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Covid-19 - Ireland Tops World Table - Gold Medal or Wooden Spoon

Ireland's Covid-19 Growth Rate Now World's Worst

Covid-19 Level 5 Update

January 11th 2021


echo covid jan 11 2021
Along with the 695 new cases in Cork, the number of people in CUH with Covid-19 stood at 134 this morning - the highest number in any hospital in the country. Coupled with this, the incidence of the more virulent UK variant now stands at approx. 45%.

The virus is also currently among 'mainstream athletes' in Cork....You have been warned


ireland daily new covid cases jan 11 2021 

 Covid-19 Incidence - What can you say about this?  The graph speaks for itself. As Prof. Luke O'Neill said "We have flattened the curve - It's going straight up!"


daily tests vs daily new cases jan 11 2021


Bottom Left is where we want to be - Top Right is Very, Very Bad ....Right where we do NOT want to be

rte garda ramp up covid travel enforcement jan 11th 2021

Gardai are to ramp up Covid-19 enforcement measures, with with fines of €100 to be issued immediately to people who travel beyond five kilometres from their home for exercise and refuse to comply with a direction to turn back.

People found in breach of this aspect of the Level 5 Covid-19 regulations will be informed of the penalty, by the Garda who stops them, and will receive a fixed charge penalty notice in the post which must be paid within 28 days,

Gardaí will no longer need to consult the DPP before issuing the fine, and remind people that, under legislation, the restriction on people leaving their home without a reasonable excuse is a penal regulation and enforceable.

UCC Farm is OUT of Bounds

ucc sports covid notice jan 1st 2021


UCC Farm - Update on Return to Play 01/01/21

In line with the Government announcement last week regarding the Level 5 restrictions, UCC Sports Facilities at the Farm, Curraheen Sports Grounds and the Mardyke Sports Grounds will remain closed until 31st January.

Any elite athletes (under Level 5 exemptions) looking to train, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The vast majority of athletes, and people in general, are doing what they are being asked to do. However it is evident that a minority continue to think that they are exempt, immune, or simply "will not be told what to do".  It doesn't matter - Covid doesn't care or understand what they think. If it did, it would probably be delighted with them.  As it is, they are a welcome transmitter for the virus.   

Cork Athletics is not going to publicise who or where groups are meeting/training. Throughout the pandemic, the Board, both itself and its collective officers have received a considerable number of complaints, from members of the public, about groups of athletes, and this has increased in recent weeks, in spite of the fact that more athletes/groups are now compliant. [In a private discussion with Hamish Adams, AAI CEO, before Christmas, we agreed that athletics, like other sports, are damned if we publicise breaches, but we are also damned if we don't] If breaches are highlighted either by AAI or the Media, we are essentially damaging the reputation of the sport.

Athletics, like all activities, is not immune to adverse publicity. Highlighted on the front page of the Irish Times Sports Supplement today was the case of the Cork GAA Squad training on Youghal beach: Tipping Point: Cork play soldiers in the sand as the Covid war rages on

"Ronan McCarthy’s side looked removed from reality as they trained on the beach in Youghal"

"Ronan McCarthy’s defence has been to say that no Covid regulations were broken and that all activities took place under strict supervision of the medical team but nobody is really buying it. The GAA has warned counties not to train collectively. Cork trained collectively."

 Why is it that those who want to behave in this manner can't find a secluded location, away from others?  Whether it's Youghal Beach, or the Marina, they may as well do it on Patrick Street... There's probably less people there these days. 

Earlier, I was in an online discussion with a group who planned to head out this evening - meet up as a group - and then head off in pairs. I made my views clear ....Hopefully some listened.

Athletics still has groups training together, and like the Cork team, perhaps believing that they are compliant ...thinking that they have found a loophole in the guidelines. ....It's not loopholes in the guidelines they should be looking for ....It's loopholes in their Covid-19 defences.


No athletics will happen in Ireland (except, perhaps, VERY limited elite events) until we get back to Level 2, at worst. Some people may insist on stretching/bending/flouting things. but at best that will delay opening up sport in the short term ... or it may actually contribute to significantly delaying it.

Please do YOUR Very Best to ensure that YOU or any of YOUR contacts does not get this virus!


Athletics Ireland Covid-19 Update 4th January


Athletics Ireland FAQs - July 8th 2020


Return to Activity Guidelines (Previously Issued):


Road Race Event Organiser Guidelines


Road Race Volunteer, Staff and Marshalls Guidelines


Road Race Participant Guidelines



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