.C. Cork
1366 Ida Kelleher Mallow A.C. Cork
1364 Mary Carey Mallow A.C. Cork
1361 Una Downes Mallow A.C. Cork
1362 Valerie Garvey Mallow A.C. Cork
1368 Vera Nagle Mallow A.C. Cork
1381 Ann Geary Midleton A.C. Cork
1376 Anna Doris Midleton A.C. Cork
1379 Claire Parker Midleton A.C. Cork
1378 Eileen Leahy Midleton A.C. Cork
1380 Louise Barry Midleton A.C. Cork
1377 Sinead Kevany Midleton A.C. Cork
1397 Marie O'Shea Mooreabbey Milers A.C Tipperary
1396 Mary Louise Ryan Mooreabbey Milers A.C Tipperary
1403 Ciara Cummins Nenagh Olympic A.C. Tipperary
1338 Debbie McCarthy Riverstick/Kinsale A.C. Cork
1358 Elaine O'Donoghue Riverstick/Kinsale A.C. Cork
1357 Geraldine Walsh Riverstick/Kinsale A.C. Cork
1359 Helen O'Callaghan Riverstick/Kinsale A.C. Cork
1545 Sinead O'Regan Riverstick/Kinsale A.C. Cork
1382 Catherine Clancy St. Catherine's A.C. Cork
1383 Patricia Barry St. Catherine's A.C. Cork
1356 Ali O'Connor St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1350 Anita Murphy St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1354 Brigid Houlihan St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1352 Catherine Garde St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1355 Clodagh McMorrow St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1351 Fiona Keohane St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1349 Irene Eighan St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1549 Orla Crosbie St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1353 Rebecca McEvoy St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1348 Sorcha Kearney St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1329 Jacorlin Hughes Thurles Crokes A.C. Tipperary
1328 Louisa Condon Thurles Crokes A.C. Tipperary
1389 Eimear O'Brien Togher A.C. Cork
1390 Liz Doyle Togher A.C. Cork
1386 Louise Murphy Togher A.C. Cork
1387 Marianne O'Connell Togher A.C. Cork
1393 Marjorie Lynch Togher A.C. Cork
1391 Mary Clancy Togher A.C. Cork
1392 Rachael O'Callaghan Togher A.C. Cork
1388 Yvonne Walsh Togher A.C. Cork
1347 Claudia Lane Mary Waterford A.C. Waterford
1344 Emma Brent Waterford A.C. Waterford
1346 Hilary O'Connell Waterford A.C. Waterford
1345 Niamh Tebay Waterford A.C. Waterford
1395 Colette O'Donoghue Watergrasshill A.C. Cork
1400 Rachael O'Shea West Muskerry A.C. Cork
1401 Stephanie O'Sullivan West Muskerry A.C. Cork
1384 Kate Veale West Waterford A.C. Waterford


