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Cork City Sports July 1986

Cork City Sports 1986

Mardyke, Cork

Tuesday July 8th 1986


Marathon Magazine, Vol 24 No 6, September 1986


 cover marathon magazine vol 24 no 6

 Paul Donovan and Frank O'Meara

 cork city sports 1986 report and results marathon magazine vol 24 no 6 1a  cork city sports 1986 report and results marathon magazine vol 24 no 6 2a
Report (PDF file) - Marathon Magazine, Vol 24 No 6, September 1986



Despite many problems (see Editorial), the 1986 Cork City Sports again provided a marvellous evening’s sport for a very disappointing attendance. The men’s mile and 5000m attracted most attention and both proved to be cracking contests.

Photos: Jim Dowling

cork city sports 1986 oneill marie ovett taylorMile Action: O'Neill, Marie, Ovett, Taylor

Steve Ovett, always a very welcome and popular visitor to Cork, used all his old guile and experience to win the mile from Marcus O’Sullivan, Sydney Maree, Neil Horsfield, Tommy Moloney, who was having a great run, and actually led with 300m to go, and Gerry O’Reilly.


cork city sports 1986 abascal coughlan donovan mens 5000mAbascal (15) sandwiched between Coughlan and Donovan

Jose Abascal, from Spain, played a waiting game in the Dairygold 5000m, leaving the Klimes twins and Mike McLeod to cut the early pace. In a speedster’s finish he had enough in reserve to outkick the old warriors, Walker, Coghlan and Waiga with Paul Donovan 5th. His winning time was an excellent 13:17.71, with John Walker also clocking a new PB of 13:19.28, not bad for the Olympic 1500m champion of a decade before.


cork city sports 1986 mens 5000m presentation walker abascal coughlan

Dairygold 5000m presentation - Larry Corbett and Denis Murphy, Mitchelstown Co-Op, John Walker, Jose Abascal, Eamonn Coughlan and Michael Lovett, Mitchelstown Co-Op

cork city sports 1986 cmp mens 400m presentation
CMP 400m presentation - L to R: Finbarr O'Brien, President Cork City Sports, Mrs O'Brien, Neil McCauley, CMP, Dave Morris (Jamaica), Bert Cameron (Jamaica), Chip Jenkins (USA)

Elsewhere on the track the focus of attention was on world 4000m champion Bert Cameron of Jamaica, and Tom McKean, Europa Cup 800m champion, and both duly obliged. Kearney from Australia allowed for Ainsley Bennett and Ade Mafe in the 200m, while Lincoln Asquith had the measure of Elliot Bunney in the 100m.

cork city sports 1986 bert cameron jamaica world champion

CMP 400m - World Champion Bert Cameron, Jamaica

Garry Honey, 3rd in the L.A. Olympics, and Commonwealth favourite for the long jump, duly obliged in his speciality.

cork city sports 1986 mens long jump gary honey

Gary Honey, Australia, showing good technique in the Long Jump


Davy Wilson won the Junior 800m, from Aidan O'Regan.

 cork city sports 1986 junior men 800m lap 2 go

Junior Men's 800m with a lap to go

cork city sports 1986 liz lynch leads womens 3000m
Liz Lynch (9) leads Women's 3000m

imperial hotel 400m presentation kelly walsh yevesyeva baker
Imperial Hotel 400m - Presentation by Dermot Kelly to Patricia Walsh, I. Yerseyeva and Lorraine Baker

cork city sports 1986 judy livermore simpsonJudy Livermore Simpson in the High Jump


Marathon Magazine Editorial - Fr. Liam Kelleher

Editorial (PDF file) - Marathon Magazine, Vol 24 No 6, September 1986


Don’t blame Ovett, blame the “box”

Even the late entry of superstar Steve Ovett could not provide the mass injection of cash at the turnstiles that the Cork City Sports needed to offset the massive outlay incurred in staging the 1986 version of the renowned Cork City Sports. Indeed it is a tribute in itself to the dedicated organisers that the Sports went ahead with as many stars as previous years despite the withdrawal of major sponsorship from a company which shall be nameless, which was indeed surprising considering the great publicity “mileage” it must have got from its previous involvement.

