Cork City Sports - LeisureWorld Open 3k

17:30pm Tuesday June 28th 2016

65th Cork City Sports, Tuesday June 28th 2016 - Event Flyer

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Following the success of last year’s race, Leisureworld are proud to be sponsoring the ‘Open 3k’ again at this year’s Cork City Sports, on Tuesday June 28th.

Entries Sought

Entries are welcomed from athletes aged 18 years and over AND who have run under 9min 20secs for 3k in the last 2 years.

Closing Date

Closing date for entries is Monday June 6th.


Athletes interested in taking part in this race should email LeisureWorld's Shane Simcox

Required Information

When emailing, please include:

Date of Birth:
Contact Number:
Best 3k posted in last 2 years:
Where this was achieved:

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