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Nominations Sought for Athletics Ireland National Intermediate Cross-Country Championships

Squad Nominations Sought for Cork Teams for National Intermediate Cross-Country Championships

Palace Grounds, Tuam, Co.Galway

11:00am, Sunday January 22nd 2017


Cork Womens Cross Country Team Beaufort 2013 Midleton AC min


The Closing date for entries is Friday January 13th. Cork teams will be selected from athletes nominated by 8pm on Wednesday January 10th. Clubs and individuals planning to run in Tuam should notify Cork Athletics Team Manager, Paddy Buckley by then.


Clubs entering teams should notify Team Manager, Paddy Buckley of their team squad compositions


Any athlete who feels that he, or she, should be included on the team should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (085-1480725) by 8pm on Wednesday night, January 10th.

Travel details will be finalised next week, however Cork Athletics expects to arrange a bus to transport the teams.  The bus will leave from St. Patrick's Quay, early on the Sunday morning. Pick-up stops can be made en-route.

Cork Athletics Year-End Registration Figures 2016

Year-End Cork Club Athlete Registrations 2016


Cork Athletics Registration Club Year End Standings 2016 minCork Athletics year-end registrations total a record 7,822, up 12.774% on the 2015 figure of 6,936 and an overall increase of 18.479% on the 2014 end of year figure of 6,602.


The top two clubs are Bandon AC, with a massive 701 registered members, who top the standings, while Leevale AC, with close to 600 registered members are a clear second.  

Ballymore-Cobh AC, with 455 registered members, continue their incremental increase in membership, since the club's revival/revamp in recent years

Four clubs, Midleton AC, North Cork AC, Youghal AC, Togher AC, all have over 300 members. After them, twenty three more clubs have in excess of 100 members.

The number of Cork clubs registered with Athletics Ireland stands at forty nine.  This number is set to increase later this month, when membership applications from several applicant clubs are set to be ratified at the Cork Athletics AGM.


 Overall Club Registered Members

Bandon A.C. 701
Leevale A.C. 596
Ballymore Cobh A.C. 455
Midleton A.C. 367
North Cork A.C. 344
Youghal A.C. 325
Togher A.C. 321
Belgooly A.C. 264
West Muskerry A.C. 240
Mallow A.C. 232
Tracton A.C. 224
Clonakilty Road Runners 207
Eagle A.C. 197
Ballincollig A.C. 196
Carraig-Na-Bhfear A.C. 193
St. Catherine's A.C. 192
Ballintotis Fit4Life 188
St. Nicholas A.C. 181
St. Finbarrs A.C. 179
Grange/Fermoy A.C. 161
Skibbereen A.C. 158
Watergrasshill A.C. 141
Carrigaline Road Runners A.C. 134
Doheny A.C. 132
Liscarroll A.C. 115
Fanahan Mc Sweeney A.C. 108
Millstreet A.C. 106
Dromahane Road Runners A,C, 105
Courcey A.C. 101
Blarney/Inniscara A.C. 100
Aghada Running Club ARC 95
Riverstick/Kinsale A.C. 95
Bantry A.C. 91
Rosscarbery Steam Runners A.C. 77
Old Abbey A.C. 73
Donoughmore A.C. 65
Bweeng Trail Blazers 56
Galtee Runners A.C. 55
Carrigtwohill 37
Duhallow A.C. 36
East Cork A.C. 34
Rising Sun A.C. 25
Churchtown Runners 23
Fota Island Running Club 23
Abbey Striders A.C. 22
Shandrum A.C. 20
Buttevant R.C. 18
Cork Varsity A.C. 12
Glanmire A.C. 2


Overall Club Juvenile Membership

Bandon AC top the Juvenile listings with 562, with over double that of third placed North Cork AC's 268.  Leevale AC, on 406, are also significantly ahead of the rest.


