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Cork City Sports July 2002

Cork City Sports 2002

Mardyke Arena, Cork

Saturday July 6th 2002


 cork city sports 2002 presentation womens 3000m

Presentation - Women's 3000m

Photos from Marathon Magazine, Vol 40 No 1, Christmas 2002


Irish Times Preview Saturday July 6th 2002

Sonia’s return eagerly awaited

By Ian O'Riordan

Any time Sonia O'Sullivan competes in her native Cork it's a hcork city sports 2002 preview irish timesomecoming, but after a four-year absence her appearance in this afternoon's Cork City Sports will be especially welcomed. On recent form too, a winning return is almost certain.

The timing is also notable in that O’Sullivan's last appearance in 1998 was part of her build-up to the European Championships in Budapest, where she would collect double gold over 5,000 and 10,000 metres. She's now building towards a similar double attempt in Munich in a month, and in a similarly determined mood.

The scene is now set for a memorable 51si staging of the sports at the newly opened and vastly improved UCC Sports Complex at The Mardyke

With a budget of around €150,000, the meeting organisers have assembled some quality athletes for the 19 events, which start at 2p.m. and conclude three hours later with the women’s 1.500 metres.

The main event, though, is set for 4.20, when O'Sullivan lines up for the 3,000 metres.

Even with the presence of the experienced American Amy Rudolph, and an Ethiopian, in Mestewat Tuffa, there is little to suggest O'Sullivan won't be putting on a solo display. If anything it may be her Irish rivals Breda Dennehy-Willis and Ann Keenan-Buckley, who'll provide the greatest test.

O'Sullivan, though, is more likely to have her eye on the clock, and the meeting record of eight minutes 40.30 seconds she set in 1996. Her winning time of 8:44.02 in Sheffield last weekend suggests it's possible, but much will depend on the weather.

Cork's other cherished athlete, Mark Carroll, goes in the 5,000 metres, where a more international field will make a home victory a little more difficult, with Daniel Gaehara the likely favourite.

Elsewhere, there is ample opportunity for further Irish success. Karen Shinkins is also on a sort of homecoming tour after her success indoors in winning European bronze over 400 metres, and she too is building nicely towards the Munich championships. Australia's Susan Andrews and Christine Amertil may draw a season's best out of ihe Newbridge athlete.

James Nolan drops down to the 800 metres where, again, the African presence is likely to dominate.

And although it may not have been scheduled, the final event is perhaps most certain to provide an Irish victory for Geraldine Hendricken. After her breakthrough run of 4:05.72 in Lausanne, earlier this week, the Carlow athlete is suddenly the clear favourite to take the 1,500 metres, and even with some capable opposition, including five Amcneans, there looks to be only one winner.

Irish Times Report Monday July 8th 2002

O’Sullivan runs home in style

Athletics / Cork City Sports

By Ian O'Riordan

cork city sports 2002 irish times report

Exactly how good is Sonia O'Sullivan running right now?

Good enough to break her own 3,000 metres meeting record at the Cork City Sports, on her own.

Good enough also to eclipse the fastest ever run in Ireland, and her own fastest anywhere since the memorable pre-Olympic effort in Zurich two years back.

Maybe it was the hype of the home crowd or maybe the conditions at The Mardyke. Most likely though it’s that O'Sullivan is probably running ans well as ever.

No surprise then that Saturday's performance of eight minutes 38.99 seconds took the loudest applause on an afternoon of quality athletics in Cork. Geraldine Hendricken came close with her own showboating in the 1,500 metres, but alter a four-year absence it was all eyes on O’Sullivan’s homecoming.

“Of course the crowd helped a lot in the home straight,” said O’Sullivan, who had just run almost the entire seven and a half laps on her own. “I said I wouldn’t look at the clock and just go with the crowd instead, run as hard as I could. And I’m glad I did that because sometimes if you look at the clock from too far out you can slow down."

O'Sullivan took great satisfaction in improving the 8:40.30 meeting record she set six years ago. “Well it’s as good as 1996. isn’t it? Better actually. Whatever that means. But yeah, things are going really good. Of course l'd much rather have run as fast as they did in Paris last night (where Gabriela Szabo won in 8:31.88) but it’s not easy to do that by yourself." We remind her it was the fastest she’s ever run in Ireland. “That’s the fastest anyone’s ever run in Ireland" she reminds us. "Except the boys, they’ve gone a little bit quicker."

Next up comes the National Championships in Santry at the weekend, then a 5,000 metres in Holland the following Saturday. And that’s it done before the European Championship in Munich, starting on August 6th, when O’Sullivan will try to defend both her 5,000 and 10,000 metre titles.

