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Report and Results of BLE Cork County Senior Track and Field Championships 1986

O’Brien Comes Home Alone

Brendan Mooney's Cork Examiner report Monday May 16th 1986

 ray shanahan brendan corcoran 400m co senior 1986

Ray Shanahan (Leevale) leading from Brandan Corcoran (Youghal) (3rd) as they round the bend during the men’s 400m final during the Cork BLE championships at the Mardyke yesterday — Photo: Richard Mills
With some early 'photo bombers' in the bacground!

Liam O’Brien (East Cork), making his seasonal debut in the 3,000m steeplechase, booked his ticket to the A.A.A. championships, with a solo 8.48.8 run. Tommy Moloney (Thurles Crokes), guesting, fought out an exciting finish to the 800m with Ray Shanahan (Leevale) and Mallow international Terrie Horgan had a treble, in the sprints and high jump, at the Adidas Cork B.L.E. track and field championships, at The Mardyke yesterday afternoon.

O’Brien, with his sights on a qualifying time for the European championships, in Stuttgart, in August, took a step towards realising his ambition, with an impressive steeplechase run. Part of his plan is a return to Crystal Palace, where he qualified for the Olympics in 1984, and he gets an expenses paid trip, by beating the qualifying mark of 8.50 laid down by B.L.E. for the A.A.A. championships there.

The 800 metres title goes to Ray Shanahan, but yesterday’s race went to Tommy Moloney from Thurles who was running as a guest, in what proved to be the highlight of the track programme. Moloney took up the running, from young Geoffrey Sheehan (North Cork), after just 100 metres, but, once he hit the front, he always had Shanahan on his shoulder. They went through 400 in just under 58 seconds, but picked up the tempo over the final 300 metres when Shanahan launched his first
major challenge. At 200 metres it looked as if he might hit the front, but Moloney, with his sights on a place on the team for the two internationals, in Spain, early next month, fought him off, and held on down the finishing straight to win impressively.

Kieran Mills (Mallow) had a treble in the high and long jumps, and the javelin, clearing 1.95 to win the high, while Derek Neff (Leevale) again cleared 3.90 in the pole vault and this could get him to the youths A.A.A. championships.

Terrie Horgan (Mallow), a new inter-national last year, recorded her treble in the sprints and high jump and she had to give way to Kathleen Glavin (Midleton) in the long jump who got her season under way with an impressive 5.98.

The Lenihan sisters, Helen, Noreen and Kathy took the three medals for Eagle T.C., Noreen in the shot putt event, Helen completing a double in the javelin and Kathy winning the discus.

Results - Men

100m 1, K. Horgan (East Cork); 10.9; 2, G. Neiland (Leevale) 11.1; 3, B.
Sheehan (Carrignavar) 11.1

200m 1, B. Corcoran (Carrignavar) 22.9; 2, G. Neiland 22.9; 3, S. O’Riordan (East Cork) 23.6

400m 1, R. Shanahan (Leevale) 50.7; 2, B. Walsh (St. Finbarr’s) 51.8; 3, B. Corcoran 53.6

800m 1, R. Shanahan 1.54.7; 2, N. O’Sullivan (North Cork) 1.55.9; 3, G. Sheehan (North Cork) 1.56.7

1,500m 1, D. O'Mahony (East Cork) 4.08.5; 2, W. O’Rourke (Leevale) 4.09.3; 3, J. Aspel (North Cork) 4.11.2

5,000m 1, D. McCarthy (East Cork) 15.29.2.; 2, E. McEvoy (St. Finbarrk’s) 15.52.0; 3, M. Griffin (St. Nicholas) 16.05.3

3,000m S/Chase: 1, L. O’Brien (East Cork) 8.48.8; 2, J. Delaney (Grange) 10.06.8;    3, G. Twomey (North Cork) 10.48.0

110m Hurdles: 1, P. O'Riordan (East Cork) 20.2 ; 2, D. Cashman (East Cork) 20.9

400m Hurdles: 1, A. O’Regan (Leevale) 59.0; 2, J. Woulfe (Leevale); 3, N. Horan (Leevale)