Bandon A.C. 552 10 562
Leevale A.C. 389 17 406
North Cork A.C. 266 2 268
Ballymore Cobh A.C. 235 1 236
Belgooly A.C. 218 2 220
Midleton A.C. 189 2 191
West Muskerry A.C. 190 1 191
Youghal A.C. 157 3 160
St. Catherine's A.C. 146 1 147
Carraig-Na-Bhfear A.C. 139 2 141
Togher A.C. 135 5 140
Ballincollig A.C. 134 1 135
Tracton A.C. 132 0 132
Clonakilty Road Runners 127 0 127
Skibbereen A.C. 122 2 124
Doheny A.C. 122 0 122
Carrigaline Road Runners A.C. 116 0 116
St. Nicholas A.C. 113 1 114
Fanahan McSweeney A.C. 104 0 104
Blarney/Inniscara A.C. 89 0 89
Liscarroll A.C. 85 4 89
Courcey A.C. 86 0 86
Millstreet A.C. 80 0 80
Riverstick/Kinsale A.C. 75 1 76
Grange/Fermoy A.C. 70 1 71
Old Abbey A.C. 62 2 64
Donoughmore A.C. 32 0 32
Bantry A.C. 26 0 26
Abbey Striders A.C. 12 1 13
Ballintotis Fit4Life 6 1 7
Galtee Runners A.C. 5 0 5
Mallow A.C. 1 2 3
Watergrasshill A.C. 2 1 3
Shandrum A.C. 2 0 2
Glanmire A.C. 1 0 1
Rising Sun A.C. 1 0 1



Overall Club Adult Membership

Two clubs, Mallow AC and Ballymore-Cobh AC top the 200 adult members mark, while a possee of seven more clubs are within striking distance of the 200 mark.


Mallow A.C. 30 199 229
Ballymore Cobh A.C. 41 178 219
Eagle A.C. 26 171 197
Leevale A.C. 90 100 190
Ballintotis Fit4Life 23 158 181
Togher A.C. 60 121 181
St. Finbarrs A.C. 40 139 179
Midleton A.C. 23 153 176
Youghal A.C. 33 132 165
Bandon A.C. 40 99 139
Watergrasshill A.C. 34 104 138
Dromahane Road Runners A,C, 26 79 105
Aghada Running Club ARC 14 81 95
Tracton A.C. 17 75 92
Grange/Fermoy A.C. 13 77 90
Clonakilty Road Runners 13 67 80
Rosscarbery Steam Runners A.C. 18 59 77
North Cork A.C. 14 62 76
St. Nicholas A.C. 7 60 67
Bantry A.C. 20 45 65
Ballincollig A.C. 10 51 61
Bweeng Trail Blazers 7 49 56
Carraig-Na-Bhfear A.C. 8 44 52
Galtee Runners A.C. 12 38 50
West Muskerry A.C. 11 38 49
St. Catherine's A.C. 9 36 45
Belgooly A.C. 8 36 44
Carrigtwohill 7 30 37
Duhallow A.C. 6 30 36
East Cork A.C. 15 19 34
Skibbereen A.C. 6 28 34
Donoughmore A.C. 1 32 33
Liscarroll A.C. 2 24 26
Millstreet A.C. 0 26 26
Rising Sun A.C. 0 24 24
Churchtown Runners 11 12 23
Fota Island Running Club 8 15 23
Riverstick/Kinsale A.C. 3 16 19
Buttevant R.C. 5 13 18
Carrigaline Road Runners A.C. 2 16 18
Shandrum A.C. 2 16 18
Courcey A.C. 0 15 15
Cork Varsity A.C. 12 0 12
Blarney/Inniscara A.C. 3 8 11
Doheny A.C. 1 9 10
Abbey Striders A.C. 5 4 9
Old Abbey A.C. 2 7 9
Fanahan Mc Sweeney A.C. 0 4 4
Glanmire A.C. 0 1 1


Club Senior Membership

The Senior registration figures are quite telling.  Leevale AC, with 90 Senior members, stand a distance ahead of second placed Togher AC, on 60, while the third significant player on the National T&F stage, Bandon AC, are further back, on with 40 seniors.




