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CIT Hammer Cage Back in Service - July 2019

CIT Throwing Cage Has been Repaired...BUT With a Caveat


Message from Liam O'Brien (July 9th 2019)


 hammer cage wind damage april 2018

The hammer/discus cage at CIT Track has is now been repaired.

Going forward, the onus is on us, the athletic fraternity, to ensure that the facility is looked after properly - not the CIT groundsman.

With that in mind, there will be a brief in-service on the raising and lowering of the netting, at 7pm, on Monday evening next, July 15th, prior to the Graded League event.

Only coaches/officials/throwers who have attended this or a future in-service will be entitled to use the cage.


Most of the past damage to the cage has been caused by the net being left in the raised position for extended periods of time.

To avoid future damage to the cage, the net must be lowered after each usage.  That means that ALL USERS OF THE CAGE WILL HAVE TO FULLY RAISE AND LOWER THE NET BEFORE AND AFTER EACH SESSION. This might be an inefficient way of conducting our business here, but as the primary users of the track we have to take ownership of the upkeep of the facilities.

It is hoped that this process will be self policing by the relatively small but dedicated number of individuals who regularly the cage.


Webmasters Note:
As Liam said, the past damage has been caused due to the netting being left up during stormy conditions. People may feel that netting, with all the holes will allow wind to easily pass thro'. Unfortunately not so - In high winds, the wind behaves almost like a solid, so, on hitting the cage, complete with netting, something must give. 


cit track cage netting

The Cage has been damaged at least twice in the past 12 months, and, as a consequence, has been out of action for extended periods. The last period has lasted several months.  However it appears that people have NOT learnt. Last Thursday, when I arrived at the track the netting was up, but nobody was using the cage. This evening, the cage was up again, but, again, nobody was using it.  The netting is being left up again!

We ARE going to have more storms...and if the netting is left up, the cage will be damaged again. This CANNOT continue. There are no malicious vandals going into the Track arena when everyone has gone home. The Netting is being left up by people in the Throwing Community.  As Liam says, it is incumbent on you to ensure that the Netting is raised and lowered each time. If the cage is damaged again, it is the Throwing Community that will suffer - as in the past few months, the other events continue as usual.



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