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Update on Cork County Cross-Country Championships 2020

Statement on Cork County Cross-Country Championships 2020

November 9th 2020

cork athletics cross country update november 9th 2020


A virtual meeting of the Officers of Cork Athletics County Board, was held last Wednesday evening, November 4th. It was decided, in as far as circumstances allow, that the remaining County Cross-Country Championships should go ahead whenever possible, with all Championships taking place, as previously planned, at the Board's grounds at Slieveroe, Riverstick.

With the entire country remaining at Level 5 until at least December 1st, we will be fortunate to have any of these events this side of New Year, particularly as no events will go ahead until Cork is back to Level 2, at highest, AND a total on-site headcount of at least 200 is permitted.

Nevertheless it was agreed that the County Senior and Junior Championships, and, possibly, one set of Juvenile Championsips, should be held before year-end, if at all possible.  It's a big ask that circumstances might allow this....But fingers crossed!

It was also decided that the outstanding events will be held over four days, rather than, as originally scheduled, 3.  As we will be extremely lucky to hold any events during 2020, the Board also resolved to extend the Cross-Country season up to February 2021.

The format of the remaining Days will be similar to those of Day 1 (Sunday October 4th), when the County Novice, Under 23 and Under-14 & Under-16 Championships were held.

There will be no gate charge, to minimise contact, and maximise social distance, and it is planned to have chip recording of positions ... this will elimate the regulary queues that form at the end of Juvenile XC races, in particular.  Chip timing is likely to be used for adult races (only) - Juvenile races will be by position only - no Juvenile times will be published. If they are run on their own, i.e. without Juvenile races, the County Senior and Junior Championships are likely to be hand timed.



The site will be cleared of all Athletes and Parents/Guardians after each and every race - this is to ensure that the 200 person limit is not breached

As was the case for Day 1, nobody will be admitted to ANY of the Championships unless that are:

  • A competing athlete
  • A Parent/Guardian of a competing Juvenile athlete [Only one per athlete will be admitted]
  • A County Board Official
  • Official Meet Support Personnel, i.e. First Aid/Ambulance/Timing Company/Stewards/P.A. etc

There will be NO Admission for Spectators, Coaches, Tallymen/women.  On Day 1, several people who did not meet the criteria for admission arrived at the gate and were refused, with, sadly, a minority verbally abusing the Gate Personnel. 

For each individual race, each competing club will be expected to nominate a single person, from its competing athletes, to collect and distribute that club's numbers. Only this person should approach the Competition Secretary in the Race Office.

Similarly for Juvenile races, where one of the Parents/Guardians of competing Juvenile athletes should be the designated person, i.e. a separate person shall fill this function for each and every race.

Editorial Comment

This editorial is the Webmaster's personal perspective, and does not necessarily reflect that of the Board

Day 1 was run under HSE, Sport Ireland and Athletics Ireland Covid-19 Protocols - In effect it was Covid-19, with a Cross-Country meet run under those conditions. Cork Athletics received very many commendations and praise, both on the day and subsequently, for the manner in which the meet was held, and wishes to thank and acknowledge these sentiments.

A small minority seemingly had expectations that Day 1 would be Cross-Country as it always was, and would be run in a similar fashion to some other events that have been run in the Covid era - with the emphasis on Cross-Country, with adjustments for Covid-19.

Cork Athletics relies on volunteers to organise it's events. For Day 1, some volunteers were on site at 7am and didn't leave until after 4pm. It is sad that a small minority felt it appropriate to criticise these volunteers.  There is a phrase "'Twenty 'Attaboys' are wiped out by One 'Aw Sh1t'..."

As long as we remain under the Covid cloud, Cross-Country Day 2, and subsequent days, will be organised pretty much in a similar fashion to Day 1.


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