Leevale A.C. 90
Togher A.C. 60
Ballymore Cobh A.C. 41
St. Finbarrs A.C. 40
Bandon A.C. 40
Watergrasshill A.C. 34
Youghal A.C. 33
Mallow A.C. 30
Eagle A.C. 26
Dromahane Road Runners A,C, 26
Ballintotis Fit4Life 23
Midleton A.C. 23
Bantry A.C. 20
Rosscarbery Steam Runners A.C. 18
Tracton A.C. 17
East Cork A.C. 15
Aghada Running Club ARC 14
North Cork A.C. 14
Grange/Fermoy A.C. 13
Clonakilty Road Runners 13
Galtee Runners A.C. 12
Cork Varsity A.C. 12
West Muskerry A.C. 11
Churchtown Runners 11
Ballincollig A.C. 10
St. Catherine's A.C. 9
Carraig-Na-Bhfear A.C. 8
Belgooly A.C. 8
Fota Island Running Club 8
St. Nicholas A.C. 7
Bweeng Trail Blazers 7
Carrigtwohill 7
Duhallow A.C. 6
Skibbereen A.C. 6
Buttevant R.C. 5
Abbey Striders A.C. 5
Riverstick/Kinsale A.C. 3
Blarney/Inniscara A.C. 3
Liscarroll A.C. 2
Carrigaline Road Runners A.C. 2
Shandrum A.C. 2
Old Abbey A.C. 2
Donoughmore A.C. 1
Doheny A.C. 1


Age Analysis

The age-distribution make interesting reading, with clear demarcations visible.  The strongest cohort, in terms of numbers, lies in the early juvenile years, with very strong figures in the Under 8 to Under 10 groupings.  After this there is a significant, but tapering drop-off in numbers, falling to the lowest region, between the ages of 20 and 25.  Clearly this latter grouping needs further analysis.  In terms of Internation participation and representation, one would imagine that this group would be expected to provide the greatest potential, consequently the low numbers in the grouping indicates bothe a worry and great potential.


Cork Athletics Registration Age Distribution II 2016 min

Juvenile to Under 23

This closer look at the Juvenile cohort shows the drop-off, after age 10, even more emphatically.

Cork Athletics Registration Age Distribution Juvenile and Under Age 2016 min


Senior (23 to 34)

 As with the higher-age Juvenile figures, the Senior figures remain quite low, until age 30

Cork Athletics Registration Age Distribution 23 34 2016 min


Masters 35 to 49

The Masters figures are quite strong, before falling off again after age 47

Cork Athletics Registration Age Distribution 36 50 2016 min

Masters 50 to 60

The Masters number remain quite stable, but tapering, as might be expected

Cork Athletics Registration Age Distribution 50 59 2016 min


Masters 60+

The Over 60's Masters numbers are probably quite deceptive, as these include many Masters who are no longer in active competition, but continue to play a vital role in the sport, as club activists, coaches and officials...or indeed a combination of all these roles.....and more!

Cork Athletics Registration Age Distribution 70 79 2016 min

Athlete Registrations for 2017

Athletics Ireland Registrations of Athletes for 2017

Athletics Ireland Registration

2017 Athletics Ireland Registrations are now Due


Clubs are reminded that 2017 registrations should be completed as soon as possible.


There is a "grace period" of a few weeks, to allow sufficient time for re-registrations, whereby insurance cover continues, pending registration.  This "grace period" will NOT extend beyond January 31st and did NOT include competition.


The "grace period" applies to training only and does NOT apply to competition of any sort.  Athletes participating in any type of competition, whether championship or otherwise, are NOT covered by insurance unless registered prior to competition


Once the January 31st deadline has been passed, any athlete who then remains unregistered, will NOT be covered by Athletics Irelands insurance, for ANY purpose, training or competition.  Additionally, with the Athletics Ireland on-line entry system, only registered athletes can be entered into the system, so unregistered athletes are totally excluded.

Clubs are urged to register their athletes without further delay.


