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Covid 19 and Long Runs or Long Periods in Public

Long Distance Running / Long Periods

Cease and Desist!

riverstick grounds covid 19

Page Updated 9pm Thursday April 9th - UCC Statement regarding Trespassers at UCC Farm and Mardyke Track

Gardai have been notified that UCC Farm and Mardyke Track are CLOSED and anyone on these facilities is TRESPASSING

Cork Athletics County Board, along with Athletics Ireland, is aware that a very small minority of members are continuing to exercise for long periods and/or long distances, with some travelling relatively long distances to their exercise locations, in contravention of HSE guidelines


The overwhelming majority of Athletics Ireland members have been conforming to HSE guidelines to exercise within 2km of their homes, for BRIEF periods

"exercise briefly by yourself, or with children from your family, and only within 2 kilometers of your home, keeping 2 metres distance from other people"


However a minority have been either flouting, or 'bending' them. "...exercise briefly by yourself, or with children from your family, and only within 2 kilometres of your home, keeping 2 metres distance from other people" does NOT mean that you may run around the circumference, or run many multiples.

Yesterday, in a phone conversation, Hamish Adams, CEO, Athletics Ireland, and Cork Athletics agreed that both "take a dim view" of those who continue to breach the HSE guidelines, and a "zero tolerance" approach is warranted. Furthermore it was agreed that those who breach the HSE guidelines may be open to a charge of "bringing the sport into disrepute"


Mr. Adams said that Athletics Ireland had already told a number of high profile athletes, who had continued to train in groups, or breach HSE guidelines, to stop.

Cork Athletics Grounds

Cork Athletics is aware that the Riverstick grounds have been used by a minority of persons. These grounds have been closed to all persons. Following a virtual County Board Officers meeting last night, it was decided to remove the club locks on the gate to the Riverstick grounds. The grounds are now locked and out of bounds to all persons. In addition, the Gardai have been informed.  

In addition Cork Athletics is aware of members entering closed tracks, grounds and premises, without permission or authority. This MUST NOT happen!


The Farm – UCC Sports Ground, Curraheen

ucc farm closed april 2020


"It has been brought to our attention that there are still people using the Farm, UCC Sports Grounds in Curraheen for training. Many of whom are travelling from well beyond the 2km restrictions currently in place.

As per the Governments directive the University and all its sites were closed on March 12th until further notice. Therefore the grounds in both the Mardyke and Curraheen are CLOSED until the University re-opens. Please DO NOT use the facility while it remains closed, if you do you are trespassing.

The Gardaí have been notified of the continuous breach in government and HSE guidelines and will be forced to act on anyone found to be trespassing on the grounds.  Our frontline workers have enough to be doing in these difficult times, so we would appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

We all need to play our part in this matter in order to help safeguard others. The rising figures are a constant reminder that this is a very serious matter.


Kind regards,

UCC Department of Sport & Physical Activity"


ALL Atheltics Activity Suspended

Athletics Ireland issued the following decree, on March 24th: "... from midnight tonight All organised indoor and outdoor events of any size are not to take place".

This Government decision means that no Athletics Ireland  activity, whether Provinces, County Boards, Clubs or affiliates may operate in ANY capacity. Therefore Athletics Ireland insurance cover for Provinces, County Boards, Clubs and individuals is NOT operational during this period.

Cork Athletics County Board has been notified, by Athletics Ireland, that insurance cover has been suspended for the duration of this closed period, therefore NO training activity, or meeting, held has insurance cover.


1 Million Diagnosed with Covid-19 - 1,000,000

We are all in this together, with the overwhelming majority 'battening down' and helping safeguard everyone.  Thousands of front-line personnel, along with many, many more in various other positions, are putting their health, and lives, on the line for the good of us all. They deserve all our help and respect. So please, please, help them!


Sometime this evening, Thursday April 2nd, the number of people, worldwide, who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 will exceed 1 million, with 50,000 dead. In Ireland, almost 3,850 have been diagnosed, with 98 deaths to date. Those figures are a stark reminder that this is an extremely serious matter!  Please, please abide by the spirit of the HSE guidelines.

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