“I can get a good hard week’s training in now, and relax a little the week after before the 5,000 metres the following Saturday where I still need to get the qualifying time for the European's.

“Right now though the priority for Munich is the 10,000. Simply because it’s on first. I definitely want to get the 5,000 qualifying time because I want the option of doing that as well."

Fellow Cork-bom runner Una English ran a lifetime best of 8:54.73 in second place and is now chasing the qualifying time for Munich, and back in fifth Ann Keenan-Buckley clocked 9:11.93.

Ahead of the last event, the women's 1,500 metres, it seemed O'Sullivan would provide the only Irish victory of the meeting (though Mullingar’s Mark Christie also won the junior 1,500 metres). Though Hendricken was coming off her breakthrough run (4:05.72 last Tuesday) the international field looked a little sleep for the Carlow athlete.

Instead she took the field apart one by one. Also acting as her own pacemaker, Hendricken showed again that at 32 her best years are only starling. Five leading Americans, three Africans and some useful Europeans were all left in the dust as she won in 4:06.59.

“I feel now like I can just press a button and take off," said Hendricken, gaining in confidence with every race. “But there's definitely more to come, because that was cruising speed."

Hendricken’s joyous mood was in direct contrast to an inconsolable Mark Carroll, whose own homecoming ended prematurely after he dropped out of the 5,000 metres with just under three laps remaining (Kenya's Willy Kirui won in 13: 13.95). Complaining of lustiness and lethargy, Carroll is still hopeful he can get his season back on track, starting with the 5,000 metres in Rome on Friday.

"I could give you 10 reasons right now as to why I’m not running well,” said Carroll. "But there's no one reason. I missed the winter with injury and missed the indoor season and I’m very out of touch at the moment.

There are others who remain bang on course Tor the European championships, including Robert Daly (taking third in the 400 metres in 46.20) and Ciara Sheehy (one better in the 200 metres in 23.37). Injury forced Karen Shinkins to miss the women’s 400 but she remains intent on mixing it with the best in Munich.


Irish Times Results

cork city sports 2002 results irish times



cork city sports 2002b   cork city sports 2002a
Marathon Magazine, Vol 40 No 1, Christmas 2002


cork city sports 2002 mens 100m cork city sports 2002 presentation womens 200m
Finish of Men's 100m Presentation - Women's 200m
cork city sports 2002 presentation womens high jump a cork city sports 2002 womens 110m hurdles
Presentation - Women's High Jump Presentation - Women's 110m Hurdles
cork city sports 2002 presentation fanahan memorial mens 400m cork city sports 2002 jean mcsweeney
Presentation Fanahan McSweeney Memorial 400m Jean McSweeney
cork city sports 2002presentation womens 400m cork city sports 2002 presentation womens high jump
Presentation Women's 400m Presentation Women's High Jump
cork city sports 2002 geraldine hendricken leads 1500m cork city sports 2002 geraldine hendricken
 Geraldine Hendricken Leading Women's 1500m  Geraldine Hendricken
cork city sports 2002 james mcillroy wins 800m cork city sports 2002 mark christie junior mens 1500m
 James McIllroy Wins Men's 800m Mark Christie Wins Junior Men's 800m
cork city sports 2002 mens pole vaulter cork city sports 2002 sonia o sullivan
 Men's Pole Vault Sonia O'Sullivan Wins Women's 3000m
cork city sports 2002 presentation womens high jump cork city sports 2002presentation womens 400m
Presentation - Women's High Jump Presentation - Women's 400m

