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BLE National Marathon Clonmel 1993 - Report and Results

Report & Results - BLE National Marathon Championships


Sunday April 18th 1993

 ble national marathon clonmel 1993 irish runner vol 13 no 4 p36aa

Brid Murphy, Leevale AC and Seamus O'Donnell, Galway City Harriers, National Marathon Champions 1993
Left to Right: Padraig Griffin, BLE President, National Marathon Winners Brid Murphy and Seamus O’Donnell, with Tipperary Mazda dealer, Gerry Pierse


Mazda National Marathon

Report by Kathryn Davis

Download Marathon Report - Irish Runner June/July 1993, Vol 13, No 4, P36 - PDF File


ble national marathon clonmel 1993 irish runner vol 13 no 4 p36

Marathon Report - Irish Runner June/July 1993, Vol 13, No 4, P36 


Download Marathon Report - Irish Runner June/July 1993, Vol 13, No 4, P36 - PDF File


Seamus O'Donnell finally tasted the sweet elixir of marathon success when he won his first ever marathon from eighteen starts, in a race full of incidents in Clonmel.

Marathons are always fraught with danger and this race was not without its moments of anxiety. Having negotiated twenty-six tortuous miles, and with the finish in Clonmel tantalisingly in sight, the lead car turned left and Seamus duly followed. Officials quickly redirected the winner onto the course, but to do so he had to duck under two ropes, an effort which left him lightheaded. As he straightened up his six foot frame with only 80 metres to negotiate, veering around a sharp bend he stumbled, but gathered himself sufficiently to stop his wristwatch as he crossed the line.

With Roy Dooney already secure in his nomination for Stuttgart, the winner had to dip under 2 hrs. 16 mins, to join him on the starting line.

As early as the opening 5K in 16:41, it was obvious that this time would not be achieved on a humid day with a strong wind facing the athletes on the second half of the course.

The leading group consisted of John Griffin, Richard Mulligan, Aidan Donaldson, Noel Hyland, Pat Heffernan and O'Donnell, with Hyland and O'Donnell the first to drop off the pace, to be followed later by Heffernan.

At the 10 mile mark in 52:32 O'Donnell had rejoined the three leaders, as they faced the more demanding parts of the course, with Mulligan and Donaldson losing contact soon after, and finally abandoning.

At half way in 68:32 the prospect of a strong wind faced both Griffin and O'Donnell. Locked into battle, Griffin’s pitter patter upright style contrasted starkly with O'Donnell's more languid, loping stride as they wondered who would capitulate first. Four miles from the sanctuary of the tape it was Griffin who finally broke as the Galway RTC lecturer moved in front for the first time, with Griffin reduced to walking for the first time in a race over the distance.

O'Donnell increased his margin all the way to the finish, coming home in 2:23:38, almost five minutes ahead of a gallant Griffin, with Hyland's conservative pacing paying dividends as he overcame Heffernan to take bronze

Brid Murphy also had reason to celebrate as she took her first victory and retained her veterans title. Nebraska-based Catriona Dowling, home on holidays for the race had kept Murphy company for 13 miles before the Dubliner moved ahead. By 20 miles she had a lead of two minutes, but the Leevale girl never panicked and closed her down with 2 miles to race to win in 2 hrs 51 mins 33 secs, with Dowling suffering badly over the final miles.


 Irish Times Report Monday April 19th 1993

 ble national marathon 1993 irish times report 930419a

ble national marathon 1993 irish times report 930419b 
Irish Times Marathon Report


O’Donnell Wins National Title

By Kathryn Davis 

The virtue of patience brought its own sweet reward on the rotting countryside of South Tipperary as Seamus O'Donnell finally gamed the elusive and much prized Mazda National Marathon title in Clonmel

Marathon running is fraught with danger as yesterday's race again proved. Entering the town of Clonmel with 26 tortuous miles already in his legs and the finish tantalisingly in sight, the lead car turned left and off course, with O’Donnell duly following.

