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Cork Athletics Masters Novice 'B' and Juvenile Relays Cross-Country Championship Results November 2019

Results of Cork Athletics Masters, Novice 'B' & Juvenile Relays Cross-Country Championships 2019


Sunday November 3rd 2019

Organised and hosted by St Nicholas AC


These events were organised and hosted by St Nicholas AC, and held in Castlelyons. Cork Athletics, acknowledges, with gratitude, today's landowners, the Kent family, and the many landowners, and their families, for permitting the use of their lands for cross-country events every year.  Without the kind permission of all these landowners who also provide their lands and premises for cross-country events, it would not be possible to hold cross-country events.


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 Juvenile Relays

Masters Men


Novice B Women


Men's Novice B - Set 1

Men's Novice B - Set 2 - Finish Line




Girls under 10 4x500m Relay


Boys under 10 4x500m Relay


Girls under 12 4x1000m Relay


Boys Under-12 4x1000m Relay


Girls Under-14 4x1000m Relay

Boys Under-14 4x1000m Relay

Girls Under-16 4x1000m Relay


Masters Men


Novice B Women


Novice B Men


Official Results

For ALL issues with results, please contact John Copithorne ONLY - 0861713500


Juvenile Relays

 Girls Under 10
Pos Club
1 Blarney-Inniscarra AC
2 North Cork AC
3 Bandon AC
4 Midleton AC
5 Grange-Fermoy AC
6 Belgooly AC
7 St Nicholas AC
8 Liscarroll AC
9 Millstreet AC
10 Togher AC
  Boys Under 10
Pos Club
1 Fanahan McSweeney AC
2 St Catherines AC
3 Blarney-Inniscarra AC
4 Leevale AC
5 Midleton AC
6 Belgooly AC
7 Bandon AC
8 North Cork AC
9 Riverstick/Kinsale AC
10 Grange-Fermoy AC
11 St Nicholas AC
12 Millstreet AC
  Girls Under 12
Pos Club
1 North Cork AC
2 Midleton AC
3 St Catherines AC
4 Bandon AC
5 Belgooly AC
6 Riverstick/Kinsale AC
7 Fanahan McSweeney AC
8 Leevale AC
9 St Nicholas AC
10 Blarney-Inniscarra AC
11 Liscarroll AC
12 Togher AC
  Boys Under 12
Pos Club
1 Bandon AC
2 North Cork AC
3 Belgooly AC
4 Midleton AC
5 Blarney-Inniscarra AC
6 Grange-Fermoy AC
7 St Nicholas AC
8 St Catherines AC
9 Leevale AC
10 Millstreet AC
  Girls Under 14
Pos Club
1 Bandon AC
2 Midleton AC
3 Belgooly AC
4 St Catherines AC
5 Togher AC
6 Leevale AC
  Boys Under 14
Pos Club
1 Midleton AC
2 St Catherines AC
3 Bandon AC
4 St Nicholas AC
5 Togher AC
6 Blarney AC
  Girls Under 16
Pos Club
1 Bandon AC
2 St Nicholas AC