NB: The "grace period" covers official club, county, provincial and national training sessions.  It does NOT cover competition. All athletes competing in Championship or representative events MUST be registered. 


Athletics Ireland Registration

Registration requires logging in to the Athletics Ireland registration system. Log-in is restricted to club officials via a password protected portal.

To date, 167 athletes and officials, from nine clubs, have already been registered for the year 2017


Athletics Ireland Registration FAQ



Who is the contact person for Registration?

Registration Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call: 01-8869933

How for I use the Registration System?

User Manual A user friendly manual that guides you through the Athletics Ireland Registration System

What is the minimum number of members allowable in a club?

A club needs to have a minimum of 10 members, 4 of whom must be over 21

Do I need to Register Committee Members?

A club must register ALL Officers and Volunteers working with the Club

What is the purpose of the Affiliation Form?

An updated affiliation form should be submitted to Athletics Ireland each time there is a change of Officers within the club. This form ensures that the correct person within the club receives information from Athletics Ireland. It is also important to keep County & Regional Boards up to date on your club structure.

How do I transfer?

Please complete the Athletics Ireland transfer form. Please ensure that you follow all rules on the back of the form.

Transfer Form PDF

How does the Login for registrations work?

The login is linked to the current club secretary. The secretary passes the login on to the person responsible for registrations within the club. You may have more than one login for a club, however it is advisable to keep the login confidential.

How does the registration year work?

The registration year runs from January 1st to Dec 31st each year. All memberships are due for renewal at 1st Jan each year – even if members were registered mid way in the previous year.

What do I do if I lock the registration system?

This occurs when you have incorrectly logged in three times. In order to unlock your account contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ballycotton 10 Entry List 2017

Ballycotton Running Promotions Publish Entry List for 40th Ballycotton 10


Sunday March 12th 2017


Ballycotton 10 Banner min


Last week, Ballycotton Running Promotions published the list of entries for the 40th Ballycotton 10 on its website,  There are a record 4,061 athletes registered for the 2017 event, which will be held in the small east Cork fishing village of Ballycotton, on Sunday March 12th.

Just over 50%, at 2,110 athletes, or 51.97%, are members of athletic clubs, while the remmaining 1950 are unattached athletes from Ireland and abroad.  There were 2,000 places available to non-club athletes, with another 200 places available by postal registration.  

Club Entries

There are 167 clubs listed in total. Three clubs, Midleton ACSt. Finbarrs AC and Eagle AC have 100 or more athletes entered, while a further two, Ballintotis Fit4Life and Mallow AC are both just one short of 'the ton'.  All five of 'the 100 club' are Cork Clubs.


Midleton AC 120
St. Finbarrs AC 111
Eagle AC 101
Ballintotis Fit4Life 99
Mallow AC 99
Watergrasshill AC 74
Kilkenny City Harriers 57
Aghada Running Club 51
Slaney Olympic AC 50
Leevale AC 49
Ballymore-Cobh AC 46
Grange-Fermoy AC 44
Youghal AC 44
Waterford AC 42
St. Nicholas A.C. 41
Sportsworld A.C. 40
West Waterford AC 35
Celbridge AC 34
Clonmel AC 34
Newbridge AC 33
Tallaght AC 31
Crusaders AC 30
Galtee Runners AC 30
Rosscarbery Steam Runners 30
St Abbans A.C 27
An Bru A.C 25
Bandon A.C. 25
Togher A.C. 25
Sliabh Bhuide Rovers A.C. 24
Tracton AC 24
East Cork AC 22
Carrigtwohill AC 21
Donore Harriers 20
Portlaoise AC 19
Raheny Shamrock AC 19
Carrick-on-Suir A.C. 17
Donoughmore AC 17
Clonakilty Road Runners 15
Bweeng Trail Blazers 14
Churchtown Runners 14
Carraig na bhFear AC 13
Dundrum South Dublin AC 13
St. Catherines AC 13
Rathfarnham-WSAF AC 12
Buttevant R.C. 11
Galway City Harriers A.C. 11
Gowran A.C. 11
Limerick Country Club A.C. 11
Sli Cualann AC 11
Carrigaline Road Runners A.C. 10
Croghan AC 10
Dooneen A.C. 10
Kilfinane A.C. 10
Mooreabbey Milers A.C 10
West Limerick A.C. 10


Unattached Entries

There are 1950, or 48.03%, listed as unattached, from as near as Ballycotton itself, to Wisconsin, USA.   With such a high number of unattached athletes, perhaps diligent club officials, particularly in smaller clubs, might try to recruit new members from these listings!

