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Shanagarry 5 Mile Road Race 2017

Thursday 22 June 2017, 20:00

Location DistanceTypeChampionshipPermitMeasured
Shanagarry 5 Miles Road No Yes John Walshe

Shanagarry 5 Mile Road Race 2017


Thursday June 22nd 2017

This event is run under an Athletics Ireland permit/licence

Organised and hosted by Ballycotton Running Promotions

This course was measured by John Walshe, Athletics Ireland National Grade Measurer


Ballycotton Running Promotions Website


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Results of Athletics Ireland Registered Events - April 2014 - May 2016 (on Old Cork Athletics website)

Results of Athletics Ireland Registered Events - May 2016 to date

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Event Details

Entries will be taken adjacent to Shanagarry GAA pavillion.  There will be two separate sets of entry desks

a) For those who ran in the first race in the series, the Ballyandreen 5, and
b) for those who did not run in the first race.

If you ran the first race, please check your bib number, on the wall, or on the list on the Ballycotton Running Promotions website, before approaching the entry desk.

Those who ran in the first race will have their Race numbers pre-assigned, based on their Race 1 finish position, while everyone else will have their numbers assigned as they enter, on race night.


Results of Ballyandreen 5 2016 - Race 1 on Series


Shanagarry General Location

Shanagarry General Location


Shanagarry 5 Course Route Map

Shanagarry 5 Course on MapMyRun

Shanagarry 5 Route Map


Shanagarry 5 Course Elevation Profile

Shanagarry 5 Course Elevation Profile A

Race Numbers for Shanagarry 5 2017

If you ran this year's Ballyandreen 5, you will find your race number listed below.

If you did NOT run in the first race in the series, then you can still enter on the night.

