Results of Rasai Mhuscrai 5k & 10k Road Races 2015

                              Cill na Martra, 11:ampm, Saturday July 18th

                                        This course was measured by John Holland, AAI National Grade Measurer

These events were run under an Athletics Ireland permit/licence, and were organised and hosted by Comharchumann Forbartha Mhuscrai Teo, in association with West Muskerry AC

Rasai Mhuscrai was part of a series of races which are being run in Gaeltact area, along with a final event in Dublin / Baile Atha Cliath, on October 31st. The series is being organised by Oireachtas na Gaeilge

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Ras Mhuscrai 5k & 10k Preview, on Cork Athletics website

Previous Races in series

RasChontaeFad SliAmLaData
Ras Ghaoth Dobhair Dun na nGall 5k 3pm De Domhnaigh 10 Bealtaine
Ras na hEachleime Maigh Eo 10k 12pm De Domhnaigh 21 Meitheamh
Ras Mhuscrai Corcaigh 5k/10k 11am De Sathairn 18 Iuil

Remaining Events in Series

RasChontaeFad SliAmLaDataNotaiURL
Ras na Rinne Port Lairge 6 mhile 7.30pm De hAoine 7 Lunasa (bothar agus tra) CLARU AR AN LA
Ras an Bhuailtin Ciarraa 10k/7k 1pm De Sathairn 15 Lunasa (bothar agus tra)
Ras 10k Chonamara Gaillimh 10k 4pm De Sathairn 10 Deireadh Fomhair
Ras an Oireachtais Baile Atha Cliath 5K 12pmDe Sathairn 31 Deireadh Fomhair

Race Results - Category Winners only - Further Results to Follow

Results provided courtesy of event organisers, Comharchumann Forbartha Mhuscrai Teo, and West Muskerry AC

Results - Rasai Mhuscrai 2015

Mna /Women

Ait/Pos Ainm/Name Am/Time Seoladh/Address
Ras Mhuscrai 10k      

Ait/Pos Ainm/Name Am/Time Seoladh/Address
An Chead  Ait (1st place) Jacinta O'Connor (280) 43:45 Dromdubh, Macroom, Co. Cork
An Dara Ait (2nd place) Ronait Ni Chonghaile (91) 47:47 Inis Mor, Oilean Arann, Gaillimh
Os Cionn 40 (Over 40) Una Ni Chribin (90) 57:43 Turnapin Cottages, Cloghran, Dublin
Os Cionn 50 (Over 50) Marie Creedon (86) 58:54 Waterfall, Cork
Ras Mhuscrai 5k      

 Ait/Pos  Ainm/Name  Am/Time  Seoladh/Address
An Chead  Ait (1st place) Karena Ni Charthaigh (281) 22:36 Baile Bhuirne, Co. Chorcai
An Dara Ait (2nd place) Maire Ui Longaigh (294) 27:57 An Chill Mhor, Beal Atha'n Ghaorthaidh, Co. Chorcai
Os Cionn 40 (Over 40) Bernice Ui Aodha (270) 29:22 An tSeanchluain, Baile Mhic Ire, Co. Chorcai
Os Cionn 50 (Over 50) Collette Faul (299) 30:51 Na Ceapacha, Baile Bhuirne, Co. Chorcai

1u - Faoi 18    (1st Under 18)
Danielle Twomey (295)
Cill na Martra, Co. Chorcai

2u- Faoi 18   (2nd Under 18)
Allanagh Hoare (290)
Na Culacha, Cill na Martra, Co. Chorcai

Fir / Men
Ait/Pos Ainm/Name Am/Time Seoladh/Address
Ras Mhuscrai 10k      
Ait/Pos Ainm/Name Am/Time Seoladh/Address
An Chead  Ait (1st place) Colm Sheehan (92) 41:39 Millbrook, Mallow, Co. Cork
An Dara Ait (2nd place) Seamus Gallagher (94) 43:44 Gurteenroe, Macroom, Co. Cork
Os Cionn 40 (Over 40) Hugh Brennan (89) 58:01 Tirnaspideoga, Inchigeela, Co. Cork
Os Cionn 50 (Over 50) N/A    
Ras Mhuscrai 5k      
Ait/Pos  Ainm/Name  Am/Time  Seoladh/Address
An Chead  Ait (1st place) Sean O Lionaird (282) 20:31 Teergay, Macroom, Co. Cork
An Dara Ait (2nd place) James Ryan (256) 23:50 Glengarriffmore, Leamlar, Co. Cork
Os Cionn 40 (Over 40) George Salter (285) 24:23  
Os Cionn 50 (Over 50) Tim Twomey (284) 29:15 Lissadell, Ballinrinsig, Waterfall, Co.Cork
1u - Faoi 18 (1st Under 18) Tadhg O Riordain (239) 26:57 Cuil Aodha, Maigh Chromtha, Co. Chorcai
2u - Faoi 18 (2nd Under 18) Aaran Hoare (297) 27:34 Na Culacha, Cill na Martra, Co. Chorcai