Such is the fickleness of Irish businesses, particularly some that would make us believe that they have almost limitless resources. Not so discouraging though was the fact that smaller individual concerns were prepared in a limited way to bridge the gap and the organising committee must be particularly grateful for this. They must be grateful too to our National Sports body Cospoir who came to the aid of Cork Promotions for the 2nd time this year by injecting a reported 5 figure sum. There could be many arguments used to debate the merits or demerits of spending Government money in this way for the promotion of Sport but one thing is certain, such a prestigious Sports Meet cannot survive on such tenuous support.

Certainly from the spectator point of view the attendance was nothing short of appalling, and the question must be asked why on a fine night was spectator support lacking. We can’t blame Ovett and company, we can’t blame the media, we can’t blame the weather, we can’t blame the organisers, who or what then can we blame beside the public who did not support it.
I have no hestitation in blaming the “Box”. Most people now, whether legally or illegally, enjoy the privilege of multi-channel viewing and the fare served up by our neighbours across the water allied to the new found interest of our national network with the help of the EBS must give the most demanding viewer a saturation of top class athletics viewing during the peak summer season.

There is one major difference though between ITV and RTE and that’s where the kernal of the whole issue lies.
ITV are prepared to pay a massive sum for what they screen in Britain, while RTE to my knowledge pay little or nothing for the privilege of screening the few Irish meets, the Cork City Sports and the National B.L.E. Championships that they reluctantly condescend to cover.

It’s a vicious circle really. Why, you might ask, cannot the Cork organisers, like their British counterparts, demand a fee for the televising of their event? The truth is that if they demanded a fee they would probably get no coverage at all. Then without the TV coverage they would most probably lose the limited amount of sponsorship that they have. Surely with the popularity of athletics worldwide that the time has come for our National Network to recognise this and start at the right end of the scale by supporting a big meet here financially, whether in Cork or Dublin or wherever, bring in the top stars and then sell a package of the event to other TV networks. This seems the local and practical thing to do. We are all well aware of the massive amount of money involved in the Budd-Decker-Slaney re-match or should we say mis-match at Crystal Palace last year.

There is little doubt that the Cork organisers, despite their expertise, could not cope on their own on anything like equal terms with a situation like that without the help of massive sponsorship and more importantly without the help of real support from RTE. They have little less than a year now to make it work. Let’s hope for the sake at least of our home based athletes it does work.