Race NumberAthleteClubCat
218 ABERNETHY, Fergal Ballintotis Fit4Life M45
200 ABERNETHY, Michael Midleton AC M
491 AHERN, Sarah Ballymore-Cobh AC F
102 AHERN, Sean Youghal AC M40
59 AHERNE, Clive Mallow AC M
142 AHERNE, Liam unatt/Mourneabbey M
48 AHERNE, Neilus Midleton AC M60
596 ALLEN, Cathriona unatt/Cork F35
206 ALLEN, Denis Eagle AC M50
182 ANGLIM, Bob unatt/Cobh MJ
419 ANGLIM, Suzanne unatt/Cobh F
378 ANSBORO, Keith Youghal AC M40
405 ANSBRO, Deirdre Youghal AC F35
424 ANSBRO, Zita Ballintotis Fit4Life F35
33 ARCHER, Anthony St. Finbarrs AC M50
98 ARCHER, Anthony unatt/Ballycotton M
111 BARLASSINA, Luigi unatt/Cork M
583 BARRETT-MILLS, Louise Midleton AC F35
113 BARRON, Declan Youghal AC M40
138 BARRY, David unatt/Lisgoold M40
465 BARRY, Frances St. Catherines AC F40
186 BARRY, Keith St. Catherines AC M40
485 BARRY, Lorraine Youghal AC F40
414 BARRY, Louise Midleton AC F35
588 BARRY, Marie St. Nicholas AC F35
578 BEAUSANG, Mairead Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
212 BEIRNE, Michael Midleton AC M50
213 BENT, Nicholas Ballintotis Fit4Life M55
70 BERMINGHAM, Paudie Mallow AC M45
107 BERRY, Nigel Aghada RC M
161 BOARD, Mervin Carrigtwohill AC M
591 BOWENS, Elaine unatt/Ballintotis F35
453 BRADY, Marie-Therese unatt/Cork F40
67 BRISTOW, Chris unatt/Cork M
456 BRODERICK, Diane Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
396 BRODERICK, James St. Nicholas AC M
589 BRODERICK, Rita St. Nicholas AC F50
348 BROWNE, Brian unatt/Bartlemy M45
553 BUCKLEY, Marian Carrigtwohill AC F
332 BUCKLEY, Michael Carrigtwohill AC M
383 BUCKLEY, Patrick Mallow AC M
597 BUCKLEY, Rachel unatt/Cork F40
219 BULMAN, George Youghal AC M55
54 BULMAN, Mark Donoughmore AC M50
483 BURKE, Anne Ballymore-Cobh AC F50
359 BURKE, Donal unatt/Whitechurch M70
513 BURKE, Martina unatt/Cork F40
347 BURKE, Mervyn Ballymore-Cobh AC M50
324 BYRNE, Damian St. Catherines AC M
86 CAREW, TJ Ballintotis Fit4Life M
477 CARNEY, Jennifer unatt/Saleen F
41 CARR, Allan St. Catherines AC M
409 CARROLL, Aoife Mallow AC F35
109 CARROLL, Shane Ballintotis Fit4Life M
79 CASEY, Darren Eagle AC M40
72 CASEY, Eoghan UCC AC M
521 CASEY, Louise Ballintotis Fit4Life F35
284 CASHMAN, Conor unatt/Killeagh M40
519 CASHMAN, Noreen Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
484 CLEARY, Ann unatt/Limerick F
584 CLIFFORD, Nicola Tracton AC F35
358 COAKLEY, John unatt/Youghal M
393 COAKLEY, Michael West Waterford AC M50
501 CODY, Aisling Ballintotis Fit4Life F35
9 COFFEY, Donal Leevale AC M
80 COFFEY, Shea unatt/Saleen M
167 COGAN, Denis unatt/Cork M40
339 COLEMAN, Eoin Youghal AC M
505 COLEMAN, Helena unatt/Youghal F45
45 COLLIER, Martin unatt/Castlemartyr M
106 COLLINS, Brendan St. Nicholas AC M40
503 COLLINS, Mary Watergrasshill AC F
384 COLLINS, Pat St. Nicholas AC M55
209 COLLINS, Tim unatt/Shanagarry M45
201 COLLINS, Trevor Naas AC M40
130 CONDON, Trevor Midleton AC M
551 CONNOLLY, Sinead unatt/Cork F40
335 CONSTANT, Kerry Waterstown Warriors AC M60
523 COONEY, Amanda unatt/Midleton F50
210 COONEY, Sean unatt/Carrigtwohill M45
598 COOPER, Paula unatt/Youghal F40
341 CORCORAN, Darren unatt/Cork M
410 CORCORAN, Geraldine Eagle AC F40
367 CORCORAN, Sean Watergrasshill AC M
172 COSTELLO, Ricky Watergrasshill AC M
76 COSTIGAN, Pat St. Catherines AC M45
229 COSTINE, Diarmuid unatt/Cloyne M
155 COTT, Brian Midleton AC M40
581 COTT, Christine Ballintotis Fit4Life F40
318 COTTER, Allen St. Nicholas AC M