Listing of Areas with 10 or more Unattached Entries

unatt/Cork 403
unatt/Dublin 109
unatt/Midleton 104
unatt/Glanmire 63
unatt/Waterford 58
unatt/Ballincollig 48
unatt/Blarney 46
unatt/Carrigaline 45
unatt/Bandon 39
unatt/Limerick 37
unatt/Kilkenny 36
unatt/Carrigtwohill 34
unatt/Cloyne 34
unatt/Kinsale 23
unatt/Ballinacurra 22
unatt/London 21
unatt/Cobh 19
unatt/Kildare 19
unatt/Clonakilty 18
unatt/Kerry 18
unatt/Ballycotton 17
unatt/Mallow 15
unatt/Shanagarry 15
unatt/Whitechurch 15
unatt/Crosshaven 14
unatt/Fermoy 14
unatt/Tipperary 14
unatt/Waterfall 14
unatt/Clonmel 12
unatt/Wexford 12
unatt/Passage West 11
unatt/Ballinhassig 10
unatt/Galway 10
unatt/Killarney 10
unatt/Naas 10

Christmas Greetings 2016 from Cork Athletics

Wishing All Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Admins, Supporters and Sponsors ....(Everyone!) a very Safe, Happy and Peaceful Christmas


free vector santa s sleigh background


Cork Athletics wishes everyone involved in Athletics, from spectator to sponsor, athlete to venue provider, coach and official to parents, spouses and every individual who contributed to a great year, a very safe, happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.


Read more ...

Athletics Ireland Launch High Performance Indoor Endurance Initiative 2017

Athletics Ireland High Performance Indoor Endurance Initiative 2017


 Athletics Ireland High Performance logo min


Athletics ireland High Performance Website


Athletics Ireland has announced a new indoor endurance initiative which will focus on creating some high quality middle distance races for athletes aged 16+ of all levels.

Athletics Ireland High Performance Indoor Endurance Initiative 2017

 Jan 14th   National League Round 1
 AIT  800m Male 
 800m Female 
Jan 28th National League Round 2 AIT 800m Male 800m Female  1500m Male 
 1500m Female 
Feb 5th AAI Indoor Games  NIA Dublin 
800m Male 800m Female 1500m Male 1500m Female



Entry links will open, in due course, on the Athletics Ireland website, and close on the Wednesday night before each event. No entries allowed after this point. To be seeded correctly and in the appropriate race, full details should be entered online, or athletes may be placed in a lower standard race. Entry for the Jan 14th National League Round 1 800m races

Seeding & Startlists

Races will be seeded on the Thursday preceding each event, with startlists published on the Athletics Ireland website, and also emailed to all athletes & coaches. Some changes may need to be made on race day, to cover any late withdrawals etc.

Athletics Ireland would appreciate the support of all athletes & coaches in making sure that they communicate any withdrawals following registration. Any athlete who registers for an event, but does not intend racing should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by close of entries on the Wednesday night before each event.


Athletics Ireland will endeavour to arrange a pacemaker for the “A” race only at each event, however this may not always be possible. Athletics Ireland would appreciate the support of athletes and coaches in helping us source pacemakers. If any athlete is interested in pacing can they please e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP.


Please forward this mail to all endurance athletes & coaches in your clubs.

