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Top 10 - Irish Men's and Women's 10 Mile Road Race Performances 2018

Irish 10 Mile Rankings for 2018 - Guest Article by John Walshe

John Walshe, was the driving force behind the, sadly gone but not forgotten, World famous Ballycotton 10, so it will come as no surprise that he is passionate about 10 Mile events, so much so, that he has been known to forego shorter races nearer to home and travel to 'other parts', including the UK, to run in, often obscure, but nevertheless prestige 10 Mile races.

Earlier this year, we started compiling a Cork race Leaderboard, so John asked "What about a National 10 Mile list!" I think the response may have been along the lines of "Haven't we enough to be doing?  ...Do you want to do it?"  Undaunted, John has chased down results of Athletics Ireland members, and AAI races in Ireland, and has compiled Performance lists for men running sub-55 Minutes and women running Sub-65 minutes.

Undoubtably, there will be performances that, for whatever reason, have been missed, overlooked, or, maybe, were run abroad. If you are aware of any, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Men's 10 Mile Rankings 2018

Kevin Seward is the Men's 10 Mile Leader, following his 48:41 in Portsmouth, UK. The leading Corkman, in 12th position, is East Cork AC's Tim O'Donoghue, with his 51:30 win in St. Finbarr's AC's Cork City 10 Miler, last September.  Twenty three (23) of the top 75 performances were by Corkmen.

kevin seaward tim o donoghue photo credit sportsfile
Kevin Seaward, Clonliffe Harriers AC, Irish Men's 10 Mile Tabletopper 2018 Tim O'Donoghue, East Cork AC, leading Corkman in the Irish 10 Mile rankings 2018
Photo credit: Piaras O Mideach /Sportsfile