10Km Walk: 1, J. Woulfe 50.21.6; 2, N. Horan 54 mins

5Km Walk: 1, J. Mullins (Eagle); 2, M. Barry (Eagle); 3, J. Mulcahy

4 x 100m Relay: 1, Leevale (G. Neiland. A O'Regan, D. Neff, N. Boland) 43.9; 2, East Cork 45.3.; 3, Carrignavar 45.4

4 x 400m Relay: 1, Togher (G. Lynch, A. Lyne, J. McSweeney, O. Fitzgerald) 3.28.6; 2, Leevale A 3.33.5 ; 3. Leevale B 3.41.8

High Jump: 1, K. Mills (Mallow) 1.95; 2, N. Cunningham (Mallow) 1.80; 3, J. Willis (Mallow) 1.70

Long Jump: 1, K. Mills 6.58; 2, C. Sheehan (Carrignavar) 6.48; 3, N. Cunningham 6.25

Triple Jump: 1, C. Sheehan 12.55; 2, G. Foley (Carrignavar) 11.39; 3, B. Corcoran 11.24

Pole Vault: 1, D. Neff (Leevale) 3.90; 2, J. Hartnett (Midleton) 3.60

Shot: 1, F. Kennedy (North Cork) 10.53; 2, P. Lynch (Eagle) 19.20; 3, L. Lynch (Leevale) 9.17

Discus: 1, F. Kennedy 33.21; 2, L. Lynch 32.55; 3, P. Lynch 27.32

Javelin: 1, K. Mills 41.50; 2, K. Stack (Eagle) 37.10; 3, L. Lynch 36.68

Hammer: 1, P. Lynch 37.70; 2. L. Lynch 31.00; 3, F. Kennedy 15.10



100m.    1, T. Horgan (Mallow) 12.2; 2, A. McCarthy (Leevale) 12.6; 3, M. Walsh (Leevale) 12.7.

200m 1. T. Horgan 24.7; 2, M. Fleming (Leevale) 25.0; 3, T. McCarthy (Togher) 28.8

400m 1, H. Rea (Grange) 62.5; 2, V. Vaughan (Blarney) 65.0; 3, M. Looney (Blarney) 65.7

800m 1, M. Looney 2.25.1; 2, V. Vaughan 2.27.2; 3, C. Heneghan (Eagle) 2.30.2.

1,500m  1, A. Philpott (North Cork) 4.38.1.; 2, P. Delaney (Grange) 4.54.2; 3. M. O'Sullivan (St. Nicholas)     

3,000m  1, E. Prunty (Leevale) 10.19.7; 2, N. O’Sullivan (Leevale) 10.21.0; 3, J. Hough (St. Finbarr’s) 10.25.7

100m Hurdles: 1, K. Glavin (Midleton) 14.4.; 2, B. Johnson (North 'Cork) 14.4.; 3, T. O’Donovan (Ballymore/Cobh) 18.0

400m Hurdles: 1, B. Johnson 61 secs; 2, F. Kirwan (Eagle) 65.4.; 3, T. O’Donovan 70.5

4 x 100m Relay: 1, Leevale (M. Fleming, M. Walsh, E. Sheehan, A. McCarthy) 53 secs; 2, Togher 53.5

4x 400m Relay: 1, Togher (F. Roe, T. McCarthy, S. Murphy, N. O’Mahony) 4.06.0; 2, Leevale 4.15.8; 3, Eagle 4.18.7

High Jump: 1, T. Horgan 1.60; 2, B. Johnson 1.60; 3, T. O’Donovan 1.50

Long Jump: 1, K. Glavin ; 2, T. Horgan 5.90; 3, T. Donovan 5.03.

Shot: 1, H. Linehan (Eagle) 8.93; 2, N. Linehan (Eagle) 8.27; 3, K. Linehan (Eagle) 7.82

Discus: 1, K. Linehan 23.10; 2, J. Murphy (Leevale) 22.84; 3, H. Linehan 22.16

Javelin:  1, H. Linehan 26.99; 2, N. Linehan 23.16; 3, J. Murphy 19.81

Overall Points (General O’Duffy Cup): 1, Leevale 56 pts; 2, Eagle 32 pts.; 3, Mallow 24 pts.; 4, East Cork and North Cork 22 pts.

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