Results of Cork City Youth Challenge 2015

                        Cork, 09:00am, Monday June 1st

                        This was an Athletics Ireland Registered Event

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1519 Photos on Cork Athletics Flickr account, taken at Start area, Patrick's Bridge (1 Mile), Christy Ring Bridge (1.75 & 3.5 Miles)

Results from all four of the races in the Marathon

Cork City Marathon Results
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Results - Cork City Marathon Youth Challenge 2015

PosTeam GroupChipTime
1DCS Com Fu FitnessDouglas Community School03:05:2003:05:20
2St Colman's College 1St Colman's College03:09:3003:09:30
3Lee Rowing ClubLee Rowing Club03:09:5103:09:51
4SMGS 2Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál03:10:3303:10:33
5St. Colman's Community CollegeSt Colman's Community School03:14:2403:14:24
6PBC RowingPresentation Brothers College03:15:1903:15:19
7Carrigaline CS 1Carrigaline Community School03:15:5703:15:57
8St Colman's College 4St Colman's College03:22:1803:22:18
9Team ActimelColaiste an Spioraid Naoimh03:23:1103:23:11
10St Brogan's FlyersSt Brogan's College03:24:5503:24:55
11Scoil Mhuire MCScoil Mhuire03:34:3503:34:35
12DCS VictoriousDouglas Community School03:37:5803:37:58
13RoCo RunnersRochestown College03:38:0403:38:04
14BlackstonesBandon Grammar School03:42:5403:42:54
15Sch. Completion 2 DeerparkSchool Completion Programme c/o Deerpark CBS03:45:1403:45:14
16Terence Macswiney CCTerence MacSweeney03:48:1803:48:18
17We got the runs!Mount Mercy College/Cloaiste Spioraid Naomh03:51:0903:51:09
18Ballincollig Youthreach 1Ballincollig Youth Reach03:52:5803:52:58
19SMGS 4Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál03:56:0303:56:03
20Carrigaline CS 2Carrigaline Community School03:56:3803:56:38
21St Colman's College 2St Colman's College03:57:0703:57:07
22Colaiste an Phiarsaigh 5Colaiste an Phiarsaigh03:57:4503:57:45
24Foireann gan AinmColaiste an Phiarsaigh03:59:2603:59:26
25Banter PanthersScoil Mhuire04:04:0704:04:07
27Scoil Mhuire 4Scoil Mhuire04:06:3504:06:35
28The Yellow JacketsShare04:07:0004:07:00
29St Peters Senior GirlsSt. Peters Community School04:08:2504:08:25
30St Colman's College 3St Colman's College04:10:0304:10:03
31SMGS 5Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál04:12:4304:12:43
32GCC 1Glanmire Community College04:12:5804:12:58
33Colaiste Daibheid 2Colaiste Daibheid04:13:1504:13:15
34Colaiste an PhiarsaighColaiste an Phiarsaigh04:15:4204:15:42
35Scoil Mhuire team 3Scoil Mhuire04:16:2104:16:21
36St. Marys High School 1St. Mary's High School04:17:5804:17:58
37Colaiste Daibheid 1Colaiste Daibheid04:18:4404:18:44
38BGS 1Bandon Grammar School04:21:3404:21:34
39D's ArmyColaiste an Phiarsaigh04:23:1604:23:16
402 slow 2 win, 2 dumb 2 quitBallincollig Community School04:24:3804:24:38
41The Fugly 5Ballincollig Community School04:24:3804:24:38
42Colaiste Daibheid 4Colaiste Daibheid04:25:4404:25:44
43GCC 4Glanmire Community College04:28:1804:28:18
44GCC 2Glanmire Community College04:28:2504:28:25
45Christ King Secondary School 1Christ King Secondary School04:28:3604:28:36
46GCC 3Glanmire Community College04:28:5704:28:57
47SMGS 1Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál04:29:2904:29:29
48Colaiste Daibheid 3Colaiste Daibheid04:30:5704:30:57
49Christ King Secondary School 5Christ King Secondary School04:40:1404:40:14
50Christ King Secondary School 4Christ King Secondary School04:40:2904:40:29
51Christ King Secondary School 2Christ King Secondary School04:42:4204:42:42
52Christ King Secondary School 6Christ King Secondary School04:47:3804:47:38
53Coachford College 1Coachford College04:52:5104:52:51
54Coachford College 2Coachford College04:52:5204:52:52
55SHARE 4SHARE04:57:2404:57:24
56St. Fanahans CollegeSt Fanahans College04:59:5904:59:59
57Spongebob SlowpantsMount Mercy College/Colaiste Choilm05:06:0205:06:02
58Pres Girls 2Presentation Secondary School05:06:0805:06:08
59Pres Girls 3Presentation Secondary School05:06:0805:06:08
60Scoil Mhuire team 1Scoil Mhuire05:10:1605:10:16
61St Vincent's 1St Vincent's Secondary School05:12:5705:12:57
62St Vincent's 2St Vincent's Secondary School05:12:5905:12:59
63Christ King Secondary School 3Christ King Secondary School05:13:4305:13:43
64MICC2Colaiste Pobail Mhuire gan Smal05:20:3705:20:37
65MICC1Colaiste Pobail Mhuire gan Smal05:20:3805:20:38
66Beth's Bed RunnersChrist King Secondary School05:25:1105:25:11
67SMGS 3Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál05:25:3405:25:34
68SMGS 6Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál05:25:3505:25:35