438 COTTER, Mary Eagle AC F50
386 COTTER, Patrick unatt/Carrigtwohill M
466 COUGHLAN, Mags unatt/Shanagarry F40
85 COUGHLAN, Padraig Skibbereen AC M
511 CREATON, Annette unatt/Cloyne F35
531 CREEDON, Marie unatt/Waterfall F50
478 CREMIN, Eileen An Bru AC F50
120 CREMIN, Michael An Bru AC M50
63 CREMIN, Mike Midleton AC M
239 CRONIN, Gerry West Muskerry AC M40
458 CRONIN, Karen unatt/Cork F
524 CRONIN, Marie unatt/Carrigaline F35
68 CRONIN, Tim unatt/Midleton M40
703 CROWE, Hubert unatt/Tipperary M40
440 CROWLEY, Avril unatt/Cloyne F40
14 CROWLEY, Bryan Watergrasshill AC M40
35 CROWLEY, Ken Watergrasshill AC M40
99 CROWLEY, Stephen unatt/Ballycotton M
506 CULLINANE, Denise Ballintotis Fit4Life F
173 CUMMINS, Tony unatt/Carrigaline M
144 CUNNINGHAM, Colin St. Catherines AC M40
544 CUNNINGHAM, Siobhan Aghada RC F45
87 CURTIN, Brendan Midleton AC M40
21 CURTIN, Martin St. Finbarrs AC M40
481 CUSSEN, Eimear Carrigtwohill AC F35
93 DALY, Martin Eagle AC M40
374 DALY, Mervyn unatt/Shanagarry M45
49 DALY, Noel Mallow AC M40
533 DALY, Noreen St. Catherines AC F45
472 DALY, Patrycja Youghal AC F40
193 DALY, William St. Nicholas AC M
280 DAUNT, John unatt/Cork M
528 DAUNT, Ruth unatt/Cork F
202 DAVIES, Simon Ballintotis Fit4Life M40
497 DAVIS, Karen Midleton AC F35
259 DAY, Chris unatt/Whitegate M
314 DAY, Conor Aghada RC M
181 DELANEY, John Grange-Fermoy AC M45
716 DENNEHY, Mary Midleton AC F55
112 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M50
704 DEVLIN, Darragh Ballinacurra Villagers AC M
571 DINEEN, Orla unatt/Cork F
52 DOLLARD, Glenn St. Finbarrs AC M40
500 DONNELLY, Emer unatt/Cork F
350 DONOVAN, John unatt/Cork M
307 DONOVAN, Kevin unatt/Ballycotton M
379 DOUGLAS, Gavin Ballintotis Fit4Life M
103 DOWDALL, Kris Midleton AC M40
407 DOWNING, Eilish Ballintotis Fit4Life F40
94 DOYLE, Paul Grange-Fermoy AC M40
595 DUNLEA, Liz Midleton AC F
575 DURKIN, Susan unatt/Cork F35
136 DVOISKY, Stan unatt/Midleton M40
288 DWYER, Jayme unatt/Cloyne M40
88 EARLY, Noel St. Catherines AC M
421 ERFURTH, Anna Carrigtwohill AC F35
562 FARRELL, Katherine Ballymore-Cobh AC F35
316 FENNELL, John West Waterford AC M40
71 FENNESSY, Kevin unatt/Watergrasshill M40
75 FENTON, Paul unatt/Glanmire M
558 FITZGERALD, Annette Midleton AC F45
255 FITZGERALD, Barry unatt/Midleton M
260 FITZGERALD, Barry unatt/Ladysbridge M
425 FITZGERALD, Claire Midleton AC F40
365 FITZGERALD, Denis unatt/Cork M
357 FITZGERALD, Dermot unatt/Blarney M
187 FITZGERALD, Ed Eagle AC M45
334 FITZGERALD, Edward unatt/Blarney M45
337 FITZGERALD, John Ballintotis Fit4Life M45
435 FITZGERALD, Sinead Aghada RC F40
556 FITZGIBBON, Helen Ballintotis Fit4Life F40
170 FITZPATRICK, Darren St. Catherines AC M
203 FITZPATRICK, Eoin unatt/Ballycotton M40
226 FLANAGAN, Ger Youghal AC M50
508 FLEMING, Barbara unatt/Shanagarry F40
262 FLEMING, Paul unatt/Cloyne M45
389 FLYNN, John Ballintotis Fit4Life M
168 FOGARTY, Pat unatt/Cork M50
487 FOGARTY, Thelma unatt/Killeagh F35
231 FOLEY, Alan Watergrasshill AC M45
34 FOLEY, Colin Eagle AC M
204 FOLEY, John unatt/Midleton M
125 FOLEY, Ray Fota RC M
5 FOLEY, Vivian Eagle AC M45
32 FOLEY-FITZGERALD, Shane Midleton AC M
546 FORDE, Claire Fota AC F
436 FORREST, Michelle Ballintotis Fit4Life F40
147 FOX, Conor Donoughmore AC M45
502 FOX, Mary Ballintotis Fit4Life F40
40 FOX, Thomas Eagle AC M50
131 GALLAGHER, Dermot unatt/Cork M40
512 GARCIA, Penelope Midleton AC F40