Senior Results

 Masters Women & M65+

 Masters Women & Men 65+ - 4000m
Pos Forename Surname Cat Club
1 Annette Quaid F40 Leevale AC
2 Sinead Kevany F40 Midleton AC
3 Breda Gaffney F45 Mallow AC
4 Ruth Millerick F40 Youghal AC
5 Siobhan O'Leary F45 Midleton AC
6 Evelyn Cashman F45 Youghal AC
7 Ann Marie Holland F45 Youghal AC
8 Jennifer Montague F35 Leevale AC
9 Eamonn Mcevoy M65 St. Finbarrs AC
10 Nadine Ford F35 Leevale AC
11 Sharon Woods F40 Mallow AC
12 Lorraine Bolster F40 Mallow AC
13 Michelle Nolan F45 Youghal AC
14 Ide Kelleher F45 Mallow AC
15 Joan Ennis F55 Grange/Fermoy AC
16 Dee Ansbro F40 Youghal AC
17 Niamh O'Connor F35 East Cork AC
18 Anna Borkowska F40 Mallow AC
19 Denise Twohig F45 St. Finbarrs AC
20 Anne O'Neill F50 Doheny AC
21 Gillian Sohun F45 Leevale AC
22 Dympna Murray F45 Doheny AC
23 Phil McGrath M65 East Cork AC
24 Mary O'Keeffe F55 Youghal AC
25 Gillian Cotter F45 St. Finbarrs AC
26 Ann-Marie Healy F45 St. Finbarrs AC
27 Frances Barry F45 St. Catherines AC
28 Deirdre Cotter F40 Mallow AC
29 Jerry Twohig M65 Mount Hillary AC
30 Ken Higgs M70 Eagle AC
31 Niamh English F35 Mallow AC
32 Maurice Tobin M70 Grange/Fermoy AC
33 Eileen Finn F35 Grange/Fermoy AC
34 Melissa Curley F40 Youghal AC
35 Lisa Guerin F35 Mallow AC
36 Joan Hough F60 Midleton AC
37 Eavan Long F45 Mallow AC
38 Mary T O'Flynn F40 Mallow AC
39 Liz Palmer F50 Mallow AC
40 Eddie Barry M65 St. Finbarrs AC
41 Emilija Dorgan F40 Grange/Fermoy AC
42 John Quigley M65 Eagle AC
43 Celia O'Regan F50 Youghal AC
44 Siobhan Murphy F45 Midleton AC
45 Marion Lyons F65 St. Finbarrs AC
46 Claire Lomasney F40 Grange/Fermoy AC
47 Sandra Ryan F55 Youghal AC
48 Billy Caball M75 Rising Sun AC


Masters Women Categories

Pos Athlete Club
1 Jennifer Montague Leevale AC
2 Nadine Ford Leevale AC
3 Niamh O'Connor East Cork AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Annette Quaid Leevale AC
2 Sinead Kevany Midleton AC
3 Ruth Millerick Youghal AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Breda Gaffney Mallow AC
2 Siobhan O'Leary Midleton AC
3 Evelyn Cashman Youghal AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Anne O'Neill Doheny AC
2 Liz Palmer Mallow AC
3 Celia O'Regan Youghal AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Joan Ennis Grange/Fermoy AC
2 Mary O'Keeffe Youghal AC
3 Sandra Ryan Youghal AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Joan Hough Midleton AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Marion Lyons St. Finbarrs AC



Masters Women's Teams

Pos Club Pts
1 Leevale AC 40 pts
2 Mallow AC 69 pts
3 Youghal AC 97 pts
4 Grange/Fermoy AC 135 pts
Pos Club Pts
1 Youghal AC 26 pts
2 Mallow AC 54 pts
3 St. Finbarrs AC 70 pts
4 Midleton AC 85 pts


 Mens Results Update will be posted abt 9pm

Masters Men 0ver 65+

Pos Athlete Club
1 Eamonn Mcevoy St. Finbarrs AC
2 Phil McGrath East Cork AC
3 Jerry Twohig Mount Hillary AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Ken Higgs Eagle AC
2 Maurice Tobin Grange/Fermoy AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Billy Caball Rising Sun AC


