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Update - Athletics Ireland Events and Covid 19 Coronavirus - March 24th

Updated Information on Coronavirus Covid 19 & Athletics Ireland Events

Tuesday March 24th 2020
 coronavirus covid 19 information sheet


Athletics Ireland: The ONLY advice to be followed will come from HSE


Summary of New Measures Applying up to April 19th

  •      All theatres, clubs, gyms/leisure centres, hairdressers, betting shops, marts, markets, casinos, bingo halls, libraries and other similar outlets are to shut. All non-essential retail outlets are to close.
  •     Cafes and restaurants are to limit supply to take away food or delivery.
  •     Sporting events are cancelled, including those behind closed doors.
  •     All places of worship are to restrict numbers entering at any one time to ensure adequate physical distancing.
  •     Physical distancing restrictions remain in place and people are urged to stay home as much as possible and work from home if possible. Non-essential indoor visits to other people’s homes should be avoided.
  •     People should only go to the shops for essential supplies, medical or dental appointments, to care for others or to take physical exercise.
  •     Social events or gatherings involving more than four people that have not already been cancelled should now be cancelled.
  •     No unnecessary travel should take place within the country or overseas.

    Note with regard to "gatherings involving more than four people" - Reports circulating on social media suggest that group of runners have been continuing to train together. 

If any Athletics Ireland members have been continuing to meet up, they should cease IMMEDIATELY, in compliance with Athletics Ireland instructions

All Events up and Including April 19th Have Been Cancelled


cancelled image

With a very small number of exceptions, all events up to April 19th had already been either cancelled or deferred. Cork Athletics County Board has now listed ALL events in the period as CANCELLED (or deferred, if the Board has been notified). Many events, up to mid-May, and beyond, have also been Cancelled or Postponed.

Athletics Ireland Congress, scheduled for Saturday April 29th has been Postponed, and all Monthly County Board meetings have been cancelled until further notice


Cork Athletics Calendar



Athletics Ireland Statement & Instruction

Athletics Ireland is guided by this expert HSE advice and will physically close our office from tomorrow morning but all staff will be operating our business from their homes. We have all prepared to operate telephones and emails remotely to minimise disruption to our business.

Athletics Ireland is therefore instructing all affiliates to suspend all athletic competitions and events with immediate effect. We understand that this decision will result in inconvenience and disappointment to many athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and supporters. However, we are sure that all will understand that the decision is taken in the best interests, not just of the athletics community, but of the Country.

a) Check the HSE site, at least daily, for updates or changes in the advice

b) Follow HSE & WHO advice on Hygiene and Social Distance

c) There are no specific adverse conditions relating to your event, or people associated with your event

d) Common sense prevails - The trouble with Common Sense is that it is very rare!

HSE Coronavirus Information


HSE Guidelines on Mass Gatherings


HSE Guidance and Advice Resources


Guidelines on Mass Events

The Government has issued separate guidelines for those organising mass events involving groups of more than 5,000 people and those with groups of less than that amount.

The Taoiseach said this afternoon that the Government will not be ordering the cancellation of any events at this stage, including St Patrick's Day events.



coronavirus covid 19 symptoms

Coronavirus Symptoms

Cancelling Events

Yesterday, a government statement said "people should not act unilaterally, including crèche owners, school principals, business owners or event organisers as that causes problems."

So....The current position is that Athletics Ireland events may proceed, but that, due to the coronavirus crisis, event organisers do have additional responsibilities if they go ahead with their events.


While no information on these additional responsibilities have been published, it is likely that will include considerable emphasis on the area of maintaining personal hygiene, maintaining 'social distance', and the provision of additional toilet and handwashing facilities, and ensuring that the highest standards are maintained.

Indoor / Outdoor Events

Indoor events present a greater risk of virus transmission, due to the closer proximity of people at the event, while, outdoors, the risk would appear to be less. However at race starts, in particular, athletes are likely to be tightly packed.

Suggestions for Race Participants

Practice good Hygiene ...ALWAYS!

coronavirus covid 19 risk reduction

If you are ill, or feel ill, please don't come to the event!

If you have been to a Covid-19 hot-spot please do NOT attend

Do NOT share cups or water bottles

If you are a spitter, please swallow instead

Blow your nose using 'Runner's Snort'? Please don't do it!

Avoid close contact with others. Start and finish lines, and queues for refreshments are areas where this is particularly likely.


who protect others who protect others a

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