561 GARDE, Anita unatt/Midleton F35
198 GARDE, Colin Midleton AC M
166 GARDE, Cyril Ballintotis Fit4Life M
547 GARDE, Shirley Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
56 GEARY, Kevin Eagle AC M
482 GEASLEY, Karen Ballymore-Cobh AC F35
39 GEOGHEGAN, Stephen St. Finbarrs AC M45
184 GIBBS, Harry Ballymore-Cobh AC M
310 GIGLIONE, Rino unatt/Ballyhooly M45
422 GILLMAN, Marie Midleton AC F50
404 GILROY, Helen Midleton AC F50
252 GODFREY, Donal Aghada RC M45
522 GONZALEZ, Maria unatt/Aghada F40
395 GOULD, Joan unatt/Cork M55
92 GRANELL, Frank Youghal AC M
543 GRANELL, Juane Youghal AC F
320 GRIFFIN, Ben unatt/Midleton M
189 GRIFFIN, Edward unatt/Cloyne M40
427 GUINANE, Elaine Eagle AC F40
514 GUMBLETON, Edel unatt/Ladysbridge F
529 GUMBLETON, Louise Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
312 GYVES, Paddy Mallow AC M65
714 HAINES, Nicola unatt/Ballintotis F40
145 HALLAHAN, Mike Midleton AC M50
158 HAMILL, Robert Youghal AC M40
8 HARRINGTON, Shane East Cork AC M
351 HARRIS, Joe unatt/Cobh M
199 HARTE, Matt Ballintotis Fit4Life M45
13 HARTY, Brian East Cork AC M
296 HAYES, Anthony Ballintotis Fit4Life M
434 HAYES, Caoimhe St. Catherines AC FJ
572 HAYES, Emer Midleton AC F50
306 HAYES, Gerard Watergrasshill AC M
520 HAYES, Helen Ballymore-Cobh AC F45
47 HAYES, Kevin St. Catherines AC M40
586 HAYES, Maura Midleton AC F
123 HAYES, Willie St. Finbarrs AC M60
360 HEALY, Brian unatt/Ballycotton M45
253 HEALY, Mark unatt/Cork M40
295 HEALY, Martin unatt/Carrigtwohill M40
232 HEALY, Paul Donoughmore AC M45
319 HEAPHY, John unatt/Lisgoold M45
126 HEAVIN, Aiden Midleton AC M40
488 HEGARTY, Linda Aghada RC F45
15 HENNESSY, John East Cork AC M45
97 HENNESSY, John unatt/Ballymacoda M40
494 HERLIHY, Breda unatt/Cork F
188 HERLIHY, Colm Cork Mental Health AC M
153 HERLIHY, Michael Cork Mental Health AC M
132 HICKEY, Brendan St. Catherines AC M40
336 HICKEY, Conor unatt/Killeagh M40
441 HICKSON, Sandra St. Finbarrs AC F35
599 HOGAN, Patrica Youghal AC F
420 HOLLAND, Siobhan St. Finbarrs AC F40
325 HORGAN, Aiden unatt/Carrignavar M40
214 HORGAN, Noel Ballintotis Fit4Life M40
594 HORGAN, Roseanne unatt/Midleton F35
78 HORNIBROOK, Aaron unatt/Glanmire M
415 HOULIHAN, Brigid St. Finbarrs AC F
12 HOULIHAN, Michael St. Finbarrs AC M
461 HURLEY, Aislinn Watergrasshill AC F40
541 HURLEY, Maeve Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
345 HURSON, Alan Watergrasshill AC M
509 HUTCHINSON, Emma unatt/Castlemartyr F
115 ISLEY, Ron unatt/Youghal M55
417 ISLEY, Stephanie unatt/Youghal F55
238 JABKIEWICZ, Jagek unatt/Cobh M
222 JACOBSON, Martin unatt/Cork M
463 JOHNSON, Aine unatt/Glanmire F
711 JOHNSTON, Theresa Aghada RC F40
388 KAVANAGH, Brian unatt/Ballinacurra M
565 KAVANAGH, Carmel unatt/Ballinacurra F
194 KAVANAGH, Niall Ballymore-Cobh AC M
587 KEANE, Mary unatt/Cloyne F50
301 KEANE, Patsy unatt/Cloyne M50
330 KEARNEY, Bartholomew Leevale AC M55
268 KEARNEY, Darren Togher AC M40
129 KEARNEY, Paul Aghada RC M
418 KEATING, Blaithin Watergrasshill AC F40
377 KELLEHER, Brendan unatt/Killarney M50
61 KELLEHER, Denis Leevale AC M50
297 KELLEHER, Donal unatt/Cork M
473 KELLEHER, Elaine unatt/Macroom F
44 KELLEHER, James unatt/Cork M55
526 KELLEHER, Joanna Ballintotis Fit4Life F35
429 KELLEHER, Kerry Aghada RC F
141 KELLEHER, Phillip unatt/Cork M
302 KELLEHER, Ronan unatt/Glanmire M
151 KELLEHER, Ross unatt/Cloyne M
510 KELLEHER-CAREW, Linda Ballintotis Fit4Life F