Masters Men

 Masters Men 7000m   
Pos Forename Surname Cat Club
1 Paul Moloney M40 Mallow AC
2 Gavin Sweeney M35 Togher AC
3 conor Mccauley M35 Leevale AC
4 Sean McGrath M35 East Cork AC
5 Chris Harrington M35 Leevale AC
6 tim twomey M40 Leevale AC
7 Michael Harrington M45 Durrus AC
8 Cornelius Marshall M40 St. Finbarrs AC
9 Shane Simcox M45 Mallow AC
10 donal coffey M40 Leevale AC
11 Sean Ahern M40 Youghal AC
12 alfie davis M40 Leevale AC
13 Brian Harty M35 East Cork AC
14 Tim Crowley M35 East Cork AC
15 Donal Giltinan M35 East Cork AC
16 Mark Pinfield M35 Watergrasshill AC
17 Sean Dowling M45 Leevale AC
18 Phil Carey M35 Mallow AC
19 james grufferty M35 Leevale AC
20 Paul Gallagher M40 St. Finbarrs AC
21 Dennis McCaul M45 Leevale AC
22 Kieran Sheahan M35 Watergrasshill AC
23 david comer M35 Leevale AC
24 ian O'leary M50 Leevale AC
25 Brian Landers M45 Youghal AC
26 Conor Bradley M45 Grange/Fermoy AC
27 Noel Daly M45 Mallow AC
28 David McCarthy M35 St. Nicholas AC
29 Glen Dollard M40 St. Finbarrs AC
30 David Yelverton M35 Watergrasshill AC
31 Paudie Birmingham M45 Mallow AC
32 Martin O'Reilly M45 St. Finbarrs AC
33 Darren Flynn M45 Grange/Fermoy AC
34 Padraig Sheehan M50 Millstreet AC
35 John Collins M60 Leevale AC
36 John Hogan M45 Mallow AC
37 Michael Walsh M35 Grange/Fermoy AC
38 Ed Nicholson M45 Youghal AC
39 Edmond O'Sullivan M55 Midleton AC
40 Eric Meade M50 East Cork AC
41 John Cashman M55 Midleton AC
42 Eamonn Nagle M45 Mallow AC
43 Peter O'Brien M35 Grange/Fermoy AC
44 Pat Murphy M55 St. Finbarrs AC
45 Neilus Aherne M60 Midleton AC
46 Ian Montgomery M35 Watergrasshill AC
47 Peadar Lucey M40 Mallow AC
48 Stephen Geoghane M45 St. Finbarrs AC
49 Ger O'Regan M45 Midleton AC
50 Billy Lenihan M35 Grange/Fermoy AC
51 Conor McElvaney M35 Grange/Fermoy AC
52 Ian Murphy M50 Youghal AC
53 Nick Darmody M45 Mallow AC
54 John Kelly M45 Mallow AC
55 Richard Hawkins M50 Eagle AC
56 Dermot Woods M40 St. Finbarrs AC
57 Mick Clancy M40 Mallow AC
58 David Kilgannon M40 Youghal AC
59 Denis Looney M50 Eagle AC
60 Pat Murphy M60 Eagle AC
61 Bernard Corrigan M45 St Nicholas AC
62 Denis McCarthy M55 East Cork AC
63 Steve Murphy M60 Mallow AC
64 Ed O'Regan M60 Youghal AC
65 John Delaney M50 Grange/Fermoy AC
66 Peter Dineen M45 Grange/Fermoy AC
67 Bernard Kiernan M40 Grange/Fermoy AC



Masters Men Categories

Pos Athlete Club
1 Gavin Sweeney Togher AC
2 conor Mccauley Leevale AC
3 Sean McGrath East Cork AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Paul Moloney Mallow AC
2 tim twomey Leevale AC
3 Cornelius Marshall St. Finbarrs AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Michael Harrington Durrus AC
2 Shane Simcox Mallow AC
3 Sean Dowling Leevale AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 ian O'leary Leevale AC
2 Padraig Sheehan Millstreet AC
3 Eric Meade East Cork AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 Edmond O'Sullivan Midleton AC
2 John Cashman Midleton AC
3 Pat Murphy St. Finbarrs AC
Pos Athlete Club
1 John Collins Leevale AC
2 Neilus Aherne Midleton AC
3 Pat Murphy Eagle AC