RankAthleteClub ACCatVenueDateTime
1 Kevin Seward Clonliffe Harriers AC   Portsmouth Oct-21 0:48:41
2 Hiko Tonasa DSD AC   Duhallow Apr-08 0:49:10
3 Sergiu Ciobanu Clonliffe Harriers AC   Duhallow Apr-08 0:49:13
4 Stephen Scullion Clonliffe Harriers AC   Frank Duffy (Swords) Sep-02 0:49:19
5 Mick Clohisey Raheny Shamrock AC   Cobh Apr-29 0:49:22
6 Kevin Maunsell Clonmel AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:49:27
7 Mick Clohisey     Roscommon Jul-07 0:49:32
8 David Flynn Cloniffe AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:49:47
9 Emmett Dunleavy Sligo AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:50:04
10 Gary O'Hanlon Clonliffe Harriers AC   Stook Nov-18 0:51:16
11 Niall Shanahan An Bru AC   Ballyroan Dec-08 0:51:27
12 Tim O'Donoghue East Cork AC   Cork City Sep-08 0:51:30
13 Alan O'Shea Bantry AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:51:35
14 Thomas Hayes KCH AC   Portsmouth Oct-21 0:51:43
15 Sean Hehir Rathfarnham-WSAF AC   Enniscorthy Jun-24 0:51:46
16 Alan O'Shea     Mallow Mar-25 0:51:48
17 James McCarthy East Cork AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:52:17
18 Paddy Hamilton Slieve Gullion Runners   Frank Duffy (Swords) Sep-02 0:52:22
19 Trevor Power Waterford AC   Mallow Mar-25 0:52:37
20 Freddy Sittuk Raheny Shamrock AC   Phoenix Park Jul-14 0:52:43
21 Cillian O'Leary Raheny Shamrock AC   Phoenix Park Jul-14 0:52:46
22 Mike Carmody An Bru AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:52:56
23 Tomas Fitzpatrick Tallaght AC   Phoenix Park Jul-14 0:52:59
24 John Travers Donore Harriers AC   Bundoran Mar-10 0:53:02
25 James McCarthy     Mallow Mar-25 0:53:04
26 David Mansfield Clonmel AC   Kilsheelan Mar-11 0:53:07
27 Alan O'Brien Eagle AC   Mallow Mar-25 0:53:08
28 Alan O'Shea     Duhallow Apr-08 0:53:17
29 Colin Merritt   M45 Dungarvan Feb-04 0:53:17
30 Colin Maher Ballyfin AC   Roscommon Jul-07 0:53:18
31 Mark Hoey Leevale AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:53:21
32 Martin Doody Limerick AC M40 Mallow Mar-25 0:53:24
33 Keith Shields Foyle Valley AC   Bundoran Mar-10 0:53:28
34 Donal O'Callaghan An Riocht AC   Killarney Sep-29 0:53:30
35 Colin Merritt     Mallow Mar-25 0:53:36
36 Colin Maher     Phoenix Park Jul-14 0:53:37
37 Conan McCaughey North Belfast AC   Bundoran Mar-10 0:53:40
38 Trevor Power     Dungarvan Feb-04 0:53:42
39 Willie Stephens Coolquill AC   Ballynonty Aug-29 0:53:47
40 Peter Mooney Inverse AC M40 Trim Feb-04 0:53:48
41 Mark Kirwan Raheny Shamrock AC   Frank Duffy (Swords) Sep-02 0:53:53
42 Tom Lupton Portlaoise AC   Mallow Mar-25 0:53:54
43 Michael Morgan St Finbarrs AC M40 Dungarvan Feb-04 0:53:57
44 Andrew Sheehan Leevale AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:54:02
45 Niall Sheehan Gowran AC   Ballyroan Dec-08 0:54:02
46 Kevin Baker Mullingar Harriers AC   Trim Feb-04 0:54:04
47 Barry Harron Finn Valley AC   Bundoran Mar-10 0:54:05
48 Willie Stephens     Moyglass Sep-09 0:54:09
49 Paddy O'Toole Westport AC   Roscommon Jul-07 0:54:11
50 Kevin O'Leary East Cork AC   Cork City Sep-08 0:54:13
51 Colin Merritt     Cobh Apr-29 0:54:16
52 Michael Morgan     Mallow Mar-25 0:54:16
53 Barry Sheil Longford AC   Roscommon Jul-07 0:54:21
54 John Meade St Finbarrs AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:54:23
55 Niall O'Riordan An Bru AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:54:26
56 Jeremy O'Donovan   M40 Mallow Mar-25 0:54:28
57 Eskander Turki Monaghan Town AC   Castleblaney Jul-21 0:54:29
58 Jeremy O'Donovan     Dungarvan Feb-04 0:54:32
59 Kevin O'Leary     Dungarvan Feb-04 0:54:35
60 Trevor Power     Kilsheelan Mar-11 0:54:38
61 Tommy O'Brien An Riocht AC M40 Killarney Sep-29 0:54:42
62 Colin Merritt     Cork City Sep-08 0:54:44
63 Freddy Sittuk     Monaghan Aug-12 0:54:47
64 Gary Condon Sli Cualann AC M45 Trim Feb-04 0:54:47
65 Isku Ousman Monaghan Town AC   Monaghan Aug-12 0:54:48
66 Noel Murphy Waterford AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:54:49
67 Freddy Sittuk     Mullingar Harriers Jul-28 0:54:49
68 Eoin Sugrue   M45 Mallow Mar-25 0:54:50
69 John Meade     Cork City Sep-08 0:54:50
70 Michael McMahon Raheny Shamrock AC   Mullingar Harriers Jul-28 0:54:52
71 Fergal Whitty Donore Harriers AC M40 Dungarvan Feb-04 0:54:55
72 Rory Chesser Ennis TC   Kilnaboy Apr-08 0:54:55
73 Noel Murphy Waterford AC   Mallow Mar-25 0:54:56
74 Kevin O'Leary     Mallow Mar-25 0:54:57
75 Michael Corbett St Finbarrs AC M40 Duhallow Apr-08 0:54:58


Women's 10 Mile Rankings 2018

There are 46 women on the Irish 10 Mile ranking List for 2018, with DSD AC's Laura Shaughnessy heading the list with her 56:47 performance, in the John Treacy 10 Mile, in Dungarvan, last February. The leading Cork woman is Lizzie Lee, who ran 58:28, over the challenging Sonia O'Sullivan 10 Mile course, in Cobh, last April.  Fourteen (14) of these top 46 performances were by Cork women.