708 KELLIHER, Esther unatt/Killarney F
154 KELLY, Barry unatt/Cork M
392 KELLY, Brendan unatt/Midleton M40
73 KELLY, Chris Aghada RC M
246 KENNEALLY, Eoin unatt/Garryvoe M
257 KENNEALLY, Fergus Midleton AC M45
566 KENNEALLY, Gillian unatt/Cork F
309 KENNEALLY, Martin unatt/Fermoy M
116 KENNEALLY, Trevor unatt/Garryvoe M
555 KENNEDY, Mary Ballintotis Fit4Life F40
274 KENNEDY, Michael Midleton AC M40
464 KENNEDY, Yvonne Midleton AC F40
17 KEOGH, Mossy West Waterford AC M40
108 KEOHANE, Gus Carraig na bhFear AC M40
401 KEVANY, Sinead Midleton AC F40
462 KIELTY, Debbie unatt/Midleton F
289 KIELY, Finbarr unatt/Cork M55
77 KILMARTIN, Michael Mallow AC M45
27 KILTY, Colin St. Finbarrs AC M40
706 KINGSTON, Aoife Midleton AC F
57 KINGSTON, Neil unatt/Cork M45
452 LAFFAN, Alex Fota RC F40
474 LAFFAN, Fiona Fota RC F40
286 LAHIVE, David Cork Mental Health AC M
713 LAWTON, Mandy unatt/Cobh F40
577 LAWTON, Martina unatt/Garryvoe F35
573 LAWTON, Maura Garryvoe AC F45
580 LEAHY, Anne Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
411 LEAHY, Eileen Midleton AC F
291 LEAHY, Sean Ballintotis Fit4Life M45
11 LEHANE, Alan St. Finbarrs AC M
321 LENIHAN, Frank Togher AC M65
582 LENIHAN, Pamela Fota RC F35
402 LEONARD, Helen Leevale AC F45
207 LEVY, David unatt/Cloyne M
475 LILLIS, Siobhan unatt/Cork F
428 LONERGAN, Mairead Eagle AC F
564 LONG, Richelle Togher AC F40
518 LUCAS, Mairead unatt/Cork F
412 LUCEY, Grainne St. Finbarrs AC F
31 LUCEY, Peader Mallow AC M
277 LYNCH, Cathal unatt/Ballymacoda M45
346 MACKEY, John unatt/Youghal M
380 MACKEY, Patrick Ballintotis Fit4Life M
192 MADDEN, Brendan Navy AC M45
548 MADDEN, Jacinta Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
215 MADDEN, Ronan unatt/Cork M40
361 MAGUIRE, Ronan unatt/Ballycotton M
276 MAHER, James Carrigtwohill AC M
245 MANNIX, John Paul unatt/Cork M
60 MANNON, Tim Midleton AC M
256 MARSHALL, Ger unatt/Cork M55
376 MARTIN, Brian unatt/Cork M50
557 MARTIN, Debbie Mallow AC F
709 MARTIN, Una Aghada RC F35
114 MAUNSELL, Francis Midleton AC M45
305 MCCARTHY, Barry Watergrasshill AC M45
364 MCCARTHY, Barry unatt/Lisgoold M
82 MCCARTHY, Christopher Midleton AC M
243 MCCARTHY, Cian unatt/Midleton M
133 MCCARTHY, Conor St. Finbarrs AC M
394 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M65
122 MCCARTHY, Denis East Cork AC M50
4 MCCARTHY, James East Cork AC M
590 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F55
271 MCCARTHY, John Eagle AC M
135 MCCARTHY, Keith unatt/Cork M
560 MCCARTHY, Lisa unatt/Glounthaune F
499 MCCARTHY, Niamh unatt/Midleton F45
579 MCCARTHY, Niamh unatt/Cork F
248 MCCORMACK, Tomas unatt/Clochrua M
363 MCDONAGH, Barry unatt/Ballycotton M40
74 MCDONALD, Don Midleton AC M
701 MCDONNELL, John unatt/Cork M45
190 MCDONNELL, Noel unatt/Cork M
426 MCEVOY, Aisling Watergrasshill AC F
110 MCEVOY, Brendan unatt/Blarney M45
413 MCEVOY, Rebecca St. Finbarrs AC F
356 MCGANN, Jim Ballinacurra Villagers AC M
165 MCGILP, Fraser Ballintotis Fit4Life M
100 MCGRATH, Brendan Ballintotis Fit4Life M45
148 MCGRATH, Chris Aghada RC M
95 MCGRATH, Conor unatt/Ballycotton M
479 MCGRATH, Felicity Aghada RC F40
369 MCGRATH, Miah Midleton AC M45
433 MCGRATH, Michelle Midleton AC F45
162 MCGRATH, Phil East Cork AC M65
163 MCGRATH, Robert unatt/Shanagarry M
3 MCGRATH, Sean East Cork AC M
480 MCGREGOR, Catriona unatt/Cloyne F55
50 MCGUIRE, Brian Eagle AC M45
468 MCKENZIE, Betty Eagle AC F50