Brendan Moran / Sportsfile Photos


Results of BUPA Cork City Sports 2002

Henry Ford & Son Ltd. - Men's Pole Vault   
Pos Athlete Country Height
1 Brian Hunter USA 5.45m
2 Yuri Rovan Slovakia 5.35m
3 Ten Thomas Wales 5 05m
4 Ruairi O'Briain Ireland 4.45m
Carsten Hodea Germany NH
Denis Kholev Israel NH
_ Rian Botha RSA NH
Cork County Council - Women's High Jump   
Pos Athlete Country Dist
1 Karen Beuttel Jamaica 1.84m
2 Stacy-Ann Grant USA 1.84m
3 Deirdre Ryan Ireland 1.80m
4 Nevena Lendjei Croatia 1.80m
5 Yoka Ota Japan 1.75m
5 Nicole Forrester Canada 1.75m
7 Julia Bennett England 1.75m
8 Maiko Iwakiri Japan 1.75m
9 Diana Laznickkova Slovakia 1.70m
Jurys Hotel - Junior Men's 1500m   
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Mark Christie Mullingar 03:54.8
2 Brian Farrell Togher 03:56.2
3 Joey Robinson St. Coca's AC 03:58.0
4 Richard Byrne Bohermeen AC 03:59.1
5 Mark Hanrahan Leevale 03:59.5
6 Eric Hkjgtns St. Coca's AC 04:03.2
7 Liam O'Halloran Clonliffe 04:03.8
8 Mark Lehane Bandon AC 04:04:xx
9 Tadhg O'Callaghan Togher AC 04:06.2
10 Greg Kenny Celbridge AC 04:06.8
11 Dara Staunton St. Coca's AC 04:08.0
12 James McCarthy Kinsale 04:08.8
13 Richard Corcoran Raheny Shamrocks 04:10.9
14 Thomas Maunsell Leevale 04:15.1
  Martin Fagan Mullingar DNF
  Colin Costello Star of the Sea DNF
Barry's Tea - Women's 100m  - Wind 2.8 m/s   
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Shani Anderson England 11.32
2 Diane Allahgreen England 11.50
3 Sarah Wilhemy England 11 63
4 Grace Upshaw USA 11.90
5 Erica Witter Canada 11.92
Super Valu - Men's 100m - Wind 3.4 m/s 
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Dwight Thomas Jamaica 10.15
2 Greg Saddler USA 10.16
3 Aaron Armstrong USA 10.27
4 Leo Settle USA 10.27
5 Paul Brizzel Ireland 10.32
6 Jonathon Carter USA 10.39
7 Ger O'Donoghue Ireland 10.75
Pepsi Cola - Men's 5000m   
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Willy Kirui Kenya 13:18.95
2 Simon Maina Kenya 13:19.44
3 John Kanyi Kenya 13:27.27
4 Aissa Dghoughi Morocco 13 39.92
5 John Henwood New Zealand 13:42.73
6 Daniel Gachara Kenya 13:43.18
7 Susumu Ichinoge Japan 13:42.23
8 Alan Graffan England 13:45.77
9 Julius Kiptoo Kenya 13:47.60
10 Ryuichi Hashinokuchi Japan 13:50.96
11 Matt Smith England 13:53.30
12 Tayauuki Matsumiya Japan 13:57.88
13 Seamus Power Ireland 14:01.36
14 Robert Connolly Ireland 14:04.53
15 Mark Kennedy Ireland 14:04.85
16 Yukinore Fufta Japan 14:06.37
17 Cormac Smith Ireland 14:09.18
18 Takasi Maeda Japan 14:12.26
19 Christian Mcholson Scotland 14:17.79
20 Munehiro Sugaya Japan 14:22.65
  Mark Carroll Ireland DNF
  Boloto Asmeron Eritrea DNF
  Andrew Walker Ireland DNF
E.S.B. - Women's 100m Hurdles - Wind 2.2 m/s   
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Vonette Dixon Jamaica 13.06
2 Nadine Faustin Haiti 13.10
3 Diane Allahgreen England 13.14
4 Yvonne Kanazawa Japan 13.26
5 Derval O'Rourke Ireland 13.34
6 Jessica Zebo Ireland 14.48
Aer Rianta - Men's High Jump  
Pos Athlete Country Height
1 Matt Hemingway USA 2.25m
2 Aliaksai Liasnikcky Belarus 2.20m
3 Jan Janku Czech Republic 2.20m
4 Gibnar Mayo Columbia 2.20m
5 James Nieto USA 2.15m
6 Tora Harris USA 2.15m
7 Rob Brocklebank England 2.10m
8 Gregorz Marciniszyn Poland 1.90m
Irish Miler's Club - Men's Developmental 800m  
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 James Mayo England 01:50.33
2 Ciaran O'Connell Monaghan Phoenix 01:50.46
3 David Campbell St. Coca's AC 01:50.56
4 Colm Rooney Clonliffe 51:56.00
5 Colm Rothery MSB 01:51.63