Results of Cork City Sports 1986

 Men's Results

Irish Cement 100m     
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 L. Asquith Birchfleld Harriers 10.20  
2 E. Bunney East Sale Harriers 10.30  
3 F. Cambell Birchfield Harriers 10.60  
4 P. Snoddy Q.U.B. 10.80  
5 R. Ryan Dublin City Harriers 10.90  
6 K. Horgan East Cork 10.90  
7 A. Ikaooniex U.S.S.R. 11.20  
Mayfield Fruit & Veg 200m
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 C. Kearney Australia 20.71  
2 A. Bennett Birchfield Harriers 21.19  
3 A. Mafe London/lrish 21.56  
4 P. Snoddy Annadale 21.60  
5 F. Cambell Birchfield Harriers 21.67  
6 C. Cashell Wrexham 22.52  
7 E. Small Limerick 22.66 PB
8 K. Leahy Waterford 22.88  
C.M.P. 400m
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 B. Cameron Jamaica 45.80  
2 D. Morris Jamaica 45.93  
3 C. Chip Jenkins Jnr Villanova University 46.19  
4 B. Frayne Australia 46.64  
5 G. Delaney Dublin City Harriers 46.82  
6 B. Dunne Team Puma 48.19  
7 K. Finn Limerick AC 48.97  
8 P. O'Regan Leevale/Villanova University 50.53  
Burgerland 800m
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 T. McKean Scotland 01:47.27  
2 D. Mack Santa Monica Track Club 01:47.69  
3 C. Trobado Spain 01:48.01  
4 C. Sylvester Birchfield Harriers. 01:48.26  
5 M. Kirk Nth. Ireland 01:48.70  
6 R. Shanahan Leevale AC 01:48.80 PB
7 A. Ozolins Australia 01:49.39  
8 P. Edward Birchfield Harriers 51:28.00  
9 B. Jennings Dublin City Harriers 01:52.97  
Mens Open Mile
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 P. McColgan Strabane 04:01.12  
2 P. Tweedy Annadale 04:03.24  
3 B. Downey Kildare 04:03.51  
4 J. J. Doyle Slaney Side 04:05.15  
5 B. Roche Dublin City Harriers 04:05.55  
6 D. Sullivan Australia 04:06.64  
7 S. McCann Clove Hill Dunchair 04:06.70  
8 A. Laukam Birchfield Harriers 04:06.94  
9 C. O'Riordan North Cork 04:07.12  
10 L Looney Limerick 04:07.40  
11 M. Kelleher Leevale 04:07.44  
12 C. Miliner Tullamore Harriers 04:09.63  
13 D. Dolan Tullamore Harriers 04:12.52  
14 N. Stack Limerick 04:13.86  
Harp Lager Mile
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 S. Scott Phoenix AC 03:52.99  
2 M. O'Sullivan New Balance/Leevale AC 53:55.00  
3 S. Maree Puma U.S.A. 53:57.00  
4 N. Horsfield Newport Wales 03:54.39 National record
5 T. Moloney Croke AC 03:54.68 PB
6 Gerry O'Reilly Villanova University 03:55.25  
7 D. Taylor Clonliffe Harriers 03:56.97  
8 R. Wicksell Puma U.S.A. 03:57.76  
9 R. Eckert F.R.G. 03:58.42  
10 E. Curran Clonliffe Harriers 03:58.54 PB
11 Earl Jones Santa Monica Track Club 03:58.98  
  Sean O'Neill, Villanova Univ. / Ballymena DNF  
1,500m electronic times
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
S. Ovett,     03:38.45  
M. O'Sullivan,     03:38.45  
G. O'Reilly,     03:38.45  
T. Moloney     03:42.10  
Dairy Gold 5,000m
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 J. Abascal Spain 13:17.71 PB
2 J. Walker New Zealand 13:19.28 PB
3 E. Coghlan Metropolitan Hrs. 13:22.35  
4 W. Waigwa Kenya 13:23.18 PB
5 P. Donovan Athletics West Galway 13:24.35 PB
6 P. Klimes London Irish 13:25.32 PB
7 L. Tesacek T.C.H. 13:25.62 PB
8 P. Klimes London Irish 13:25.97 PB
9 N. Rose Bristol 13:29.12  
10 C. Nelson Canada 13:33.58 PB
11 J. Woods Liverpool 13:36.51 PB
12 N. Harvey Clonliffe Harriers 13:38.88 PB
13 T. Endo Japan 13:39.00 PB
14 M. McLeod England 13:44.84  
