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Cork City Half Marathon 2022

Sunday 05 June 2022, 10:15

Location DistanceTypeChampionshipPermitMeasured
Cork HM Road No Yes John Quigley

Cork City Half-Marathon 2022


10:15am Sunday June 5th 2022

This course was measured by John Quigley, AIMS/IAAF Grade A Measurer

cork half marathon pairc ui caoimh all weather

  One of the highlights of the new start section will be this section over the Pairc Ui Caoimh plaza and teh New Marina Park Plaza


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Half-Marathon Changes

After the first 1.5 Miles or so, the Half-Marathon joins the Marathon course just before 15 Miles.  The major change is a completely new start

This year, the start is on Monaghan Road and heads straight ahead, onto Monaghan Road, passing CAB car dealership, before turning north, towards Pairc Ui Caoimh. Turning left again, the course passes along the Plaza in front of Pairc Ui Caoimh, before swinging right, at the new Marina Park Plaza, and on into the gated car park. It then swings back towards Ballintemple, before turning left, and back in front of the stadium. It the course then swings sharp left and up a short slope, joining the Marathon course on the Marina, just before the 15 Mile mark

2022 Half-Marathon Route 

Shortly after (about 0.25M) the merge point, you hit the 2 Mile mark on Centre Park Road. The next 1.3 miles are pretty flat. Turning at the 3 Mile mark, right on the corner at the former Sextant Bar, before heading out the South Link Road.  There is a deceptive climb over the section between the Filling Station and the junction with Boreenmanna Road, so you will have to do a bit of work, after being on the flat for the first few miles.  NB. There is a right hand sweep along here. Do NOT be 'glued' to the left hand side of the road here - You need to be out by the central median to take the SPR (Shortest Possible Route). This is where it was measured = where you need to be!

Turning left off the South Link Road, there is a short but sharp climb, probably 30-40m in all, but you'll need to work hard here. Immediately after the turn onto South Douglas Road, you hit the 4 Mile mark, just at the bridge.

The next mile is a pretty twisty/curvy section over which you can add an awful lot of distance, if you're not careful and don't follow the SPR. The course is measured on line of sight - bend to bend - so try to run that line.  So...Mile 5 takes you past Turner's Cross football stadium, home of Cork City FC, then past Musgrave Park, Munster Rugby's second home. One drag on this section - nothing to worry about.

The 5 mile mark is immediately before the turn onto Lower Friar's Walk, by the former Manhattan Bar, there is another slight drag up to the right turn onto Connolly Road. Crossing Pearse Road, there is another short climb to Tory Top Park, and you're back onto the level again. At the far end of the park, swing left and right at the end of the road. At the North end of Tory Top Park, it turns right and immediately left - probably best described as "a jiggle" - into Reendowney Place and on through the 6 Mile mark in Clareville.

Next is a left onto Pouladuff Road. It rejoins the old course at Pearse Road, and then right towards, and past, the Lough. After the Lough, there is another drag up Hartland's Avenue, and across Glasheen Road, onto Dorgan's Road, before turning left onto Magazine Road, where there is another nice downslope.  the 7 Mile mark comes immediately after the junction with St Clare's Avenue, before turning right, into St. Francis Avenue. At the end of St. Francis Avenue, there is a left turn onto College Road, by Brookfield, before turning right again, into Orchard Road.

At the Orchard Road - Wilton Road junction, there is another "jiggle", crossing Wilton Road, into Farranlea Road. There is another drag here, by the back of the County Hall. Continuing on Farranlea Road, past Leevale AC's High Performance Centre, then immediately left into Farranlea Park, where you hit the 8 mile mark.

After this, there is another drag, before rejoining the old course again at the Model Farm Road - Farranlea Park junction. After the top of this climb, there is a nice section up to the Tennis Village, just after the 9 Mile Mark.

The next mile starts with a short steep downhill by the Tennis Village. Once that's out of the way, you'll be glad to hear that there are no more hills or drags all the way to the finish line!

The 10 Mile mark comes just at the start of the Lee Fields Amenity Park, with the 11 Mile mark just before the Victoria Cross Junction.

The next Mile takes you past the Sacred Heart Church, where it turns left and immediately right onto Mardyke Walk, and straight ahead before turning left and onto the bridge at Cumann na mBan Walk, with the 12 Mile mark at the far side of the bridge.

After this, you're definitely on the homestretch, however it can be quite congested on the Cumann na mBan Walk, so both beware of this and, if you do need to walk, please move to one side. Also, in previous years, some inconsiderate people have been 'paced' by people on bikes, with bikers even walking along this stretch, causing much mayhem and problems for other participants.



Following the Cumann na mBan Walk, it's straight ahead onto North Mall and North Gate Bridge After crossing North Gate Bridge, the course heads directly up North Main Street, as far as Washington St., where it turns left.  Passing the 26 Mile Marathon mark, at the main door to St. Augustine's church, the route turns left onto Grand Parade, before swinging immediately right into Patrick's St, for the final run-in.  The 13 Mile Mark is just after theTraffic Lights, by Waterstones. The finish is outide Penneys, at exactly the same point as last year.



Marathon Info



Half Marathon Route on MapMyRun

cork city half marathon route map 2018 satellite



cork city half marathon route map 2018


Course Elevation Profile

cork city half marathon course elevation 2018



Route Changes 2018



cork half marathon 1M 2018aView from 1 Mile mark, just after Suttons coal depot


cork half marathon pairc ui caoimh 1.jpg

Runner's view on new Pairc Ui Caoimh Plaza


cork half marathon pairc ui caoimh no no
'No-No' - The footpath on the south side of Pairc Ui Caoimh is a No-Go area - This is Off-Course, so don't be tempted


cork half marathon cab turn

Turn left after CAB - Previously, the course went straigh on at this point


cork half marathon pairc ui caoimh 1
Left again here - This pouint will be barriered, for safety reasons and also to maintain the racing line


cork half marathon pairc ui caoimh all weather
Passing between Pairc Ui Caoimh and the All-Weather pitch, this should prove a short but inspiring section


cork half marathon pairc ui caoimh gate 1a

At the western end of tthe stadium, the course returns through th VIP car park, towards the camera - gates will be open!


cork half marathon pairc ui caoimh slope 2


At the Marina side of the stadium, head up the slope, and onto the Marina



cork half marathon marina merge 2018

Marathon/Half-Marathon Merge Point on the Marina

At the Marina junction, the Half-marathon and Marathon courses merge. There will be a system in place to manage the merge. The Half-Marathon leaders should reach this point at approx. 10:25, meeting Marathon Runners running at approx. 9 minute/mile. They will have been out on the course for just under two hours at this stage




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