593 MCKENZIE, Faye Ballintotis Fit4Life F50
7 MCKEOWN, Kieran Watergrasshill AC M40
403 MCKEOWN, Rosaleen Leevale AC F40
58 MCLEAN, Gerard Midleton AC M45
118 MCLEOD, Liam unatt/Ballycotton M40
340 MCMAHON, Michael unatt/Youghal M45
570 MCNAMARA, Joanne unatt/Cork F35
322 MCNAMARA, Mike Midleton AC M60
89 MCPARLAND, Cian Navy AC M
101 MCSHERRY, JP unatt/Cork M
707 MCSWEENEY, Amy Aghada RC F35
331 MCSWEENEY, Gerard St. Nicholas AC M50
51 MEADE, Eric East Cork AC M50
326 MEADE, Malcolm Ballymore-Cobh AC M40
224 MEADE, Noel unatt/Midleton M50
241 MENTON, Colm Donoughmore AC M45
370 MINEHANE, Kieran unatt/Cork M
139 MINEHANE, Michael unatt/Cork M
430 MOLINA, Rosario unatt/Blarney F
542 MOLLOY, Mary Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
121 MOLONEY, David Midleton AC M40
287 MOORE, Charlie unatt/Midleton M55
552 MOORE, Elaine unatt/Glanmire F35
157 MOORE, Trevor unatt/Glanmire M40
254 MORAN, Kevin Midleton AC M45
299 MORLEY, Alan Midleton AC M40
328 MORRISON, Paul unatt/Cork M
263 MORRISSEY, John Donoughmore AC M45
292 MORRISSEY, Michael unatt/Cork M
498 MORRISSON, Moira unatt/Ladysbridge F50
327 MOTHERWAY, John unatt/Aghada M70
28 MOYNIHAN, David Midleton AC M
443 MULCAHY, Jackie St. Catherines AC F
81 MULCAHY, John St. Catherines AC M
504 MULCAHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F55
236 MULCAHY, Paul St. Catherines AC M50
43 MULDOWNEY, David East Cork AC M45
445 MULHOLLAND, Niamh unatt/Watergrasshill F
267 MULKERRINS, Shane St. Catherines AC M
554 MULLANE, Catriona Ballintotis Fit4Life F40
397 MULLANE, Philip Ballintotis Fit4Life M40
30 MULLINS, Brian St. Finbarrs AC M
83 MURPHY, Brendan unatt/Cork M40
467 MURPHY, Carol Youghal AC F40
450 MURPHY, Christine Midleton AC F45
227 MURPHY, Colin unatt/Cork M40
439 MURPHY, Elizabeth unatt/Cork F
423 MURPHY, Esther Midleton AC F40
495 MURPHY, Helena Bandon AC F
105 MURPHY, James unatt/Cork M
275 MURPHY, James unatt/Ladysbridge M40
23 MURPHY, John Grange-Fermoy AC M45
454 MURPHY, Kathy unatt/Ladysbridge F40
66 MURPHY, Mick Midleton AC M40
323 MURPHY, Oliver Grange-Fermoy AC M40
400 MURPHY, Paul unatt/Garryvoe M
313 MURPHY, Sean Eagle AC M
457 MURPHY, Siobhan Midleton AC F40
205 MURRAY, Don Aghada RC M45
333 MURRAY, Jimmy Rising Sun AC M70
149 MURRAY, Joe unatt/Cork M40
442 MURRAY, Maria unatt/Cork F
178 MURRAY, Tony unatt/Cloyne M45
266 MURTAGH, Laurence unatt/Cork M45
385 NAGLE, Kevin unatt/Cork M
537 NAVIN, Bernadette Ballymore-Cobh AC F40
104 NICHOLSON, Edmund Youghal AC M45
128 NOONAN, Brendan unatt/Fermoy M
64 NUDDS, Graham St. Finbarrs AC M
179 NYHAN, Mark Grange-Fermoy AC M50
217 O'BRIEN, Andrew unatt/Aghada M40
408 O'BRIEN, Claire Watergrasshill AC F
20 O'BRIEN, Damien Watergrasshill AC M40
712 O'BRIEN, Darina Midleton AC F50
338 O'BRIEN, Eoin unatt/Cloyne M40
362 O'BRIEN, Martin unatt/Ballycotton M55
96 O'BRIEN, Michael Aghada RC M
137 O'BRIEN, Peter Grange-Fermoy AC M
576 O'BRIEN, Sarah Midleton AC F45
37 O'BRIEN, Sean Watergrasshill AC M
539 O'BRIEN, Sharon unatt/Ballintotis F40
174 O'BRIEN, Tom Ballintotis Fit4Life M50
169 O'CALLAGHAN, Declan unatt/Dungourney M
432 O'CALLAGHAN, Deirdre Eagle AC F45
390 O'CALLAGHAN, Jim unatt/Ballincollig M60
16 O'CALLAGHAN, John Eagle AC M45
29 O'CALLAGHAN, Paul unatt/Blarney M
19 O'CALLAGHAN, Ruairi Eagle AC M
146 O'CALLAGHAN, Timothy unatt/Leamlara M
278 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M65
234 O'CONNELL, Paul St. Catherines AC M