Officials quickly realised the error and pointed him back towards the sanctuary of the tape.

But to reach the home straight the victor was forced to duck under two ropes. The effort left him light headed and as he straightened up His six foot frame with a mere 80 metres to negotiate he stumbled, as he veered around a sharp bend. But he gathered himself sufficiently to cross the line in two hours 23 minutes and 38 seconds despite having run an additional 400 metres.

Locked in battle Griffin's pitter-patter upright style forced the pace, with the 32-year-old Galway RTC Lecturer first on his right, then on his left shoulder, as they sought out each other’s weakness.

Eventually with four relatively flat miles to race the cumulative effects of the distance the humidity and the wind which buffeted the athletes on the homeward journey saw Griffin capitulate as O'Donnell eased to the front.

It was also a first marathon victory for Brid Murphy but her second National title as she enjoyed the company of Nebraska- based Catnona Dowling until halfway point, when Dowling upped the pace and had a two minute margin at 20 miles. Bui Murphy never panicked and inexorably closed her down four miles later to come home in 2 hours 51 minutes 33 seconds with Dowling almost six minutes in arrears.

MEN: 1 S O 'Donnell (GCH) 2:23:38 2 J Griffin (St Johns) 2:28:18. 3 N Hyland (Raheny) 2:31:26: 4 P Heffernan (Clonmel) 2:33:02 5 B Feery (Clonmell) 2:34:31, 6 K Maunsell (Comeragh) 2:34:33: 7 T O'Connell (Comeragh) 2:36:25. 8 TJ O'Loughlin (Comeragh) 2:36:55 9 L Foley (Donore) 2:38:56 10 N McEntaggart (Mullingar) 2:36:56

WOMEN: 1 B Murphy (Leevale) 2:51:33 2 C Dowling (DCH) 2:57:29. 3 M Morley (St Finbarrs) 3:21:26. 4 A McEvoy (St Finbarrs) 3:28:34 5 D Kelly (Dublin) 3:45:45

VETERANS;    O/40 L Foley; O/45 TJ O'Loughlin O/50 A Jones (Sportworld) 2:39:22
WHEELCHAIR: G Forde (Blarney) 3:27:40
TEAMS: 1 Comeragh 21 points. 2 Eagle 50 points. 3 Oisin 56 points