6 Thomas Chamney Clonmel 01:51.81
7 Phelim Kelly Raheny Shamrocks 01:52.02
8 Davis Ward Tallaght 01:52.12
9 Fintan McGee Lucan 01:54.85
10 Mark Milligan North Down 01:55.87
11 Darren Keenan Leevale 01:56.81
Cork City Sports - Women's Long Jump   
Pos Athlete Country Dist
1 Maurren Higa Maggi Brazil 6.57m (1.3m/s)
2 Bronwyn Thompson Australia 6.47m (2.7m/s)
3 Jacqui Edwards Bahamas 6.44m (2.3m/s)
4 Grace Upshaw USA 6.35m (2.6m/s)
5 Antoinette Furlong Ireland 5.94m (1.0m/s)
6 Melissa Moss Australia 5.81 m (2.4m/s)
7 Ciara Kearns Ireland 5.56m (1.5m/s)
8 Mary Devlin Ireland 5.53m (1.3m/s)
O'Mahony Packaging Men's 800m   
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 James Mcllroy N. Ireland 1.46.88
2 Michael Robch Kenya 1.47.05
3 Bryan Berryhil USA 1.47.28
4 Trinity Gray USA 1.47.74
5 Anthony Kabara Kenya 1.47.86
6 Zak VWitmarsh Canada 1.48.22
7 James Nolan Ireland 1.49.25
8 Brendan O'Shea Ireland 1.50.08
9 Bernard Krsula Kenya 1.51.36
10 Tony Lilley Ireland 1.56.53
Irish Sports Council - Women's 400m   
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Alyann Pompey Guyana 52.19
2 Barbara Pethan Hungary 53.06
3 Susan Andrews Australia 53.46
4 Joanne Cuddihy Ireland 54.16
5 Fiona Norwood Ireland 56.40
- Norfalia Carabali Spain DNF
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Sanjah Ayre Jamaica 45.72
2 Allaney Francique Grenada 45.94
3 Robert Daly Ireland 46.20
4 Zsolt Szeglet Hungary 46.37
5 Troy McIntosh Bahamas 46.43
6 Yukihiro Mukai Japan 46.87
7 Sherman Armstrong USA 46.91
8 David McCarthy Ireland 47.19
UCC - 200m Men Wind -0 3m/s 
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Aaron Armstrong USA 20.89
2 Leo Settle USA 20.95
3 Gary Ryan Ireland 21.16
4 Johnathon Carter USA 21.26
5 Paul Hession Ireland 21.65
6 Darragh Graham Ireland 21.77
7 Brian Murphy Ireland 22.23
Dwight Thomas Jamaica DNF
Bupa Ireland - Women's 3000m   
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Sonia O'Sullivan Ireland 08:38.99
2 Una English Ireland 08:54.73
3 Amy Rudolph USA 09:02.62
4 Hayley McGregor Australia 09:02.71
5 Ann Keenan-Buckley Ireland 09:11.93
6 Yuki Sarto Japan 09:13.23
7 Susanne Wigene Norway 09:18.66
8 Kyoka Katufuchi Japan 09:26.28
9 Lijiana Culibrk Croatia 09:28.01
10 Turkan Emismis Turkey 09:34.78
11 Pauline Curley Ireland 09:39.96
- Emer O'Shea Ireland DNF
Cork City Council - Men's 1500m   
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Shadrack Korir Kenya 03:38.78
2 John Mayock England 03:38.84
3 Ali Mattaoui Morocco 03:38.86
4 Jason Lunn USA 03:40.42
5 Matt Lane USA 03:40.66
6 Lorenzi Lazzari Italy 03:41.05
7 Conor Sweeney Ireland 03:41.30
8 Mike Power Australia


9 Kousuke Hamasuna Japan 03:44.63
10 Liam Reale Ireland 03:45.30
11 Des English Ireland 03:48.40
12 Masatoshi Oike Japan 03:49.41
13 Abdi Abdirahman USA 03:54.75
- Sam Ellis England DNF
Irish Sports Council - Women's 1500m   
Pos Athlete Country Time
1 Ger Hendricken Ireland 04:06.59
2 Carrie Tollefson USA 04:09.00
3 Anna Ndege Tanzania 04:09.71
4 Cheri Kenah USA 04:10.30
5 Kristin Roset Norway 04:10.56
6 Meryem Boucctta Morocco 04:12.37
7 Helena Javornik Slovenia 04:12.58
8 Jennifer Twomey USA 04:12.85
9 Sarah Bill England 04:12.97
10 Ragnhild Kvarberg Norway 04:14.04
11 Jen Rhines USA 04:15.57
12 Catherine Beny England 04:15.65
13 Faith Macharia Kenya 04:15.98
14 Mari Chandler USA 04:16.40
15 Trine Pilskog Norway 04:18.10
16 Niamh Beirne Ireland 04:18.66
17 Deirdre Byrne Ireland 04:25.11
  Kathy Butler Scotland DNF


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