373 O'CONNOR, Anthony unatt/Midleton M45
568 O'CONNOR, Claire unatt/Midleton F45
489 O'CONNOR, Emma unatt/Killeagh F35
449 O'CONNOR, Frances Eagle AC F55
451 O'CONNOR, Lisa Carrigtwohill AC F35
368 O'CONNOR, Michael unatt/Carrigtwohill M
471 O'CONNOR, Michelle unatt/Watergrasshill F
416 O'CONNOR, Niamh East Cork AC F35
177 O'CONNOR, Noel Eagle AC M55
517 O'CONNOR, Nora unatt/Cork F
24 O'CONNOR, Pat Eagle AC M45
311 O'CONNOR, Rory Aghada RC M45
140 O'CONNOR, St John St. Nicholas AC M40
211 O'DONOGHUE, Donal unatt/Little Island M50
2 O'DONOGHUE, Tim East Cork AC M
119 O'DONOVAN, Anthony unatt/Glanmire M
515 O'DONOVAN, Caroline Ballinacurra Villagers AC F35
535 O'DONOVAN, Denise unatt/Carrignavar F
223 O'DONOVAN, Kevin unatt/Cork M40
195 O'DRISCOLL, Adrian unatt/Cork M40
399 O'DRISCOLL, Aidan unatt/Glanmire M
343 O'DRISCOLL, Kevin unatt/Carrigaline M65
22 O'DUBHGAIN, Padraig Leevale AC M
124 O'DWYER, Barry Midleton AC M40
221 O'FARRELL, Andrew Eagle AC M60
569 O'FARRELL, Jean unatt/Carrigaline F
431 O'FLYNN, Danielle unatt/Blarney F
225 O'FLYNN, Shane Grange-Fermoy AC M40
525 O'GORMAN, Shirley Aghada RC F45
406 O'HANLON, Claire Ballintotis Fit4Life F40
36 O'HERLIHY, Colin Eagle AC M45
261 O'KEEFFE, Colm unatt/Ladysbridge M
84 O'KEEFFE, David Eagle AC M
469 O'KEEFFE, Emma unatt/Castlemartyr F
290 O'KEEFFE, Kevin Ballymore-Cobh AC M
437 O'KEEFFE, Mary Midleton AC F50
715 O'LEARY, Clare Aghada RC F40
235 O'LEARY, Dave unatt/Cork M
545 O'LEARY, Janet unatt/Ballintotis F35
298 O'LEARY, John Leevale AC M75
6 O'LEARY, Kevin East Cork AC M
304 O'LEARY, Peter unatt/Cork M
516 O'LEARY, Susan unatt/Midleton F35
65 O'LEARY, Ted West Waterford AC M45
272 O'LOUGHLIN, Michael unatt/Cork M50
69 O'MAHONY, Brendan Grange-Fermoy AC M45
567 O'MAHONY, Jan unatt/Cloyne F
293 O'MAHONY, John unatt/Kerry M
46 O'MAHONY, Patrick unatt/Cork M
196 O'MAHONY, Paul unatt/Cork M40
220 O'MAHONY, Sylvie Youghal AC M60
705 O'MAHONY, William Youghal AC M70
265 O'MEARA, Tom unatt/Ballinacurra M
175 O'REGAN, Dave St. Finbarrs AC M45
159 O'REGAN, Eddie Youghal AC M55
91 O'REGAN, Ger Midleton AC M45
447 O'REGAN, Niamh Youghal AC F
228 O'REGAN, Padraig unatt/Ladysbridge M
574 O'REGAN, Tracey Garryvoe AC F35
283 O'REILLY, Liam unatt/Shanagarry M45
127 O'RIORDAN, Damien Fota RC M
507 O'RIORDAN, Fiona unatt/Cork F45
273 O'RIORDAN, Joe Watergrasshill AC M50
134 O'RIORDAN, William St. Brendans AC M60
1 O'SHEA, Alan Bantry AC M
156 O'SHEA, Colm unatt/Ballinacurra M45
496 O'SHEA, Liana unatt/Mogeely F
250 O'SHEA, Patrick unatt/Cork M
171 O'SHEA, Seamus unatt/Cork M40
53 O'S-HOURIHAN, Zach Leevale AC MJ
258 O'SULLIVAN, Ciaran Ballintotis Fit4Life M
62 O'SULLIVAN, Dara unatt/Cork M
176 O'SULLIVAN, Declan unatt/Saleen M40
382 O'SULLIVAN, Graham Ballintotis Fit4Life M40
164 O'SULLIVAN, Paddy unatt/Cloyne M60
55 O'SULLIVAN, Vincent Eagle AC M
387 OWENS, PJ unatt/Glanmire M
233 PALMER, Steve Fota RC M45
375 PARR, Chris Ballintotis Fit4Life M
460 PERRY, Anne-Marie Midleton AC F45
549 PHELAN, Jane unatt/Glanmire F
530 PHELAN, Ruth Ballymore-Cobh AC F50
160 PIERCE, Ian unatt/Cloyne M
455 POWER, Alice St. Finbarrs AC F
208 POWER, Joe unatt/Carrigtwohill M60
448 POWER, Onra West Waterford AC F50
185 POWER, Tony unatt/Ballinacurra M45
354 PRENDERGAST, Noel Watergrasshill AC M45
270 QUIGLEY, John Eagle AC M60
486 QUINLAN, Deirdre unatt/Cork F50
355 QUINN, Damien unatt/Carrigaline M
237 QUIRKE, Tom St. Nicholas AC M