Masters Men Teams

Pos Club Pts
1 Leevale AC 24 pts
2 East Cork AC 46 pts
3 Mallow AC 55 pts
4 Watergrasshill AC 79 pts
5 St. Finbarrs AC 89 pts
6 Youghal AC 126 pts
7 Grange/Fermoy AC 139 pts
Pos Club Pts
1 Midleton AC 125 pts
2 Eagle AC 174 pts


Novice 'B' Women

 Novice 'B' Women  - 4000m   
Pos Forename Surname Cat Club
1 Roisin McLaughlin F Grange/Fermoy AC
2 Diane Duffy F Riverstick/Kinsale AC
3 Anita Locke F St. Finbarrs AC
4 Michelle Twohig F Mt.Hillary AC
5 Ashleigh Byrne O'Brien F Grange/Fermoy AC
6 Clodagh Creedon F Belgooly A.C
7 Rachel Kohler F Belgooly A.C
8 Caroline Buckley F Mt.Hillary AC
9 Zora Boutarche F Belgooly A.C
10 Rosie Twohig F Mt.Hillary AC
11 Maeve McTaggart F Togher AC
12 Trisha Twohig F Mt.Hillary AC
13 Jenna Leetch F St. Nicholas AC
14 Noelle Foley F Mt.Hillary AC
15 Marianne O'Brien F Mt.Hillary AC
16 Noella Carroll F Belgooly A.C


Novice Women Teams

1 Mt.Hillary AC 34 pts
2 Belgooly A.C 38 pts


Novice Men

 Novice 'B' Men - 6000m   
Pos Forename Surname Cat Club
1 Antton Marcotte M Cork Track Club
2 Zach Harrington M Cork Track Club
3 Justin Ryan M Grange/Fermoy AC
4 John Goggin M Tracton AC
5 Colm Fitzgerald M St. Finbarrs AC
6 Jonothan Finn M East Cork AC
7 Gerry Walsh M Bweeng AC
8 Craig Harrington M Togher AC
9 Trevor Geary M St. Catherines AC
10 kieran O'Mahony M Leevale AC
11 Paul Crotty M East Cork AC
12 Willie Walsh M Carraig-Na-Bhfear AC
13 Roy Madden M Bweeng AC
14 Henry Browne M West Muskerry AC
15 Donal Collins M Bweeng AC
16 karl mitchell M Leevale AC
17 Daniel Dransfield M Eagle AC
18 Ruairi Myers M Carraig-Na-Bhfear AC
19 Don Sheehan M Carraig-Na-Bhfear AC
20 Declan Dorgan M Midleton AC
21 aron nulty M Leevale AC
22 Philip Kyamanywa M Youghal AC
23 Patrick Lynch M West Muskerry AC
24 Don McDonald M Midleton AC
25 Conor Kelly M Carraig-Na-Bhfear AC
26 Aidan Crowley M Bweeng AC
27 Andre Brodkorb M Midleton AC
28 conor finn M Leevale AC
29 Johnny Bluett M North Cork AC
30 Kevin Hayes M St. Catherines AC
31 Paddy Barry M St. Finbarrs AC
32 Mariusz Luczak M Bweeng AC
33 Dave Sheehan M St. Finbarrs AC
34 Denis O'Neill M St. Finbarrs AC
35 Kieran Harte M St. Catherines AC
36 Sean Ó Lionáird M West Muskerry AC
37 Jeremy Kelleher M West Muskerry AC
38 David Flaherty M St. Finbarrs AC
39 Dan Twohig M Midleton AC
40 Giles Leary M Durrus AC
41 Ted Kelly M Youghal AC
42 Kieran Murphy M St. Catherines AC
43 Michael Flynn M North Cork AC
44 Bernard Yore M West Muskerry AC


Novice Men Team

Pos Club Pts
1 Bweeng AC 61 pts
2 Carraig-Na-Bhfear AC 74 pts
3 Leevale AC 75 pts
4 St. Finbarrs AC 103 pts
5 West Muskerry AC 110 pts
6 Midleton AC 110 pts
7 St. Catherines AC 116 pts



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