15 R. Flynn Team Kangaroos/Longford 13:46.09  
16 R. Mulligan Ireland 13:53.28  
17 R. Dooney Dublin City Harriers 14:01.07 PB
18 P. MacCarthy West Limerick 14:01.81 PB
19 J. Hartigan England 14:22.17  
20 T. O'Leary Leevale AC 14:32.83  
21 C. Boyle Carlow 15:33.04  
  P. O'Callaghan Wolverhampton DNF  
  R. Lee Canada DNF  
Bank of Ireland High Jump
Pos Forename Surname Club Height Notes
1 W. Sheppard Birchfield Harriers 2.05  
2 D. O'Mahony Clonliffe Harriers 2.00  
3 C. Alcindor Birchfield Harriers 2.00  
4 P. Bailey Bray 1.85  
5 J. Hill Birchfield Harriers Failed on entry (1.90)  
Bank of Ireland Long Jump
Pos Forename Surname Club Dist Notes
1 G. Honey Australia 7.97  
2 B. Oakes Kilkenny City Hrs./U.C.C. 7.36  
3 T. Sinclair Birchfield Harriers 7.16  
4 S. Zaozerski U.S.S.R. 7.10  
5 R. Ryan Dublin City Harriers 7.06  
6 J. Battles Limerick 6.66  
Bank of Ireland Triple Jump
Pos Forename Surname Club Dist Notes
1 I Laphin U.S.S.R. 16.83  
2 J Taiwo Nigeria 16.54  
3 A. Moore Birchfield Harriers 15.70  
4 B. Oakes Kilkenny City Hrs./U.C.C. 14.87  
5 J. Hayes Waterford City 14.41 PB
6 S. Costello Kilkenny City Harriers 14.32  
Irish Pension Trust Women 100m
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 E Walso Birchfield Harriers 11.83  
2 O. Burke Limerick AC 12.04 PB
3 M. Ammond St. Laurence O'Toole 12.07 PB
4 M. Carolan Lucan 12.14 PB
5 J. Livermore Simpson Birchfield Harriers 12.28  
6 T. Horgan Mallow 12.29 PB
7 J. Stokes Ferrybank 12.36 PB
8 K. Hagger Essex L 12.36  
Imperial Hotel 400m
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 I. Yevseyeva U.S.S.R. 52.60  
2 P. Walsh Team Puma Dublin 53.47 PB
3 L. Baker Coventry Godiva 55.00  
4 P. Amond Dublin City Harriers 55.21  
5 B. Johnson North Cork 55.84 PB
6 E. Kavanagh Team Puma Dublin 56.95 PB
7 M. Coyle St Brigid's 57.79  
8 M. Fleming Leevale AC 58.53  
John A. Wood 800m
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 A. Purvis Edinburgh Wm. Sh. 02:02.25  
2 C. Whittingham Windsor S & 02:04.79  
3 V. O'Mahony Togher AC 02:05.95 PB
4 A. Malloy Loughrea AC 02:06.54  
5 M. McKenna Dublin City Harriers 02:07.40  
6 E McGuire Raheny Shamrocks 02:10.50 PB
7 O. Clinton Dublin City Harriers 02:13.00 PB
8 A. Browne Rathfarnham /- Ajax 02:16.50  
Mech-Con 3,000m
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 E. Lynch St. Francis Dundee 08:51.96  
2 J. Kucerikova T.C.H. 08:56.49  
3 R. Smyth Sparta 09:05.30  
4 R. Patridge England 09:07.47  
5 M. Donoghue Clonliffe Harriers 09:08.82 PB
6 J. Dainty Birchfield Harriers 09:15.99  
7 S. Crehan England 09:17.31  
8 P. Griffin Ballinamore 09:36.93  
Bank of Ireland High Jump
Pos Forename Surname Club Height Notes
1 C. Staunton Australia 1.83  
2 A.M. Cording Essex L. England 1.80  
3 C. Summerfield Birchfield Harriers 1.80  
4 J. Livermore Simpson Birchfield Harriers 1.75  
4 K. Hagger Essex L. England 1.75  
6 V. Brown Australia 1.75  
7 E. Comerford West Dublin 1.70  
Shandon Travel Junior Men's 800m
Pos Forename Surname Club Time Notes
1 D. Wilson Annadale 01:53.70  
2 A. O'Regan Leevale AC 01:54.00 PB
3 G. Sheehan North Cork 01:55.60  
4 C. McGiveran Cove Hill & Duncairn 01:56.20  
5 S. Mohan Dohneys Dunmanway 01:56.50  
6 P. McConnon Kildare AC 01:57.00  
7 S. Hynes Limerick 01:58.30 PB
8 B. Walsh St. Finbarr's AC 01:59.90  
9 J. Daly Bandon 01:59.20  
10 S. Gibbons Leevale AC 02:00.00  


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