Registered Cork Athletics Events Week Ending Sun Jan 8th 2017

Registered Athletics Ireland Events in Cork This Week

Week Ending Sunday January 8th 2017 Registered Events Week Ending Sun Jan 8th 2017

Sat 07 Jan 2017, 11:00, Nenagh - Munster Junior and Under 23 Men Indoor T&F Championships

Sat 07 Jan 2017, 11:00, Nenagh - Munster Juvenile Girls Indoor Pentathlon Chamionships

Sat 07 Jan 2017, 13:30, Edinburgh - Edinburgh International Cross-Country

Sun 08 Jan 2017, 11:00, Nenagh - Munster Junior & Under 23 Womens Indoor T&F Championships

Sun 08 Jan 2017, 11:00, Nenagh - Munster Juvenile Boys Indoor Pentathlon Championships

Cork Athletics 2017 Event Permit Applications

Athletics Ireland Event Licences/Permits for Year 2017


 Athletics Ireland Permit Application Image

We are entering a new year and, at this point in time, permit applications appear to be slow in coming in.  Nevertheless quite a few events have been granted permits, right up to the very end of 2017.


Permit Application Form - PDF file


The completed application form must be sent to Cork Athletics County Secretary, Anne Murray, Dromina, Charleville, Co. Cork

NB: A frequent error has been where the completed application form has been sent directly to Athletics Ireland Head Office.  This results, at best, in delay to approval of the permit, as it must first be returned to Cork Athletics, for local approval.  In some cases, sending directly to Dublin has resulted in significant delay in approval of the application.

Event Registrations should be sought at least three months in advance of the date of each event. Since the introduction of the Cork Athletics Online Fixtures Calendar, many clubs and organisations have taken advantage of early application, with resulting calendar listing, of their event.

Permit Applications must be accompanied by a Medical Plan.  In addition, each application should be accompanied by a measurement certificate (Measurement Certificates are valid  five years, unless the measured course has been changed).


Athletics Ireland Measurer List - PDF file

Athletics Ireland Road Racing Handbook - PDF File


Early Permit Application Advised

Event organisers are advised to apply for a permit as soon as possible, as approval means immediate listing on the Cork Athletics Fixtures List / Calendar, along with complete event listing (like this one), where information is available.  Cork Athletics does not charge for promoting/advertising events that have an Athletics Ireland Event Licence / Permit.


Cork Athletics Fixtures List / Calendar

All Events, for which permit applications have been approved by Cork Athletics, are listed on the Cork Athletics Fixtures List / Calendar.  In addition to Cork events, Munster, National and International Championships are also listed, along with a small number of major international events. 

Note: Events that do not have an Athletics Ireland Event Licence / Permit

 Cork Athletics Calendar Image min

Registered Cork Athletics Events Week Ending Sun Jan 1st 2017

Registered Athletics Ireland Events This Week

Week Ending Sunday January 1st 2017


Registered Athletics Ireland Events week ending Sunday Jan 1st 2017 min


Sat Dec 31st, 11:00  - Shandrum AC 5k Road Race

Sun Jan 1st, 13:00  - Donough Coughlan Memorial Bandon 5 Mile Road Race 2017


New Year's Eve, Saturday Dec 31st

The inaugural Shandrum AC 5k takes place on New Year's Eve, in Newtownshandrum, in North Cork

Shandrum 5k Road Race Flyer 2016


New Year's Day, Sunday Jan 1st

Bandon AC's long-running Donough Coughlan Memorial 5 has been asignificant date on the Athletics calendar for many, many years and is sure to attract a large entry,  to end the Festive Season, and kick off 2017 in style

 Donough Coughlan Memorial 5 Mile Road Race Flyer 2017

GOAL Mile CIT Track 2016

Photos and Video from Cork's 32nd Annual Goal Mile

CIT Track

Christmas Day, December 25th 2016


 GOAL Mile 2016 CIT Track Mile 5 a min
Start of 5th GOAL Mile 2016


Joe and Anne Murphy's Facebook Album

75 Photos on Joe & Anne Murphy's Facebook album

Joe and Anne Murphy's Google+ Album

164 Photos on Joe & Anne Murphy's Facebook album



First GOAL Mile of 2016

GOAL Mile 2016 CIT Track Mile 1 a min

Lining up for First GOAL Mile of the Day

GOAL Mile 2016 CIT Track Mile 1 b min


GOAL Mile 2016 - First Mile from Webmaster - Cork Athletics on Vimeo.