Mens Start List

1422 Conor O'Mahony An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1426 Daniel Murphy An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1424 Danny Murphy An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1421 Kevin McCarthy An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1419 Martin Dineen An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1427 Patrick O'Connor An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1425 Sean O'Sullivan An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1423 Tommy O'Brien An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1420 Trevor Dunne An Riocht A.C. Kerry
1514 Donal Downey Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1449 Liam Hurley Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1448 Peter Howie Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1447 Tobias Lehnhoff Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1446 Trevor Cummins Ballymore Cobh A.C. Cork
1450 Michael Harrington Bantry A.C. Cork
1520 Dean Cronin Blarney/Inniscara A.C. Cork
1463 Don Sheehan Carraig-Na-Bhfear A.C. Cork
1459 Jamie Buckley Carraig-Na-Bhfear A.C. Cork
1461 Jim O'Mahony Carraig-Na-Bhfear A.C. Cork
1458 Robert Boyle Carraig-Na-Bhfear A.C. Cork
1460 Ruairi Myers Carraig-Na-Bhfear A.C. Cork
1462 Sean O'Sullivan Carraig-Na-Bhfear A.C. Cork
1513 Andrew Downey Carrick-on-Suir A.C. Tipperary
1500 Michael Carey Clonmel A.C. Tipperary
1478 Dermot Hayes Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1480 Donal Keane Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1484 Gareth McGlinchy Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1479 Jim Halley Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1481 Martin Keane Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1482 Michael Ryan Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1483 Paudraig Coen Dundrum A.C. Tipperary
1529 Colin Foley Eagle A.C. Cork
1531 Damian Kenneally Eagle A.C. Cork
1532 John O'Callaghan Eagle A.C. Cork
1530 Raymond Harrington Eagle A.C. Cork
1533 Vincent O'Sullivan Eagle A.C. Cork
1410 Brian Harty East Cork A.C. Cork
1412 Conor Tierney East Cork A.C. Cork
1408 Darragh Canavan East Cork A.C. Cork
1435 Donogh Wall East Cork A.C. Cork
1411 Kevin O'Leary East Cork A.C. Cork
1407 Nicky O'Donoghue East Cork A.C. Cork
1409 Shane Harrington East Cork A.C. Cork
1416 Brian Gallagher Ferrybank A.C. Waterford
1414 Denis Culloty Ferrybank A.C. Waterford
1417 Eoin Lyons Ferrybank A.C. Waterford
1415 Louis O'Carroll Ferrybank A.C. Waterford
1413 Shane O'Rahilly Ferrybank A.C. Waterford
1418 Warran Roche Ferrybank A.C. Waterford
1440 Brian O'Connor Grange/Fermoy A.C. Cork
1439 Darren Flynn Grange/Fermoy A.C. Cork
1441 Kealan O'Connor Grange/Fermoy A.C. Cork
1443 Morris Tobin Grange/Fermoy A.C. Cork
1442 Tom Owens Grange/Fermoy A.C. Cork
1489 Alfie Davis Leevale A.C. Cork
1486 Andrew Hobbs Leevale A.C. Cork
1497 Brian Shiels Leevale A.C. Cork
1494 Christopher Murphy Leevale A.C. Cork
1495 Dave Condon Leevale A.C. Cork
1428 David Fox Leevale A.C. Cork
1499 David McEvoy Leevale A.C. Cork
1496 Dennis O'Regan Leevale A.C. Cork
1487 Francisco Jaen Leevale A.C. Cork
1493 Heywood Richardson Leevale A.C. Cork
1429 Luke Horgan Leevale A.C. Cork
1488 Mark Walsh Leevale A.C. Cork
1498 Philip Crowley Leevale A.C. Cork
1490 Stephen Young Leevale A.C. Cork
1492 Sylvain Andrieu Leevale A.C. Cork
1491 Tim Crowley Leevale A.C. Cork
1511 Darragh Browne Lios Tuathail A.C. Kerry
1512 Eamon Lacy Lios Tuathail A.C. Kerry
1521 Martin O'Sullivan Liscarroll A.C. Kerry
1471 David Lyons Mallow A.C. Cork
1472 John Hogan Mallow A.C. Cork
1473 Michael Kilmartin Mallow A.C. Cork
1474 Nick Darmody Mallow A.C. Cork
1475 Noel Daly Mallow A.C. Cork
1477 Padraic Birmingham Mallow A.C. Cork
1476 Patric Zajac Mallow A.C. Cork
1470 Paul Moloney Mallow A.C. Cork
1503 Barry Williams Midleton A.C. Cork
1504 Edwin Cashman Midleton A.C. Cork
1501 Mark O'Reilly Midleton A.C. Cork
1502 Mike Hallahan Midleton A.C. Cork
1436 Kieran Lees Mooreabbey Milers A.C Tipperary
1437 Stuart Moloney Mooreabbey Milers A.C Tipperary
1519 Tom Blackburn Mooreabbey Milers A.C Tipperary
1445 Paddy Cummins Moycarkey Coolcroo A.C. Tipperary
1444 Paul Bowe Moycarkey Coolcroo A.C. Tipperary
1485 Stephen Flanagan Moyne A.C. Tipperary
1508 Chris O'Connell St. Catherine's A.C. Cork
1505 John Beecher St. Catherine's A.C. Cork
1507 Kevin Hayes St. Catherine's A.C. Cork
1509 Kieran Harte St. Catherine's A.C. Cork
1527 Michael Byrne St. Catherine's A.C. Cork
1528 Paul Mulcahy St. Catherine's A.C. Cork
1506 Shane Fitzgerald St. Catherine's A.C. Cork
1466 Alan Lehane St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1464 Eoin O'Keeffe St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1467 Joe Cunningham St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1465 Michael Houlihan St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1548 Paddy Barry St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1468 Padraig Sheehan St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1547 Rory O'Sullivan St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1469 Stephen Geoghegan St. Finbarrs A.C. Cork
1431 Denis Shanahan Thurles Crokes A.C. Tipperary
1515 John Dooley Thurles Crokes A.C. Tipperary
1432 John Fitzgibbon Thurles Crokes A.C. Tipperary
1433 John Fogarty Thurles Crokes A.C. Tipperary
1434 John O'Shaughnessy Thurles Crokes A.C. Tipperary
1430 John Treacy Thurles Crokes A.C. Tipperary
1405 Cullen Lynch Togher A.C. Cork
1404 Evan Byrne Togher A.C. Cork
1406 Liam Hennessy Togher A.C. Cork
1535 Liam Hennessy Togher A.C. Cork
1451 Barry Keane Waterford A.C. Waterford
1455 Brian Cuddihy Waterford A.C. Waterford
1453 Noel Murphy Waterford A.C. Waterford
1452 Pj Scollard Waterford A.C. Waterford
1457 Ronan Clinton Waterford A.C. Waterford
1456 Tony Quinlan Waterford A.C. Waterford
1454 Vinnie Codd Waterford A.C. Waterford
1516 Bryan Crowley Watergrasshill A.C. Cork
1517 David Yelverton Watergrasshill A.C. Cork
1518 Ger Hayes Watergrasshill A.C. Cork
1522 Henry Browne West Muskerry A.C. Cork
1524 Jeremy Kelleher West Muskerry A.C. Cork
1526 Jerry O'Mahony West Muskerry A.C. Cork
1525 Paul Leahy West Muskerry A.C. Cork
1523 Seamus Gallagher West Muskerry A.C. Cork
1510 Damien Murphy West Waterford A.C. Waterford
1536 Damien Murphy West Waterford A.C. Waterford
1438 Mossie Keogh West Waterford A.C. Waterford

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