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Update December 6th - National Marathon Entries 2019

Athletics Ireland National Marathon Entries 2019


Sunday October 27th 2019

Update 4pm, Thursday December 6th


kbc dublin marathon entries december 6th 2018


As of 4pm today, Thursday December 6th, over 18,500 of the 20,000 places available for next October's event have been sold.
There are less than 1,500 places left, all at €90. Entries are coming in at approx 500 per day. At this rate the event will sell out on  Saturday or Sunday next

On Thursday November 8th, entries had already reached 10,725. Having exceeded the €80 entry fee threshold of 14,000, a further rush of entries has come in, with around 300 to 400 entries coming in each day.

By November 28th, 15,800 places were gone

On Tuesday December 4th, there were 2,750 places left. Following features on the 'Marathon Frenzy', in some of today's newspapers, there has been a flood of entries. The Marathon office said, on Wednesday last, December 5th, "This will probably sell out well before Monday!"

Enter KBC Dublin Marathon 2019


20,000 Limit

There is a cap of 20,000 on entries, and there is NO separate entry facility for Athletics Ireland National Marathon entry

This is critical for anyone thinking of entering the Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championship.  In short, when the 20,000 limit is reached, That's It!! ...except ONLY for ELITES. There are no reserved places for Athletics Ireland members. If you miss out on the 20,000 limit, there is no 'back-door', unless you're lucky enough to be of Elite Status

NB: To reiterate....There is NO LATE ENTRY Dispensation for Athletics Ireland National Marathon entries

Runners competing in the Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championship MUST enter in the normal fashion, the same as everyone else.  So, when entries close, that's it..... unless you're an elite athlete.


Elite Athlete Times

  Irish   Overseas  
Men   Sub 2:30   Sub 2:14
Women Sub 2:45 Sub 2:30

If you are an athlete with proven times in the above ranges, you should be ok for Late Entry...BUT, it's you're gamble as to wait or not!


Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championship

Entry for the Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championship is not yet open. All National Marathon Championship entrants MUST have already entered for the Marathon via the normal route, as above.  The Championship entry form will appear on the Athletics Ireland website .....probably months down the road!

Second Chance - If you're lucky!

In an article on "The explosive growth of the Dublin Marathon", by Lindie Naughten, on FastRunning
, Dublin Marathon Race Director, Jim Aughney revealed that there will be an option for those who are unable to run to hand back their place. These 'returned' places will then go back on re-sale at a later stage. Details of the Return & Resale have yet to be finalised, but more information is expected early in the New Year.

Almost 90% of the 18,500 places gone so far have been to Irish participants, with just over 2,000 entries from abroad. This will undoubtably cause some headaches for the Marathon organisers, as a significant part of the growth in numbers in recent years has been fueled by entrants from abroad. If these athletes are unable to enter, it may stem the tide of entries from that quarter, resulting in a Sport-Tourism fall-off, possibly making the event less attractive to some sponsors.  I don't envey the organisers predicament in trying to resolve that issue - If they make more places available to participants from abroad, there may be complaints from Irish athletes who may miss out

Jim Aughney's Comments on Entry Refunds and Number Re-Sale

“We have changed a few things for next year,” he says. “If people enter now and then find they can’t run for any reason, we will give them their money back taking only a small administration fee. We will then open up entry again with those numbers.

“But we will have a cut-off date since we need to give people taking up the extra numbers time to train. It can’t be as late as September since we also have to order t-shirts and medals. We will decide on a cut-off date no later than January.”

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