242 RING, Maurice Midleton AC M
230 ROBERTS, Alan Aghada RC M40
197 ROCHE, Stuart Watergrasshill AC M40
329 ROGERS, Dylan unatt/Cork M
183 RUDDLE, Shane Ballintotis Fit4Life M45
585 RUDDY, Sarah Tracton AC F
279 RUSSELL, Charles unatt/Glanworth M40
459 RUSSELL, Cleen unatt/Cork F
249 RYALL, Noel unatt/Midleton M
492 RYAN, Bridget Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
143 RYAN, Thomas unatt/Cloyne M
42 SANDERS, Brian unatt/Youghal M40
25 SARGENT, Fergal St. Finbarrs AC M
366 SHEEHAN, Batt St. Catherines AC M45
247 SHEEHAN, Colm unatt/Cork M40
90 SHEEHAN, Dave St. Finbarrs AC M
444 SHEEHAN, Ger St. Catherines AC F45
490 SHEEHAN, Marie St. Nicholas AC F40
10 SHEEHAN, Nigel Youghal AC M
18 SHEEHAN, Padraig St. Finbarrs AC M
216 SHEEHAN, Sean unatt/Carrigtwohill M
534 SHERIDAN, Anne-Marie unatt/Aghada F45
352 SHERIDAN, Tony Ballinacurra Villagers AC M
532 SINCLAIR, Margaret unatt/Midleton F35
317 SISK, Bernard unatt/Cork M70
710 SMYTH, Deirdre Aghada RC F40
150 SPEIGHT, David Eagle AC M45
269 SPILLANE, Colm unatt/Midleton M
281 SPILLANE, James unatt/Coachford M
342 SPINK, Troy Grange-Fermoy AC M40
240 ST LEGER, Greg Riverstick-Kinsale AC M50
538 STEELE, Frances unatt/Midleton F35
476 STEPHENS, Jennie unatt/Aghada F40
38 SULLIVAN, David unatt/Carrigtwohill M40
493 SULLIVAN, Emer Carrigtwohill AC F40
26 SWORDS, Graham unatt/Rostellan M
536 SWORDS, Lavinia Aghada RC F
315 TANNER, Adrian St. Catherines AC M40
398 TARGIUS, Sean Ballintotis Fit4Life M
244 THEBAULT, Jacky St. Nicholas AC M50
540 THOMPSON, Yvonne Ballintotis Fit4Life F35
300 TOBIN, Brendan unatt/Glounthaune M45
349 TRANT, Adrian unatt/Ballincollig M40
344 TREACY, John unatt/Ballintotis M45
353 TROY, Tim Ballintotis Fit4Life M50
191 TUCKEY, David St. Senans AC M45
264 TWOHIG, Dan Midleton AC M40
470 TWOMEY, Bernie Midleton AC F40
308 TWOMEY, Owen unatt/Timoleague M
391 TWOMEY, Paul unatt/Glanmire M40
446 TWOMEY, Susanne unatt/Ballincollig F35
372 TWOMEY, Tim unatt/Cork M55
550 TWOMEY, Valerie Ballintotis Fit4Life F40
600 VON HEYNE, Heike Ballymore-Cobh AC F40
285 WALEROWSKI, Kian unatt/Cork M
559 WALSH, Caroline unatt/Shanagarry F35
592 WALSH, Deirdre unatt/Cork F
527 WALSH, Diane Ballintotis Fit4Life F45
563 WALSH, Lucy unatt/Shanagarry F45
251 WALSH, Pat unatt/Midleton M50
381 WALSH, Sean unatt/Cork M
294 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M65
282 WARDE, Thomas Youghal AC M
180 WATERMAN, Jon unatt/Midleton M
303 WHELAN, Damien Ballymore-Cobh AC M45
702 WHITAKER, Andrew unatt/Carrigaline M
117 WHITE, Philip Fota RC M
371 WHYTE, Brendan Carrigtwohill AC M
152 WOODS, Dermot St. Finbarrs AC M40


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Cork Athletics County Board is a constituent member of Athletics Ireland. Cork Athletics is the governing body, administering athletics, track and field (T&F), cross-country (XC) and running in county Cork. The Board comprises elected representatives of constituent athletic clubs and running clubs. Cork County Board AAI organises Championship races and competition, including road, track & field (T&F) and Cross-country (XC), at junior, juvenile, senior and masters levels, and selects representation for the county. In addition, training and education is provided for coaches and officials. The Board also regulates the Athletics Ireland race/event permit (licence) process for county Cork.
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