Results of BLE National Marathon, Clonmel, April 1993

1 Seamus O'Donnell M Galway City Harriers 02:23:38
2 John Griffin M St. Johns 02:28:18
3 Noel Hyland M Raheny Shamrock 02:31:26
4 Pat Heffernan M Thurles Crokes 02:33:02
5 Bernard Feerey M Clonmel 02:34:31
6 Kevin Maunsell M Comeragh Harriers 02:34:33
7 Tony O'Connell M Comeragh Harriers 02:36:25
8 TJ O'Loughlin M45 Comeragh Harriers 02:36:55
9 Larry Foley M40 Donore Harriers 02:38:05
10 Nollaig McEntaggart M40 Mullingar 02:38:56
11 Adam Jones M50 Sportsworld 02:39:22
12 Ronnie Fitzroy M Oisin 02:40:43
13 Christy Ryan M40 Comeragh Harriers 02:41:56
14 Joe Murphy M Eagle 02:47:13
15 Liam Mulhall M40 Tinryland 02:50:06
16 Tom Ryan M Eagle 02:50:33
17 Brid Murphy F Leevale 02:51:33
18 Tony Duff M40 Oisin 02:52:03
19 Jim O'Sullivan M40 Tipperary 02:52:49
20 Denis Hegarty M Eagle 02:53:08
21 Eddie Harrison M Portmarnock 02:53:11
22 Tom Mackey M Kilmurry Ibrickane 02:53:34
23 Gary Clarke M40 Oisin 02:53:46
24 Tom Cahill M Clonmel 02:54:36
25 Hugh Gallagher M Letterkenny 02:56:00
26 William O'Connell M Clonmel 02:56:50
27 Cathrina Dowling F DCH 02:57:29
28 Daniel Byrne M Mallow 02:57:55
29 Pat Brady M45 Clonmel 02:58:09
30 Derek O'Carroll M Blackrock 03:01:11
31 P. Holohan M45 KCH 03:01:17
32 Michael Broderick M Listowel 03:01:39
33 Michael Hennessy M KCH 03:02:35
34 Stephen Rowe M40 Portmarnock 03:02:50
35 Tom Lorrigan M Clonmel 3:02:56,
36 Brendan Ahearne M Clonmel 03:02:58
37 John Foley M40 Clonmel 03:04:19
38 John Laste M Clonmel 03:04:19
39 Fintan Havelin M Ind. 03:04:22
40 Brian Stewart M40 Nth Belfast 03:04:42
41 Edward Walshe M KCH 03:10:08
42 Pal Hickey M Ind. 03:11:03
43 Jim Gaffney M50 Mallow 03:12:36
44 David Brady M Ind 03:13:30
45 Ray Prendergast M Clonmel 03:13:53
46 Tim Burke M Ind 03:13:57
47 Gerry O'Connor M Ind. 03:13.6
48 Eamonn Sweeney M Clonmel 03:18:20
49 William Daly M Ind. 03:19:24
50 Eric Crockett M St. Finbarrs 03:21:20
51 David White M40 Cork 03:21:21
52 Donal Arnott M Cork 03:21:35
53 Marie Morley F45 St. Finbarrs 03:21:36
54 Dermot Maguire M Comeragh Harriers 03:21:47
55 Martin Clancy M Kilmurry Ibrickane 03:22:23
56 Gerry Forde MWch Blarney 03:27:40
57 Gerard Tiernan M45 Swords 03:27:46
58 Gerard Skelly M Finns 03:27:46
59 Angela McEvoy F St. Finbarrs 03:28:34
60 Pat Dolan M40 Premier 03:29:11
61 Martin Malone M KCH 03:29:36
62 Michael Tobin M Clonmel 03:29:37
63 Martin Tyrell M KCH 03:29:38
64 John Holland M45 Mallow 03:29:51
65 Thomas Morgan M55 Westmeath 03:33:17
66 Maurice Mullins M50 Fingal 03:33:36
67 John Martin M Cork 03:33:47
68 Gabriel Brady M40 Dublin 03:33:51
69 John Carew M Limerick 03:34:02
70 Joe Hourigan M Midleton 03:35:11
71 Tom Walshe M40 Premier 03:36:07
72 Juergen Blissen M Listowel 03:36:54
73 Paul Kelly M Dublin 03:38:11
74 Martin Kennedy M Cahir 03:38:14
75 Dolores Kelly F Dublin 03:45:45
76 Aidan Brickley MWch Limerick 03:45:58
77 Charlie Brady M50 Longford 03:45:59
78 Eugene Kavanagh M50 Dublin 03:52:58
79 Pat Buckley M55 St. Finbarrs 03:53:19
80 Patrick Boland M45 Dublin 03:53:19
81 John Hartford M Portlaoise 03:56:39
82 Gerard Fitzpatrick M55 Cobh 04:01:43
83 Fergus Ryan M45 Dublin 04:13:56
84 James Gallagher M45 Dublin 04:13:56
85 Dave Martin M50 Dublin 04:14:08
86 Gerry O'Connell M45 Redgate 04:14:22
87 Bernice Glavin F35 St. Finbarrs 04:16:13
88 Denis Ryan M55 St. Finbarrs 04:16:13
89 Martin Hawe M KCH 04:18:08
90 James Collins M45 Togher 04:16:32
91 Dave Condon M Macroom 04:39:57
92 George Kavanagh M55 Tipp 04:41:24
93 George Hutchinson M50 Athy 04:47:48
94 Liam Bourke M50 Clonmel 05:08:52
95 Alan Quinlivan M Tipp 05:09:00


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