 Update 6pm, Dec 24th: First correction brought to our notice was for a man running with a woman's number in one of the performances - Result deleted and race results amended. Lads & Lassies, Number Swaps DO have an effect...They are NOT harmless!

laura shaughnessy craughwell 10 lizzie lee photo credit piaras o mideach sportsfile a
Laura Shaughnessy, DSD AC, Irish Women's 10 Mile Tabletopper 2018 Lizzie Lee, Leevale AC, leading Corkwoman in the Irish 10 Mile rankings 2018
Photo credit: Piaras O Mideach /Sportsfile


1 Laura Shaughnessy DSD AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:56:47
2 Maria McCambridge DSD AC F40 Trim Feb-04 0:57:47
3 Siobhan O'Doherty Borrisokane AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 0:57:59
4 Lizzie Lee Leevale AC F35 Cobh Apr-29 0:58:28
5 Jill Hodgins Leevale AC F40 Mallow Mar-25 0:59:20
6 Ruth Fitzgerald Waterford AC   Kilmeaden Nov-17 0:59:20
7 Grace Lynch Iveragh AC   Duhallow Apr-08 0:59:36
8 Adrianna Melia Longford AC   Trim Feb-04 0:59:46
9 Jill Hodgins     Cork Ciy Sep-08 1:00:24
10 Ruth Fitzgerald Waterford AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 1:00:35
11 Lizzie Lee     Stook Nov-18 1:00:37
12 Jill Hodgins     Cobh Apr-29 1:00:44
13 Fiona Santry East Cork AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 1:00:52
14 Jane-Ann Meehan Athenry AC   Trim Feb-04 1:00:59
15 Jane-Ann Meehan Mullingar Harriers     Jul-28 1:01:09
16 Ruth Fitzgerald Waterford AC   Dunhill-Fenor Mar-19 1:01:22
17 Fiona Stack Raheny Shamrock AC   Trim Feb-04 1:01:35
18 Jane-Ann Meehan     Craughwell Mar-25 1:01:56
19 Adele Walsh St Senans AC F40 Dungarvan Feb-04 1:02:19
20 Sorcha Kearney St Finbarrs AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 1:02:28
21 Catherine Kiely Gneeveguilla AC F35 Killarney Sep-29 1:02:47
22 Fiona Santry     Mallow Mar-25 1:02:48
23 Maria McCarthy Farranfore-Maine Valley AC F40 Castleisland Apr-22 1:02:51
24 Aine O'Reilly Mullingar Harriers AC F40 Mullingar Harriers Jul-28 1:02:53
25 Fiona Santry     Duhallow Apr-08 1:02:57
26 Linda Byrne DSD AC   Enniscorthy Jun-24 1:02:58
27 Sandra Lynch Kilcoole AC F40 Trim Feb-04 1:03:06
28 Marie-Claire Healy     Killarney Sep-29 1:03:09
29 Sorcha Kearney     Mallow Mar-25 1:03:26
30 Adele Walsh     Mallow Mar-25 1:03:36
31 Maria McCarthy     Kilsheelan Mar-11 1:03:39
32 Tina McDonald     Trim Feb-04 1:03:42
33 Joan Flynn Mullingar Harriers AC   Trim Feb-04 1:03:51
34 Madeline Loughnane Thurles Crokes AC F35 Ballynonty Aug-29 1:03:52
35 Maria McCarthy     Dungarvan Feb-04 1:03:57
36 Grainne Ni Uallachain Galway City Harriers AC F40 Craughwell Mar-25 1:04:09
37 Pauline Curley Tullamore AC F45 Ballyroan Dec-08 1:04:13
38 Madeline Loughnane     Moyglass Sep-09 1:04:16
39 Tara Kennedy Raheny Shamrock AC F40 Trim Feb-04 1:04:19
40 Isobel Oakes     Stook Nov-18 1:04:24
41 Sinead Brody (R.I.P.) Galway City Harriers AC   Craughwell Mar-25 1:04:26
42 Katie Hickson   F40 Dungarvan Feb-04 1:04:27
43 Grainne O'Callaghan North Cork AC   Mallow Mar-25 1:04:38
44 Ann Geary Midleton AC F35 Dungarvan Feb-04 1:04:40
45 Claire O'Brien Watergrasshill AC   Dungarvan Feb-04 1:04:48
46 Eimear Fitzmaurice Mayo AC   Trim Feb-04 1:04:56
47 Carol Finn Leevale AC   Duhallow Apr-08 1:04:59

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