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Sport Ireland Announces National Governing Body and Athlete International Carding Funding - February 2019

 Five Cork Athletes to Receive Sport Ireland Funding 2019-2020

sport ireland ngb funding highlights 2019


Funding under the International Carding Scheme has increased from €1.9M in 2018, to €1.934M in 2019


Awards for 2019 under the International Carding Scheme will be awarded as a two year
Scheme, therefore will continue through 2020. This means that athletes who are awarded Carding in 2019 will be funded until
December 2020, subject to terms and conditions.


The Scheme will remain open to new entrants in 2020 who will be eligible to receive a one year award. The most important benefit from this change is to allow athletes to fully focus on Olympic & Paralympic qualification and performance, and reduce the negative pressures
associated with chasing funding criteria.


  • Funding represents significant increase on 2018
  • €12.84 million for core activity of 58 National Governing Bodies
  • €7.29 million to support work of 29 Local Sports Partnerships
  • €8.46 million to support High Performance programmes
  • €1.93 million in direct athlete investment


A total of five Cork Athletes; Phil Healy (Bandon AC), Noelle Lenihan (North Cork AC), Niamh McCarthy (formerly of Eagle AC), Orla Barry (formerly of Leevale AC) and Alex Wright (Leevale AC), are to receive allocations under Sport Irelands funding, announced today, Wednesday February 6th 2019


Athletics Ireland International Carding Allocations

Thomas Barr Podium €40,000
Ciara Mageean World Class €20,000
Fionnula McCormack World Class €20,000
Leon Reid World Class €20,000
Brian Gregan World Class €16,000
Mark English World Class €16,000
Alex Wright (Leevale AC)  International €12,000
Brendan Boyce International €12,000
Phil Healy (Bandon AC)  International €12,000
Marcus Lawler International €12,000
Women's 4 x 100m Relay International €12,000
Athletcs Ireland Total   €192,000

Two Cork athletes, Phil Healy, Bandon AC, and Alex Wright, Leevale AC are among ten Irish athletes, along with the Irish Women's 4x100m Relay Squad, to receive financial backing, under Sport ireland's International Carding scheme. The Cork duo are to receive €12,000 each, under the International bracket. Five athletes, Ciara Mageean, Fionnuala McCormack, Leon Reid, Brian Gregan and Mark English, are classed as World Class, and will receive either €20,000 or €16,000 each, while Thomas Barr, the sole Athletics Ireland athlete classed as Podium standard, is set to receive the maximum allocation of €40,000.

Paralympics Ireland

Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Jason Smyth Podium €40,000
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Michael McKillop Podium €40,000
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Niamh McCarthy Podium €40,000
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Noelle Lenihan (North Cork AC) 
Podium €40,000
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Orla Barry Podium €40,000
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Greta Streimikyte World Class €20,000
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Patrick Monahan International €12,000
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Orla Comerford International €12,000
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Jordan Lee International €12,000
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) David Leavy International €12,000
Paralympics Ireland (Swimming) Ellen Keane Podium €40,000
Paralympics Ireland (Swimming) Nicole Turner World Class €20,000
Paralympics Ireland (Swimming) Barry McClements International €12,000
Paralympics Ireland (Swimming) Patrick Flanagan International €12,000
Paralympics Ireland (Swimming) Jonathan McGrath International €12,000
Paralympics Ireland*     €364,000

Three Cork Athletes feature on the Paralympics Ireland allocations, all of whom receive the maximum €40,000, as Podium standard athletes. The three are North Cork AC's Noelle Linehan, Niamh McCarthy, formerly of Eagle AC, but now based in Dublin, and East Cork resident, Orla Barry, formerly of Leevale AC completes the trio.

Sport Ireland Sport Investment 2019 (PDF File)


International Carding Allocations 2019-2020 (PDF File)



"Sport Ireland EvaluationThe recently launched Irish National Sports Policy 2018-2027 has set out a target of having 50% of the adult population (16+) regularly playing sport by 2027.  Critical to bringing this vision to life is the capacity of Sport Ireland to make strong evidence based decisions, underpinned by robust evaluation systems. Sport Ireland is committed to the development and implementation of such evaluation systems and thereby ensuring that investment decisions are informed by strong evidence.


Significant progress was made in 2018 to this effect with Sport Ireland releasing its first evaluation report of a Dormant Accounts funded project- the Community Sports and Physical Activity Hubs. The report found that overall, Community Sports and Physical Activity Hubs are perceived as being positive additions to communities. In spite of the uniqueness of every Hub, there were some key success factors that were found to be consistent across them all, such as - having a face of the Hub, creating community leadership and ownership, the presence of professional expertise and overcoming lack of confidence and vulnerability. The findings from this evaluation successfully fed into the development of revised Dormant Account application forms and associated funding decisions in the latter half of 2018.


The vision for Sport Ireland evaluation for 2019 is an ambitious one. Projects scheduled for evaluation in 2019 include Community Coaching, Get Ireland Running, Get Ireland Swimming and Get Ireland Cycling, Urban Outdoor Adventure Initiatives and the Community Sports Development Officers (CSDO) programme to name a few. In parallel, Sport Ireland will pilot the implementation of consistent evaluation templates across the Local Sports Partnerships network to generate valuable quantitative and qualitative data. This evaluation ecosystem will form the basis for decisions relating to not only programme design but also strategic investment and funding streams."


Local Sports Partnership (LSP) Funding 2019


Cork Local Sports Partnership is set to receive a total allocation of €361,779 which will go towards supporting the core work of the LSP Network; including the delivery of National Programmes, Education & Training initiatives, Strategic Development, Community Sports Development Officers (CSDO), the Sports Inclusion Disability programme, Women in Sport Programmes and general participation programmes.

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