Second GOAL Mile of 2016

GOAL Mile 2016 - Second Mile from Webmaster - Cork Athletics on Vimeo.

 GOAL Mile 2016 CIT Track Mile 5 a min

Start of Second GOAL Mile of the Day


Fourth Goal Mile of 2016

GOAL Mile 2016 - Fourth Mile from Webmaster - Cork Athletics on Vimeo.


Fifth Goal Mile of 2016

GOAL Mile 2016 - Fifth Mile from Webmaster - Cork Athletics on Vimeo.


GOAL Mile 2016 CIT Track Mile 5 Leevale Group min1

Leevale Group - Four Fastest in 5th GOAL Mile of the Day, including Louise Shanahan and Conor Walters, on right, who ran the fastest GOAL Mile of the Day (as of 11:30), in a time of 5:18

Christmas 2016 Weekend Weather and Races

Christmas Weekend Weather Forecast

Sunday December 25th - Tuesday December 28th

Predicted Rainfall Forecast

Christmas Day Weather 2016 Stephens Day Weather 2016 Tuesday December 28th Weather 2016
 09:00am, Christmas Day, Dec 25th  12:00 noon, St. Stephen's Day, Dec 26th 
12:00 noon, Tuesday Dec 27th 


In total contrast to last year's weather, this year looks like being almost completely dry. There is a risk of light rain on Christmas morning, for the GOAL Mile but St Stephen's Day, for the Belgooly 4, and similarly on Tuesday, for the Togher 5k.

Last year's awful weather resulted in a Christmas Day washout for the GOAL Mile, while the Belgooly 4 had to be cancelled due to impassible roads and another washout for the Togher 5k, so this year's conditions, largely dry, and an unseasonably warm 12 to 15C, will be welcomed by participants, organisers and spectators, alike.


St Stephen's Day 2016 - Last Year

JJ Hurleys Belgooly Photo

Last year's floods at Belgooly's Humpback Bridge, close to the finish line



Christmas Day Goal Miles

On Christmas Day this year, there are GOAL Miles in CIT, Doneraile Park and St. Catherine's GAA Club, Ballynoe. There is another GOAL Mile in Charleville on New Year's Day

GOAL Mile Banner 2016 min

Don't just come along yourself...Bring your family & friends!

If you can't/won't/don't take part yourself, you can support/slag/catcall your friends.....and strangers.  

Festive wear, including 'Late Late' jumpers optional!



These are charity events.  All proceeds - 100% - will go to the GOAL charity.


Entry Fee

There is no entry fee - just pay what you like to enter. Please be generous.



There is no pre-entry.  Just turn up on the day.

Do I have to be a member of an Athletic Club?

Absolutely not!  This is open to EVERYONE!



Dick Copithorne Belgooly 4

12 Noon St Stephen's Day

Belgooly 4 Mile Road Race Flyer 2016


Togher AC 5k

13:00pm Tuesday December 27th

Togher AC 5k Road Race Flyer 2016 min


Sports Capital Grant Scheme 2017 Now Open

The 2017 Sports Capital Programme Opens  on Monday 23 January 2017


DTTAS logo min


The 2017 Sports Capital Programme will be open for applications from 9am on Monday 23 January 2017

Cork Athletics Clubs and Divisions

Cork Athletics clubs and Divisions are advised to examine the scheme and consider making an application.  Unfortunately, for the most part, Capital Grant, means that Clubs and Divisions must have premises or grounds to best avail of these grants, and, sadly most clubs either rent or have use of another organistaions facilities.  

In spite of this, it would be unwise to ignore the Grant Scheme - you don't get what you don't ask for - "A silent priest never won a parish"

Read more ...

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