Liam O'Brien & The Ballyandreen 5

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Liam O'Brien
Liam O'Brien

He will be there, as usual, on Thursday night, taking entries, and inputting them into the laptop, making sure the results are correct. Last week he was at the CIT track, for the Graded Leagues, he again oversaw operations. Just as he did last Saturday, and on each of the two previous weeks, at the Munster Schools T&F Championships.

....And then there’s the Cork City Sports, on June 28th, where Liam has, for many years, been an outstanding Technical Director.

For a man who achieved so much, all the way to an Olympic semi-final, he now gives back equally, if not more, to the sport that has been enriched by his involvement for close on half a century.  In case you didn’t know (and he won’t tell you), the following are his achievements in this particular race.   


1981:        24:25                 First
1982:        24:19                First
1983:        24:24                First
1984:        24:36                First
1985:        24:28                First
1986:        24:21                First
1987:        24:17                First
1988:        24:13                First
1989:        24:23                First
1990:        24:15                First
1991:        24:23                First
1992:        24:26                First
1993:        24:14                First
             1994:        24:00   (course record)    First
               1995:        25:15   (M40 course rec)    First
1996:        DNF
1997:        25:17                First
  1998:         25:49                Third

Total number of Summer Series 5-mile races ran by Liam from 1977 to 1998: 67
Total number won: 59

That winning record is the equivalent of wining every single Ballycotton 5 race for nearly fifteen years in a row!!....and almost all were sub 25 Minutes!!!!

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